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Dec. 15th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Haven't posted here in a while - been mega mega uber busy - have had time to read stuff OL and do little comments & Tweets but little else.

The kids seem to have finally stopped passing that bloody cold to one another, although Alex still has a bit of a cough that keeps waking him up at night = bad sleep for all of us.

Bit manic with the run-up to Christmas - did the dry-run of baking for my extended family at the weekend - Christmas biscuits and the Nigella Chocolate & Pistachio fudge recipe that [ profile] ladybracknell very kindly put on her LJ. Thought the biscuits were a bit rubbish at first, but now they're iced they're super. The fudge is amazing.

Christmassy things have continued a-go-go this week with us all going to Bluewater yesterday to do some last bits of shopping & take Vi to see Father Christmas in his Grotto. Unfortunately, Vi was just frightened of him. She also wanted to go on several fairground rides (a kiddies railway, a big wheel and the dodgems) which she decided half way through every time she didn't like any more. Oh well. And then there was the Toddler Group Chrimbo party today, which was lovely. Vi managed about 2 minutes of parachute play and then gave up on any semblance of organised fun and scampered off to chase her friend Henry (also disinclined to join in with the main events) round on a trike. Party food lunch for both of us. God, kids' party food is tasty. Why can't we always live off buffets of cocktail sausages, skips and jammie dodgers, eh? Answer me that, if you're so smart.


Dec. 21st, 2008 06:21 pm
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Brilliant. 4 days before Christmas, our PS3 has decided it can't read any disks.

The main Christmas prezzie I've asked for is a PS3 Game.


Never mind. Mum and Stepdad are down this weekend on the Santa Run, and Vi's loving it. Me and Ma cooked a massive toad in the hole yesterday and she's treating us all to a chicken dinner tonight. Yum! Plus, I have finally baked all the cakes, with one left over for us.

There has been a slight hitch, however. When I bought the apricot jam for the glaze, Hubs asked if he could have some for his toast. 'Sure', said I, 'but please don't eat too much or get any crumbs in before I do the baking - I need about half a jar for the cakes.'

I get the jam jar out of the fridge today.

There is a tiny, crumby scraping left at the bottom of the jar.

Even though I told Hubs what the jam was for. Even though I have been baking for three days in a row now, and he knew I'd be needing the jam. He could have just bought more, or asked me to buy more, and not just kept schtum about it and let me find out about it when all the shops were shut.

The big, jam-thieving bastard!

Let's just hope that Marmalade works instead.
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*To the tune of 'Rawhide'*

Baking, baking, baking,
Getting out my cake-tins,
Baking loads of loverly nosh,
I'm baking Hell for leather,
Like a more rotund Nigella,
Except that I'm not Jewish or posh.

Weigh 'em out, sieve 'em in, stir 'em round, boil 'em up,
Pour 'em out, let 'em cool, them cakes,
Mix 'em round, spoon 'em out, oven on, bake 'em up,
Turn 'em out, an behold MY CAAAAAAAAAAAKKKES!
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Oh God, my cake kicks arse! It's basically the consistency of Fudge Brownie but with fruit instead of chocolate. Apart from the occasional currant, you can't even tell what's cake and what's fruit any more.Eaten two fat slices of it this evening. Nummy!

And we've now watched all of BSG S4 (or the first half of S4... I'm not sure what they're calling these two half-series...) spoilers, obviously )


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:53 pm
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Ha! [ profile] mrs_picard, you were in my dream this morning!

I'd been dreaming a lot about University and my old Uni mates before, and then in the dream I was still sort-of at Uni still, only I was in a very old and grand, but dirty building (at one point I very clearly remember running my fingers over beautiful, ornate tiles on the wall of a hall, which were covered in thick grime). I was at a course in the building, and TNG pals patrick Stewart, Bret Spiner and Marina Sirtis were all there. They were supposed to be doing something serious - teaching or mentoring or something - but instead they were just larking about, all taking the piss out of one another and generally seeking attention. In my dream I must have written about it after the first class on my LJ because Mrs P turned up for the second class with the explanation that she 'wasn't going to miss seeing something like that'! So, erm, yeah, we sat in class and giggled at the ageing Space Heroes' wacky antics.

I baked today! The test run for the Chrimble cakes I'm going to bake for the Catholic Mafia's pressies. I've done fruit loaves, but hopefully these should be a little lighter than traditional Chrimbo cake - dates, prunes, currants and raisins cooked in butter and evaporated milk, with not an awful lot of flour and a splodge of marmalade. It really smalls of the evap, but smells a wee bit like Malt Loaf as well. Can't wait to try it!

We got Kung Fu Panda from Bafta and have been watching it with Vi this avo. Good, innit?

Oh yeah, and I'm not quite sure what to make of this. On one hand, I have been saying for blinking ages that an adaption of this brilliant book without the wonky Triffs of the otherwise awesome 1980s version would be a great idea... on the other hand, I'm worried that it might turn out like Survivors, which I watched half of the pilot of and, despite being a genre that's right up my alley, was fucking awful. As long as they don't get so bedazzled by their snazzy CGI thingumies that they forget to build the eerie tension that floods through the book and the 80s series it should be OK, but for some reason as soon as the adaptors of a creepy monster apocalypse book get some decent effects, tension tends to fly out of the window (WotW, I Am A Legend...) I'll hold my judgement, but maybe it will end up better just to read the novel or watch the old series and just avert your eyes every time a Triff waddles into shot.
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My soup kicks arse. And there's plenty left for tomorrow and maybe even Monday lunch.

Cookies next - I'm feeling very Domestic today.
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I am cooking sausages. Yum!

I had another sex dream about Ed from Northern Exposure last night. That boy is my subconcious' slut slave :) I also had a funny dream the other night in which I proclaimed Basil Rathbone to be fit.
cor! )
'"Merde", He Wrote' is continuing to amuse me greatly. I currently have our valiant heroes chained up on a yacht together, having severed fingers thrust in their faces and discussing cocaine addiction. Tasha's lost her shoes and Data can tie a hairpin in a knot with his tongue. It's all very silly.

Off to cook the broccoli!
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I have had such a lovely weekend!

Got all the chores done pretty much first thing, and have managed to see two lots of friends, have a BBQ and a Sunday Roast. And a Dark Bounty milkshake :)

The birthday Bratwurst fest (codename: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Wurst Of Times) was, as I mentioned slightly frantically last night, full of meaty, mustardy, international wonderment. Violet made lots of friends, tried cashews (which she loved) Toblerone (ditto) Pretzels (which she thought she liked, then decided she didn't), lots of salady things and BBQ'd courgette (which we had to refer to as 'Zucchini', otherwise Flo's bro and S-i-L didn't know what we were asking for) She gave some bratwurst a munch but wasn't impressed, but then she's not a meat fan. She was incredibly good and sat in a grown-up's garden chair at the table with us and our friends and happily picked at food from her plate like a big girl while we all ate. I was so proud! She spent a lot of time prodding a large marble ball in Flo's garden and shouting 'Ball!', as well as pointing at a ceramic chicken and shouting 'duck!' - close, but no cigar, kid. As I said, alas, her in-car Power Nap on the way back meant that she was up stupidly late last night. we finally got her down at quarter to 11, after a very long struggle which knackered us out so much that we fell into bed shortly after she did.

Today, our friends Anna & Russ came round, and I took the excuse to cook a proper Sunday Roast. I'm getting really good at the gravy now - go me! I did this lot with drained chicken fat instead of butter too - tasty! Since Vi was poorly on Christmas day and our Easter dinner was in the evening this year it was the first time that Vi has ever sat down to a Roast Lunch with us before. As I expected, she wolfed down all her veg and not much else. She quite liked the parsnips and stuffing, though. Then a nice constitutional around the Cathedral grounds via the milkshake shop. Champion. We introduced Anna & Russ to the delights of Pocoyo - they were very impressed.

This all might sound mightily pedestrian to those of you who are still young and sexy, but due to the combined factors of all our Uni chums moving away and the sproglet, we really don't get to see our friends much these days, and it's an immense treat for us to see one group of friends, let alone two, and to eat, drink and be merry with them. It's also started to get to the point where Vi is able to interact with adults as a child would rather than a baby, which I actually find really very exciting.

Oh. And I have found some lovely Blackadder icons. *Pointy*
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Had yummy fish with roast sweet potatoes and asparagus tonight, and did an extra sweet spud, so Madam has two non-pasta dinners in the fridge. She also appears to like asparagus, which is nice. Saved her some of that as well.

Have been feeling a bit glum today. Occasionally I worry about being out of work for so long and/or a bit bored and lonely doing the whole Full Time Mum thing and look at the jobs available and depress myself further by seeing that all the jobs I'm qualified for are shite and all the jobs I like the sound of ask for at least one thing I have no experience of. That was what happened today. Boo. It doesn't help that I'm currently hormonal and fast filling up with phlegm.

We're also getting towards the end of Quantum Leap, and the further through series five we get, the more distant the shark gets behind Dr Beckett. By the time he becomes Dr Ruth it is but a dot on the horizon and a distant memory. Ah, Monsieur Shark, how we used to laugh and frolic in the sun, but now, alas, no more. Quelle Damage. Currently watching the Evil Leaper Returning two-parter, in which Dougie Howser MD gurns with rage, Zoe says 'Delicious' while hiding in a corner and Al Counsels. Again. S5 is bloody full of Al either giving or receiving counselling. Oh, Al. No wonder you turned evil and became a naughty Cylon.
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Boo. I have attempted to make Vi a baked (new) potato with peas and cheese for her tea, as a change from all that bloody macaroni she usually has as her teatime starch and she wouldn't touch it! Tried some, then spat it out, then refused any more. Ended up eating a very large amount of cheesy peas and some hastily made toast soldiers to make up the carbs. *sigh* So either roast potato is OK but baked isn't or the next time I try her with roasties she'll spit them too. Any ideas for something quick I could do with sweet potato for her? I think they're too big for her to eat a whole one in a sitting, so baking in the microwave is out, and mash is no good because she likes to pick at chunks. My knowledge of potatoes is very limited since I don't really eat them.

May re-attempt rice at some point, but maybe not for a while after the risotto fiasco. That little girl is in danger of turning into a piece of macaroni.

Gorgeous day today, went for a long walk around the other side of the Cathedral... through the Cloisters and the remains of the Monastery. Vi had great fun running up and down the wheelchair ramp in a pretty little gardenny bit, attacking German tourists and petting a dozy cat.
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Woo! Polyester Love Gods already has 5 members! All established elljay and PGFF Mates already, but that's beside the point. Bibsy-Bobsy, you need to join.

I am very angry for a family member by proxy. Let's just say that it takes a lot to make me think Fathers 4 Justice might have a point, but this does. It's not a gender war thing - it's a new-stepfather-with-a-violent-history-denying-his-stepchild-the-right-to-see-grandparents-then-leaving-the-country-against-a-court-order-then-announcing-the-child-can't-see-the-father thing.

I made my veggie korma again tonight, and we have icecream for pud!

Violet's 11th tooth (3rd molar) is cutting... I reckon we'll have the full set within a few months. Bracing myself for possible wakefulness tonight.

Had a really horrible dream last night that I was part of this competition for female stand-ups, only I didn't have an act. I thought up something lame about In The Night Garden's similarities with Life On Mars (My name is Iggle Piggle. I fell asleep adrift in my boat and woke up in the Night Garden. Am I mad, in a coma or am I really in a Utopian fantasy world in the sky...?) while awaiting my turn and then promptly forgot it all when faced with my small and unimpressed audience. Silly Scribbles.

I did stand-up once. Apparently I was quite good. Did a bit about Mother Earth chiding all the countries for fighting.
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I have sent off The Script. I'm actually a bit depressed about it because even though it's as good as I can make it I think the chances of them wanting to develop it are pretty slim, considering the amount of competition. In general, the whole thing's a massive shot in the dark.

I could probably do with a better strategy. Hell, I could definately do with a better strategy, but not only am i not in the least strategically minded, I'm also terrible at promoting myself. Grr.

In other news, I got weed on today. Daddy decided to wander off looking for Sudacrem while I held a naked babe on my lap, and... yeah. Yuck. And my Chilli-free Chilli Con Carne has been roundly rejected. I did, however, make a kick-arse Korma tonight so I hope she likes that.

And I hope for an unbroken night's sleep for a change. That would be nice.
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Bah. I've spent this evening baking Christmas presents. My gingerbread is fab. My mince pies look like the lids aren't sticking to the bases. Arsefelchers. Ah well, I was going to do fairy cakes to go with them anyway, I'll just have to make more.

Musical meme quizzy thing from [ profile] davidbrider
Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 37 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own.
Superstar DJ, Here we go... )
ETA: It's all right, everyone - once they'd cooled, the lids all stuck nicely.
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Didn't do much of any use today - partially due to the fact that Vi decided she'd wake up at ten to midnight and stay awake til about quarter past 2, so we all needed a lie in. Have decided to bake for the extended rellies by way of their Chrimble pressies (since I'm seeing them all next week for the funeral anyway). Going to attempt gingerbread and mince pies at the weekend. Have never done pastry before. Should be interesting.

Need to check Vi still fits into the formal dress I got for Jools & Sylv's wedding blessing, for the funeral (OK so it's not black... it's dark purple cordoroy with little brown flowers and pink sleeves - formal, dark and muted) It was a bit of a tight squeeze at the blessing, if it doesn't fit her we'll have to get her a new frock - luckily I've seen some in grey, and even one in black around, so I can at least get something suitable. Her shoes'll clash, though. Did I mention, Vi now has proper shoes? They were from Clark's, little brown and pink velcro affairs, like trendy trainers, only £9 - bargain!

Bit of a boring post. Hey Ho.

Freezing out, innit?
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Poor little ViVi did catch my cold in the end after all. She's very snuffly and wakeful. Am up with her at the moment. Poor little dot.

I baked cookies today. They are a success! Very gooey. Num.

Having a glut of Frasier at the mo - S2 from LoveFilm and Hubs bought S7 recently. Every time I watch it I'm reminded of quite what a brilliant physical and verbal comic actor David Hyde Pierce is. The man is an absolute star. Surprisingly hairy, though.
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Flo is coming over tonight, all newly PhD'd up. Am baking him some 'congratulations on being Doctor Flo' brownies. Have allowed Vi to taste the mix. Sugar and caffeine. Might end up regretting that.

I heart freeview! Flight of the Conchords and Charlie Brooker on BBC4 were both magnificent. Oooh look, a squirrel! Look at the lovely squirrel...

Seen today in Zara: jumpers with faux-leather patches on the elbows! am tempted to get one just so I can dig out my old tweed trousers and run around pretending to be Dr G.
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I have always been, and will remain, an improvisational chef. I can't follow a recipe to the letter. What I tend to do when attempting to cook something new is to google for a recipe for it so that I know the basics of how to make it, then go off on my own merry tangent. Using this method I made paella yesterday - light on the seafood, heavy on the veg, paprika and chilli - of which I was immensely proud. Will deffo have to do it again, it was beautiful. It's so much more exciting when you go recipe free!

I have been following recipes much closer, however, for my continuing foray into the world of Home Baking. Made more cupcakes last night and taught myself how to ice them today. They're purple! I gave most of them to next door as a belated Thankyou for letting us park in their drive when the window got trashed, and I'm doing pink ones tomorrow as a housewarming gift for the S-i-L. I licked the bowl. I think I might slip into a diabetic coma any minute now.

Took Vi 'swimming' today (at least, one of us stayed in the baby pool while Vi waded around in the water while the other did a few lengths, then swapped over) She slept for well over an hour afterwards!

Despite still scratching my head at post fallout New Adventures (and I got a lovely review yesterday which made me feel more guilty for not having updated it in yonks), post KennyDeath RtS and my DDCC stories, I have foolishly signed up for a PG 'Implausable Pairings' fic challenge. The aim is to write a seemingly implausable, non canon pairing, het or slash, but to make it seem believable, to not wander into the realm of BadFic. I have chosen Kenny & Colin, or Kolin as I have named the pairing. The fic is halfway through already. It is called 'Inappropriate Physical Contact'. It is amusing me greatly.

Pizza time!


Jul. 25th, 2007 11:48 pm
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It's been so long since I've properly watched a Drama on the actual telly, as it's transmitting, that I think I've lost the nack. Especially with a squirmy, tired babe who needs attending to generally - I kept having to stop myself asking Hubs to pause and rewind it.



Good, innit? :D It'll fill the Lost shaped void until winter, anyway.

Surprisingly Gory though, in a comic strip kinda way. Who's the serial killer - Itchy & Scratchy? Generally made me think of The Watchmen, what with the bomb and all.

Have been watching King Of The Hill from LoveFilm today as well - I keep forgetting how funny that show is. have spent much of this evening shouting paranoid nonsense in the style of Dale Gribble. 'My Dew!'

I made a big, fuck-off Ratatouille tonight and bunged a load of lentils in it too. Lucky I did, because my potatoes were rubbish, alas.

Ho well. Back to The Specials.


Jun. 12th, 2006 08:04 pm
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Oooh, there's a good reason why I don't usually go to Sainsbury's - I just spent £30 in there on food I didn't really need when i only went in to get some supplies for the show. Loads of fruit, though, and I just had the TASTIEST tea of chilled watercress soup, quiche, garlic bread and salad. And lots of nice cheese for lunches.

Cheeeeese, Gromiiiiit...

And then I splashed out on 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' By Republica. Mmm, summery!

Two new nice reviews for The Trophy - rather impressed. The mysterious Jaques Lefrou has begun reviewing me - wonder what s/he'll think if they ever realise I kind-of used their handle when naming Captain LeFroux... ho hum. I might start name dropping lots of fans in my D&DC Monster, actually, I'm running short of names... let me know if you'd like to be in it (it might not be a Nice character though :) )

Mostly today I have been singing 'Wuthering heights' in the style of Alan Partridge and 'Baby One More Time' in the style of William Shatner.

Join Us...

Aug. 21st, 2005 12:23 am
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So we're about to go out to Nandos and the three of us realise that we are all dressed exactly the same - black TShirt/short sleeved shirt, beige trousers and black shoes/sandals. A couple dressed the same, but a couple and their best mate is just getting creepy. Walking down the high street we looked like a bloody cult! Not helped by the fact that Ian bought a bloody gollywog in the sweetie shop for comedy purposes. Now we look like a White Supremicist cult. Oy Vey.

Also today I made possibly the best toad in the hole ever (a culinary tour-de-force! - Evening Standard), and then lost at scrabble.

Have, however, spent a distressing amount of today alseep. Just off to do some more.

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