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Oh, hello there, incredibly vivid dream about @Cumberholmes & @dilestrade making out on top of a Cluedo board on a table. Miss Scarlett was digging into Sherlock's back. HE CARED NOT.

Lost Dream

Apr. 7th, 2010 09:37 am
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Bah. My first ever Benji Sexytimes Dream & I wasn't even in it. He and Tina Fey's character were on the run together - they stopped and were talking, nose to nose - their lips were just centimeters apart... then they leaned in a bit more and were kissing. It was sweet. I think I inexplicably ship them now. They're both mousey-on-the-outside-evil-on-the-inside-but-ultimately-redeemable-and-sympathetic, after all.

EDIT - Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nikkibeth76 for pointing out that Zoe just really looks like Tina Fey - she's not actually played by her. Je Suis une moron.
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I forgot to mention here when I had it - but a week or so ago I had a really vivid dream about Cosmo Brown performing a certain enjoyable act upon Don Lockwood. I don't often have Manlove dreams but by crackers, this one was hot.

I bring it up now because Vi's really got into Singin In The Rain again, and it makes this sequence not just brilliant now, but actually bloody sexy.

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Fuck a Jesus, I'm tired. It's possible that Alex's very gradually emerging 1st tooth is giving him gip again - whatever it was, I was awake with him at 12.30 (before I'd got any sleep at all), 3 (when I brought him into bed with me so as to avoid giving him another feed) and 5 (when I actually managed to nod off in the middle of feeding him) and then was up at 7.30 for Vi, shortly after which, Alex was awake & crying and soaking wet. He waited til his nappy was off to poo and wee simultaneously. He then cried pretty much solidly until after 11. Vi has been watching a lot of cartoons today in lieu of a mummy with the energy to actually take her out or do something with her.

Mental dreams as a result of all the waking and spending two hours of the night with a baby in my arms though. Fairly certain at one point Da Schneid was wearing a tutu - which frankly I wouldn't put past him - and later on La Reynolds was playing a character trying to pick up women at his wife's funeral. He seemed to be relying on pity shags, and was coming on a bit strong. i recall that he was wearing leggings with 90s style stirrups on the foot under jeans. Weird. But nice to have a random Reynolds dream again. It'd been too long!
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Oh good God.

I think I might ship Data/Armus now, after a very dark, very memorable dream this morning. Or at least, Data/Armus-Tasha Hybrid Thing.

In a really sick and wrong way. N/C sick and wrong.

Tentacles sick and wrong.

Yikes. Thanks for that, subconcious.
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I had another Zombie Apocalypse dream this morning. Oh my God, it was amazing. It went all over the world - from a mansion house where a few survivors including the group my dream would follow; my protagonist (male), his romantic interest and a little girl (basically just Vi) were getting by but slowly dying off and running out of supplies, to the streets of London - absolutely packed with Zombies as they tried to escape the mansion, then a little fisherman's hut just on the outskirts of London where the protagonist lost the woman and the girl, then a Pacific island where the protagonist sailed to in a stolen yacht to ride out the rest of the zombie virus, then he returned to London after the zombies had gone, but civilisation had now collapsed and rescued the woman and the girl from people traffickers who were trying to bundle them onto a lorry, then back to the mansion again to start life afresh.

I have missed this about having a normal lady-cycle; my dreams in the middle of it are amazing, with plots, subplots, proper beginnings, middles & ends and so on!
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I've been having wonderful dreams the last couple of mornings. The night before last I dreamt that I was at the BBC with Hubs - only me & Hubs were also sort-of Violet & Alex as teenagers - and there was a producer there who really wanted to make our script, which was a little bit Zombie Dad and a little bit something else - something about superhero siblings, because occasionally, the dream would flit into the narrative of the script we wanted to get commissioned. I just remembered this feeling of elation and excitement that the powers that be were so interested in helping me tell my story... then, I woke up. But that excited feeling remained. This is probably my brain's way of telling me to start putting some proper thought towards Zombie Dad.

Last night I had a dream that was The Sirens of Titan, as made by Matt Groening, with The Spine doing the voice of Malachi Constant (he'd been Tweeting the day before about the peculiarities of being well known for SciFi roles despite not really liking the genre, which must have prompted my brain to cast him in another SciFi role that he would be perfect for). I remember it looked beautiful - very lavish and odd, the way that I picture many of the scenes in the book, and suitably lonely and melancholy as well. I tweeted a description of the dream - partially because it had been so impressive at merging the text of one of my favourite writers, the visual style of one of my favourite animators and the voice of one of my favourite actors so beautifully - but also because Bothering Brent Spiner is one of my favourite Twitter activities. He then made a general tweet that suggested he didn't believe me. Maybe lots of people dreamt about him last night, in the same way that everybody apparently has a Sex Dream about David Mitchell sooner or later. Maybe he's projecting himself. Maybe he's a Witch!

In any case, Twitter is weird and wonderful and still my favourite toy because you can do something as odd & simultaneously mundane as telling Brent Spiner that you just had a dream about him. The 14 year old girl in me really, really wishes she had Twitter.

Anyway. I fancy doing this photo meme again. Nicked it off [livejournal.com profile] lady_bracknell, think it deserves a second airing.

List up to three (3) things you would like me to take pictures of. Once I've gathered up all the requests, I'll make a post with the pictures I managed to take.

Go nuts, chaps and chapettes!

Fun stuff

Jul. 26th, 2009 01:59 pm
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Realised I only ever seem to use this LJ to whinge and fret about the kids these days, while my twitterfeed gets all the lulz and all the geekery, which isn't really fair since you kids are way geekier than my Twitter followers.

Anybody else watching Psychoville? Good, innit? I'm up to the penultimate episode now. Reckon with all the twists & turns in the story that the man in black will be somebody we already know... Spoilers up to Ep 6 )

Had a hilarious dream this morning - the whole of the TNG cast suddenly appeared in a CBeebies show together. It was a little bit Night Garden, a little bit Looney Tunes. The main 'plot' revolved around them trying to catch wild rabbits. There was a lot of slapstick. At one point, PStew was dressed as Mrs Tiggywinkle and The Spine like a shabby butler. In the dream they were also sort-of explaining why they'd done the show (basically, just 'for shits & giggles') plus I was trying to explain to [livejournal.com profile] mrs_picard over the phone what the Hell was going on. It was brilliant.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Sealgirl! I read in the news that James May is building a life-size house out of Lego. I can only assume that this is in tribute to you. Have a good'un, my semi-aquatic chumette!
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Oh God, MENTAL dreams lately! Last night/this morning I dreamt that an old Uni friend who has since become a professional comedian and has been on telly'n'shit was a DJ, and that he'd invited me onto his radio show to plug a show I was in - for the best really, since I was doing 12th Night apparently, but he kept saying on air it was Midsummer Night's Dream. Only in the dream I overslept then had to hurry to the car and try to find the little radio station in the middle of an area of London I'd never driven in before. And my Satnav was broken. And at one point I had to stop the car because the Queen was leading a bicycle race(!) and the road had been shut off. Needless to say, I got to the station (via a magic door in the British Library which was only to be used in the case of Shakespeare Emergencies) just as the show ended.

Then, the dream changed and it was about Eric from D&DC who was a rent boy, working the streets. Oh, it gets weirder. A car pulled up and it was Chiwitel Ejiofor, who gave Cpt Shiny a long, appreciative look up & down, then got out of the car and pulled Eric into this little room (in a castle, I think) and they started going at it. Chewie was really dominant and Shinypants was loving it. It may have been a cartoon teenager and a real actor, but by jove, it was hot stuff.

Also, this song is really rockin' my Jeffrey Archos at the moment. J-Lo v S-Wo v K-Co with, as Hubs recently noticed, a little smattering of D-Bo in there for shits & giggles as well. No idea what the skinny bint with the Mickey Mouse mask has to do with it - shrink her anorexic ass down and just listen to the choon.

Lost dream

Apr. 27th, 2009 09:38 am
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I had a Lost dream last night where the island was full of Zombies! They all lived in Jacob's cabin and had normal human rationality, only they were all dead and gooey. Ben was in it a lot - I might have been flirting with him. He was trying to change his devious ways, but wasn't doing it very well. He thought his kidneys were failing for some reason. Fun times.
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New school term = the tots get to rule the roost at Playgym again instead of being pushed around by the bigger kids. Vi was able to have a really good scamper about this morning, and we saw our friends who moved away! These are the twins who are pretty much the same age as Vi - their mum told me the sweetest thing as they were playing... not only do the twins share Vi's current favourite book ('Night Pirates' - I really recommend it BTW, mums of little 'uns) but they call the Pirate Captain 'Violet' because she's got loads of curly hair. How cute is that?!? Then Vi and the twins did some Pirate Noises for us. It was ace. We hope to meet up with them on Fri for lunch before they head back.

Violet looks fantastic today, BTW. I put her in a bright flowery summer dress that I've been waiting for it to be warm enough to warrant putting her in for ages. we don't really have any tights that go with it, however, so she's ended up in red-and-pink striped tights. I thought if she was going to clash she might as well just go the whole hog.

Oh, and I dreamt about Rerun last night/this morning! I'd given birth to him at Sacred Heart hospital (and why yes, we had watched four episodes in a row the evening before). He looked like a boy version of Violet, and was wonderful. He could already hold his head up, which I remember dreaming probably wasn't that likely for a newborn. I was in love the second I saw him. We named him Elliot. It's made me feel really positive about his upcoming arrival today.

In even duller domestic type news, we're finally getting someone in to poke our outside drain. It's yucky and keeps overflowing. All of Hubs' attempts to clear it have failed. Very annoying going through several pages of Yellow Pages ads for companies with absolutely no idea of who to go for or what to expect. Getting a big national company to give us a quote because a, I've heard of them and b, they don't charge per 1/2 hour - I know how that game works! Still, I think it's going to be pricey. Got to do it, though - it's in our letting contract as one of the things we've got to sort out if it goes wrong.
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Good things today -

It is gloriously sunny and springy today, and the nice lady who runs the playgym let us in for free because we were a bit late and I only had a tenner on me.

I been done won me some Tardos Awards!
My gongs, let me show u them! )
I other words then, that's 1 win (bizarrely, for one of the shortest, silliest fics I ever wrote) and 6 Runner-ups, which I'm pretty smug about. I'm also happy because a lot of my favourites by other people did well too.

Also, I had another wonderful orgy dream this morning - D&DC this time... obviously predicting the brilliant 'Love Stinks' glorious victory in the Best Adult Fic category. My subconcious gave me a P/E/D sandwich, with Eric in the middle. They were all loving it too, the dirty birds.

Bad things today, however - apart from my friend Bill posting a bunch of photos of me from my comfort-eating-heavy-drinking days at the paper on Faceache book, Hubs is finally back at work today having taken February off to spend some time with us. I'd forgotten how much work this at-home-mummying lark is when there's just one of you! Off to do the washing up in a sec while madam's still napping, then hang up load number two of laundry. *Sigh*
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We went to the seaside yesterday morning. It was nice. Springy.

Mum is down for the weekend.

Am finally able to catch up on Lost, but due to general business, I've only managed to make it up to The Jughead. Many thoughts on it, but they'll have to wait.

Apologies to anyone I've forgotten to reply to lately - this is due to the afore-mentioned general business.

Absolutely mad and epic Dr Who/TNG Crossover Orgy dream last night/this morning. Sometimes Ten and Cpt Jack were amalgamated as one, sometimes they were two seperate people, but they were always - albeit fondly and tenderly - horny as all Hell. There was an adventure as well, but all I remember really are the precursors to the sex. The only woman there was Donna. What the fucking fuck is my brain DOING at night?


Feb. 13th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Like most ill in the world, this can be blamed on Wil 'Wesley Crusher: Ultimate SpaceGit' Wheaton. I have been sorely tempted to Twitter for some time by the presence of many awesome people, both Ordinary Bods and Slebs on there, but little Wilbur posting a twittered conflab between himself and Brent 'The Spine'* Spiner where they basically vow to use their powers for evil rather than good and leave a trail of destruction in their wake tipped me over the edge. I was also tempted when I half-read this twunt's views on Twitter. I'd never heard of this chap before I was linked to his ill informed opinion piece, but can I just say, kudos in the 'Good Taste' field there for needlessly bringing up Sir Stephen Fry's Bipolar Disorder in order to suggest that those who use Twitter are all mentally ill. The story of Stephen (who, lest we forget is MANIC DEPRESSIVE AND MUST NOT BE TRUSTED) getting stuck in a lift sounded about as adorable as Wheaton & Spine: Partners In Crime.

Short story long: I'm now officially a Twitterer. I am known there as Scriblit. Hopefully enough of my RL chums will be part of it for me to be able to start foregoing Facefuck, because it's the most annoying website in the Cosmos. Come follow me, and then I will follow you, and then we'll all follow each other like the techno-sheep wot we are.

*I had a dream about a week ago where I was in a big room full of famous people and I called The Spine 'The Spine' to his face, for he was there indeed, and he laughed his ass off. On waking I decided it was funny enough to start using it in general. Last night I dreamt about going to the Baftas and eating a Samosa. My dreams have been weird recently. It's the pregnancy, I reckon.
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The Angry Rain God (let's call him Nigel) decided to spew forth a torrent of freezing rain upon me all morning. The ducks were having a whale of a time, since all of a sudden their river had spread nicely to encompass much of the riverbank and rather a lot of Sainsbury's car park, allowing them to paddle about a whole new watery world like a bunch of little ducky Columbuses (Columbi...?) Me - not so much. I got very wet and very cold. Add to that the fact that Vi has a streaming cold and I think I'm starting to come down with it too, so I wasn't in the greatest of moods this morning.

Then along came Pushy Playgym Mum - the 'get your baby out of the way' one that I had a run-in with last year, who made me quite literally CAPSLOCK WITH RAGE. In fact, that was the only way that I could rationalise my feelings in my own mind. Those specific words - capslock with rage. I think I may spend too much time on the intartubes. Anyhoo, she introduced herself to me with the line 'My daughter's having a go on that car after your daughter is, yeah? Because they're for everybody to share, not just for one or two kids to keep hold of all the time' without apparently noticing a, the paradoxical nature of her statement or b, the fact that I was already trying to cajole Vi out of the car she was playing with since I was aware she'd been on it a while and other kids were waiting. In retrospect it might have been a passive-aggressive swipe at one of the mums of the other kids in the cars, since I'd noticed her kid get into some fisticuffs over another car shortly before, but that's beside the point. There's no way that I was going to stop other children besides her kid getting in it after Vi, so I assumed the only point of her speech was, in essence, 'get your baby out of the way'. All it did was royally put my back up and stress me out, since Vi was still ignoring my suggestions that she play elsewhere and now I had this ugly bitch breathing down my neck. In the end I pulled Violet out of the car - she'd been in it for her fair share anyway, but I wanted to get the Hell away from that woman. And then Pushy Mum was all 'Oh, you don't have to get her out of it *now*!' I told her curtly that Vi had been in it for ages, but that wasn't the point. The point was that now, her kid had run off to play with something else. As I walked away, she physically had hold of the car and was refusing to let any toddlers play with it as she tried to attract her kid's attention. i later caught her taking a badminton raquet off a little girl. Bitch. CAPSLOCK BITCH.

Anyway. It's stopped raining now, and it's Saturday tomorrow. I am still(!) doing my character plotting notes for the last New Adventure - Done all of The Seven now and it's already over 4 pages long. Just Venger and pretty much every guest character that's been in the New Adventures left, then. Oy, this is massive. Have also been writing a teensy bit of the ending to Rollercoaster... not that I'm anywhere near the end yet, I've just been thinking a lot about how I'm going to end it lately, and the bunnies need a carrot.

Had epic dreams last night - one involved a big Sleb networking function where I successfully pitched The Specials but when the guy who wanted to read the script gave me his number I couldn't get my phone to store it. Then I had another dream where I wrote about the first dream on LJ. I really am spending too much time on the internet, aren't I?
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There's Bog All on the Idiot Box tonight. I might try to talk Hubs into watching Bender's Game with me instead of another Bafta fillum because we watched Quantum Leap of Solace last night and lo, it was bunkum. Actually, that's a lie. I watched bits of Quantum Leap of Solace because, Bond-skeptic that I am, I wasn't even impressed by Casino Royale, so I was less than likely to enjoy this latest one. Hubs informs me that it was very old-school-Bond-but-not-as-bad-as-the-Roger-Moore-ones. Considering that the bits I saw included a character having been executed in the most ridiculously convoluted way just to squeeze in a Goldfinger ref (why bother drowning someone in oil and then carting them back to their hotel suite? And how did they get her oily corpse on the bed without trailing oil everywhere, hmm?) and a hur-hur up-the-skirt Burger Shot which was not just completely unnecessary but, given the context that the owner of the vagina in question was being sexually assaulted, plain offensive (hur-hur. Rape's hilarious, right, because when the stupid tart's scrabbling away in terror from her attacker with her knickers round her ankles, you might be able to see her fanny. Tee-hee. Fannies.) I could well believe that Bond has already plodded back to the far-fetched jolly misogyny of the Moore Era.

Nemesis is on tonight that I suppose I could refresh myself on for when I finally get up to that point on Rollercoaster but a, it's on late, b, it's not a great movie anyway, c, it's bloody depressing and d, I'm still not decided on whether or not I'm going to go with THAT ending. An AU where Canon is optional is a marvellous thing to have. I actually had a Data/Tasha dream this morning, although it wasn't really Rollercoaster-verse as such. I blame [livejournal.com profile] cerisa5, who is put into my head the notion of Tasha surviving all those years on Romulus and eventually being rescued and, now in her 50s or 60s, rekindling a relationship with Data. Anyway, in this dream, Data was helping Tasha to escape, only Tasha was still quite young and Sela was just a little baby. For some reason, Romulus was like London during the Blitz - they were in an old black car. At one point they were stopped and Data ran off to cause a distraction in which Tasha could drive away. It was neat. The only bit of it with shades of Rollercoaster was that there was the threat of the Romulans using The Halo on Data... The Halo is the finished product of Dr Poklar's work in Rollercoaster - a nasty contraption that is attached around the head and down the spinal column that has the effect of simulating physical pain in Soong model androids. Only, my dream gave it an extra element - the Halo could be set to perfectly recreate the specific pain of different bodily traumas - broken bones, burns, heart attacks, brain haemmorages - which is a great idea! Again, I'm still not decided on whether to keep Doc Pok as a vague threat hanging over Data's head or to actually bring her in at some point (I do have years of between-movies adventures to play around with, once All Good Things has been and gone, after all). Using the Halo does sound tempting, though :)

I am so very mean to my favourite characters!


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:53 pm
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Ha! [livejournal.com profile] mrs_picard, you were in my dream this morning!

I'd been dreaming a lot about University and my old Uni mates before, and then in the dream I was still sort-of at Uni still, only I was in a very old and grand, but dirty building (at one point I very clearly remember running my fingers over beautiful, ornate tiles on the wall of a hall, which were covered in thick grime). I was at a course in the building, and TNG pals patrick Stewart, Bret Spiner and Marina Sirtis were all there. They were supposed to be doing something serious - teaching or mentoring or something - but instead they were just larking about, all taking the piss out of one another and generally seeking attention. In my dream I must have written about it after the first class on my LJ because Mrs P turned up for the second class with the explanation that she 'wasn't going to miss seeing something like that'! So, erm, yeah, we sat in class and giggled at the ageing Space Heroes' wacky antics.

I baked today! The test run for the Chrimble cakes I'm going to bake for the Catholic Mafia's pressies. I've done fruit loaves, but hopefully these should be a little lighter than traditional Chrimbo cake - dates, prunes, currants and raisins cooked in butter and evaporated milk, with not an awful lot of flour and a splodge of marmalade. It really smalls of the evap, but smells a wee bit like Malt Loaf as well. Can't wait to try it!

We got Kung Fu Panda from Bafta and have been watching it with Vi this avo. Good, innit?

Oh yeah, and I'm not quite sure what to make of this. On one hand, I have been saying for blinking ages that an adaption of this brilliant book without the wonky Triffs of the otherwise awesome 1980s version would be a great idea... on the other hand, I'm worried that it might turn out like Survivors, which I watched half of the pilot of and, despite being a genre that's right up my alley, was fucking awful. As long as they don't get so bedazzled by their snazzy CGI thingumies that they forget to build the eerie tension that floods through the book and the 80s series it should be OK, but for some reason as soon as the adaptors of a creepy monster apocalypse book get some decent effects, tension tends to fly out of the window (WotW, I Am A Legend...) I'll hold my judgement, but maybe it will end up better just to read the novel or watch the old series and just avert your eyes every time a Triff waddles into shot.
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Yowza, my dreams last night were weird.

I don't know whether to blame the Chinese takeaway or the noisy idiots that woke me up at God-knows-what-time screaming largely incoherent and occasionally distressing things about 'fucking posh schoolgirls' and shouting down the mobile to 'tell her I'm going to penetrate her'. Niiiicccce.

Anyhoo, dreams included...

I was in my bed, only somebody was interviewing me about ghosts. I was trying to tell her that there was a ghost in the house called Paul (although it wasn't La Reynolds) but it was important that the ghost didn't find out I was talking about him. Only as soon as I mentioned the ghost's name I was paralysed on one side of my body - the ghost was doing it, he was angry that I was talking about him.

Then came a dream that did actually have La Reynolds in it - I think it was my last day of Uni, or I was doing a show up at Uni or something, and he was there to help, along with lots of other slebs. I was trying to 'subtly' catch him alone before he went off to 'say goodbye and thank him' (hur hur hur) but he kept chatting with other people. I finally clumsily orchestrated "bumping into him by accident" just before he got on the bus back to London, and I remember him being very nice and charming, and responding to my clumsy flirting. Unfortunately, our Special Moment was ruined by bloody zombies. Typical, eh? They were the traditional, slow moving type, not your 28 Days Later runners but all of a sudden they'd surrounded the bus and we all had to pile on board, fighting them back. I think we'd just realised that someone on the bus had been bitten and were going to throw him off when the dream changed.

And then just before I woke up I was dreaming about Dr Who, of all things. It was similarly apocalyptic. For some reason, best known to him, he'd "moved Disneyland"... the one in California... We were walking round the space of it and it was just a crater. Then a massive wave rose up from the sea and we were struggling to stay on land. Then I woke up. Crazy.
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Horrible dream this morning. It started out as a fairly generic travel dream, but at one point I looked out of the window of the aeroplane I was on and saw that the sky was just full of other planes, all hanging in the sky like space debris. I asked what was going on and someone told my that all the planes were full of people trying to escape, 'because of the war'. Them I found out that two European countries - definitely France, and Bulgaria, I think, were on the brink of a major Nuclear conflict - not good for us living just a stone's throw from France. We were making plans to abandon Kent for the relative safety of my Mum's house in Wales, but were then told that it was OK, a peace negotiation had been reached. We relaxed... and then heard the Three Minute Warning siren. Paris was about to be bombed, and in the dream we were close enough to get the fallout. We threw Vi in the car and sped off, but our journey took us along the South coast and as we drove I saw a great grey cloud rushing over the sea towards us. We were hit with a rushing wind, followed by teen foot high waves which curled over the motorway, but somehow didn't sweep us back to sea. It was too late, and a rush against time at the same time. If we could make it to Mum's before the radiation poisoning killed us, maybe there was hope. I just remember being so frightened for Violet, I desperately didn't want her to die alone in the back seat of the car. We stopped the car to check on Vi, she seemed OK, but when I was about to get back in I felt incredibly dizzy and passed out. I remember thinking that this was the end before I woke up... horrible stuff.

On a lighter note, we had Vi's Christmas presents delivered yesterday! So exciting! We've got her a doll's house and a little Romany caravan that came free with it, a baby doll and a dolly pushchair. All sounds excessively Girlie, I know, but it's the stuff that she plays with loads at Playgroup. The only thing she plays with more is the Wendy House, and we don't have the money or the space for one of those!

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