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2012-09-09 11:22 pm

Cabin Pressure Fic - The Little Things (End Of The World Sequel) - Part 1

Sequel to The End of the World, via Tesco, taking an inspiration from a prompt on the CP prompts meme asking for a fic showing the list John Finnemore made of all the things that make Arthur Shappey happy being used to cheer Arthur up. And what better need is there for simple pleasures to cheer Arthur up than facing the long, slow painful recovery from a Cataclysmic event?

Cast ensemble again - Arthur, Douglas, Martin, Carolyn, Herc, Snoopadoop, Douglas' daughter and various OCs. A few background romances including Carolyn/Herc, but mainly gen friendship fic. Trigger warning for brief descriptions of PTSD. Minor character death.

I'd rate this as PG13. Deals with some upsetting scenarios, but there's nothing overly explicit.

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2012-09-09 10:56 pm

Cabin Pressure Fic - The End Of The World, Via Tesco Part 1

This fic has been over on the CP comm for ages now, and I forgot I don't have it up on my own LJ, so here it is.

It was for the CP Fic & Art exchange, the prompt was for a Zombie Apocalypse fic where Arthur saves the day at some point. It has some violence and gore, but isn't too bleak. More Shaun of the Dead with aeroplanes, really.

Ensemble cast - Douglas, Martin, Arthur, Carolyn, Herc, Snoopadoop, Carl from ATC, Douglas' daughter & second wife and many more! A little light Carolyn/Herc romance going on, but it's not central.

No sexual content. Rating this as Teen/15 cert for some swears & some violence.

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