Nov. 16th, 2008 07:59 pm
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If you were trying to ring someone and realised that after saying 'hi, it's me' and the person on the other end of the line repeating a confused 'um... hello?' that you had a wrong number, you'd say 'sorry, wrong number' before hanging up, wouldn't you? Instead of just groaning a disappointed 'oh' to yourself and hanging up on the person who you just bothered by ringing them in the first place? Tell me, lovely FList, that you would actually spare the breath to apologise and that the rude bitch who just hung up on me today is in the minority so I can carry on having at least a little faith in modern society. Please...?

In other news, we have had a lovely weekend in the presence of my Ma and Sis. Vi has been really enjoying the attention, and I really enjoyed the lasagne that they cooked for us last night. And the Jelly Babies that Sis bought after I said I fancied some when they were mentioned on QI. I like the black ones and the green ones, Sis likes the pink, yellow and orange ones. We're like the Jack Spratt and his wife of Jelly Babies. We showed them O Brother Where Art Thou and played Trivial Pursuits, which I won! Yayz!

Ma bought me a Starbucks Christmas Toffee Nut Latte, which is all kinds of delicious, and I wondered at Sis' awesome Tea Drinking Skillz. Seriously, she would just about be finishing up one cup when she'd announce she was putting the kettle on again. Her blood must be at least 10% caffeine.

Ooohhh, and we've finally got the start of BSG S4 through from the LoveFilms! Wheee! We get to see what crazy Bob Dylan song the secret Cylons will sing next!
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I drank two cups of coffee this morning instead of one.

I think I'm starting to get double vision.
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Husband keeps using my Legolas mug.

It is my favourite coffee mug because
a, It's nice and big - just the right size for a nice mid-morning cup of Tesco's Own Gold Roast.
b, It's all green and swirly and Tolkeinny, which I like.
c, it has Orlando Bloom's face on it. Now, while I'm hardly a fan of the Doe-Eyed Featherbrain's 'acting' technique (although I live in permanant hope that one day he'll startle us all with an oscar worthy performance as a crippled Welsh fisherman with a tic or something) he is (it appears) a lovely chap and he has a face that I could happily stare at pretty much all day. I particularly like Leggy because it took me by surprise that I found a Blond so very attractive (I don't do Blonds... I must have sensed the inner black haired beauty 'neath the platinum wig.)

So why does Hubby insist on making it the first mug he uses after every washing up session? It's my mug, and I feel that, since I'm the only one in the house who fancies Leggy (or so I'm told), I should be the only one allowed to drink out of his face.

He doesn't even use it for coffee!

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