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Die Hard. Best Christmas movie, hands down.

Also - Muppets Christmas Carol

Tokyo Godfathers

the League of Gentlemen Christmas Special

Blackadder's Christmas Carol

and The Snowman.

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Finally seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Soldier. Yowza. Crazygood film. Brilliant storytelling, brilliantly shot, edited, written & performed. It will get the best film Bafta & I bet Gary Oldman gets the best actor award, too.

single spoiler )
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Hello Hello! I have been a busy bunny - Alex has a rotten cold that keeps making him throw up, and we had our first night away from home with the kids last night, over in Hastings for my MiL's 65th. Busybusybusy.

However! As I was, essentially, babysitting my own kids during the big party last night, at my SiL's house with SkyPlus & a cupboard full of DVDs, I was able to watch some shiz. Namely, the latest episode of Lost, and the mad-as-a-broom 'Enchanted'.

I am going to give you my thinks on them, but before I start, I have to share the latest Benry Knows Best with those who haven't seen it. I love Benry Knows Best in general, but this one picks up on a realisation I had during Dr Linus - that this shirt ) looked like this ) back when he first put it on. Ewww. There's not enough Bold in the world to get rid of those stubborn stains & odours.

Anyway. Recon. )after Lost, I watched Enchanted... )


Dec. 22nd, 2009 08:04 pm
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Reader, I went to Asda last night to do the big shop. There's some scary folks in there. Got some tasty ass shizzle for the next few days, though!

we also managed to see a whole film afterwards since Alex didn't wake up til nearly midnight last night - madness!

We've started properly on the Bafta screeners now, you see, and have watched many recently. We watched Watchmen, which was OK, although it did make me hum this song pretty much throughout

Moon, which was very pretty (and hummana hummana Sam Rockwell) but had a pretty lazy script - felt very short-storyish and didn't make good, engaging use of an interesting concept IMO

Up, which was delightful - touches of Roald Dahl, Gilliam and Wizard of Oz - a storyline that breaks your heart in the first ten minutes and left me terrified of becoming old and alone and brilliant, brilliant Dog Acting. (WALL-E's still my favourite, though)

and Fantastic Mister Fox last night which took a bit of warming to (very odd direction - lots of straight-on close-ups of characters during dialogue and the 180 degree rule is regularly broken) but once I got used to the style I loved it - wilfully weird both visually and verbally, fun and pretty. Not for very little kids, though - I don't think Vi would like it.

Got loads more good ones lined up - Where the Wild Things Are, District 9 & The Lovely Bones are next on my 'want to watch' list.
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I forgot to mention here when I had it - but a week or so ago I had a really vivid dream about Cosmo Brown performing a certain enjoyable act upon Don Lockwood. I don't often have Manlove dreams but by crackers, this one was hot.

I bring it up now because Vi's really got into Singin In The Rain again, and it makes this sequence not just brilliant now, but actually bloody sexy.

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Bafta screeners have started coming through, so we *finally* have Star Trek XI. We saw it tonight, and... I liked it. I really liked it. I apologise for nothing and my only regret is that I have Boneitis!
My only gripes were that Uhura only seemed to exist to get felt up, fought over, perved over or snogged slight spoiler ) and that Bones didn't get to do more because Karl Urban's McCoy was engaging and charming. Loved Pegg!Scotty, really loved PineKirk - felt he channeled all the best bits of The Shat without. Resorting to the... FAMOUS!... stilteddelivery... QuintoSpock was good too, I suppose the narrative of the film called for his emotions to be more raw and less contained than NimoySpock's...I do love it when Spock Hulks Out in TOS, but only because he does it so rarely... if he's going to go all Amok Time twice a movie or every time someone disses his Momma it might not have the same appeal.

few more spoilers )
But most of all, you know what? It was bloody good fun. Me likey.
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Ah ha ha ha!!! LoveFilmed Star Trek IV & Watched it over 2 nights this weekend (don't get enough evening time to watch a full movie these days) - barely remembered it, and certainly had forgotten what complete and utter GENIUS it is!

Best Bits:Save the Whale, Save the World... )
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We have been recasting Mary Poppins with modern actors this afternoon. So far, we have:

Mary Poppins - Kate Winslet
Bert - Ewan McGregor, or John Simm
Mr Banks - Up for serious debate - see below
Mrs Banks - Jess Hynes
The Laughing Uncle on the Ceiling - Would probably be Jim Broadbent, but ideally we'd cast Alan Rickman for the lulz
The Admiral on the roof - Jim Broadbent unless he was the Uncle, in which case, David Jason.
The Admiral's Mate - Tim Spall
Two Policemen - Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
All the Penguins - Andy Serkis

Now - a debate rages on regarding Mr Banks, because I reckon David Mitchell should play him, but Hubs says no. Hubs is willing to give both Mitchell and the less brilliant Webb roles as Bankers, but really doesn't want to give the part of Mr Banks to the eerie-eyed voice of middle-class sarcasm. He says he'll 'play it as too much of a charicature'! Pah! Give a successful comic actor a chance in this, our entirely hypothetical recasting of a film that should never actually be remade, Hubby!

I think secretly Hubs just doesn't want to relinquish the role to anybody but the brilliant David Tomlinson. At one point he did suggest that Tomlinson would just have to be CG'd in to every scene of our remake. Very telling.

EDIT - [livejournal.com profile] bethamphetam1ne had the brilliant idea of Colin Firth as Mr Banks, which I'm happy to do, although Hubs believes that this is Sacrelige. In case you;re wondering what La Reynolds' role would be in the Poppins Reboot, BTW, he will play the Pearly King who says 'I said it to me girl, and now me girl's me wife'.
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Oooh, this is interesting - the last 5 minutes of so of DW Griffith's 'Intolerance' set to 'A Day In The Life' by The Beatles. Featuring lost of poor, pretty, tragic Bobby Harron in Peril. *Sigh*

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I have been in need of cheering today. Due to irritable legs (ah, Pregnancy, never change) I took some time to get to sleep last night, and then Vi was up very early and has been, while generally in a better mood than lately, still quite temperamental. Plus I still have a bit of a cold and a very hoarse voice - not made any better by having to repeat phrases like 'come on', 'don't do that', 'hold my hand', 'eat your lunch' and so on ad infinitum. Oh, and Vi decided she wanted to watch Big Cook Little Cook while having breakfast today, which just sealed my bad mood. They are the shittest people on telly. And that includes Horne & Corden.

Anyway, what ended up cheering me was the discovery that Vi enjoys the dance numbers from Singin In The Rain - 'Make Em Laugh' is her favourite, but this number particularly cheered me. And, as Vi noted, they are very naughty for jumping on the table.

If you've had a crappy day today, give this a watch. I guarantee it will make you feel better. If it doesn't, there's something wrong with you.
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Ahhh, just watched Generations for the first time since it was out in the kinoflex. Here is, basically, what happened...

Do I really need to warn for spoilers? This movie's, like, 15 years old! )
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Insurrection Redux Part Troi!

Mediocrities of the world! I absolve you! )
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Just watched 'Nuts In May' on BBC4 - thanks for the tip-off, Missy C!

I remember seeing some of this when I was a kid and enjoying it, but it was much funnier watching it now. This scene is brilliant, for example.

That and: 'Kiss Prudence?' 'No.' 'Why?' 'Tired'.

Lovely film. The Pratts are eerily reminiscent of The Dentons from The League of Gentlemen.
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More for you, my lovelies, and you'll have to wait til after Easter for any more - I'm going on my travels!


The Naughty Cupboard, the Flying Sue and the Wanking Bridge. )
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I'm doing a screengrab spoof of Insurrection, chaps! It's too funny not to.

Since it's long, though, I'm doing it in chapters. Today, you get Part 1 - you lucky people!
In which I decide that Comic Sans is the correct font for a mad robot )
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We finally got Insurrection from Love Film a few days back. I figured, even if I wasn't going to use that film in Rollercoaster (undecided so far as to whether I will) I should really see it at least if I was going to take the story through to Nemesis and beyond.

So tonight we decided to brave it. And, you know what, if you have an excellent Snarking Partner like wot I do, it's not actually that bad. It does, however, appear to be a film about absolutely nothing. We watched about an hour of it tonight and nothing happened. Actually, a bunch of barely connected nothings happened, but funny nothings nontheless - made funnier by Hubs' comments. 'Would *you* like to satisfy a Big One?' was my personal favourite, although I ruined the moment shortly after by claiming Picard was walking onto a bridge to 'furiously crack one off all night long'.
This just about pipped -
RIKER: I don't think Dr Crusher can give me what I need.
HUBS: Yes she can. You, and every man on the ship.
ME: Says so on the door of the Ladies' Loos.

We've just got to the bit where Picard's wearing a leather jacket and the two people he wants to stay behind are, conveniently, the only ones still wearing uniforms. Fun times.

I am definitely using the phrase 'Think he's gone a little bit "Daisy, Daisy" in the Mainframe' later in the story, though. I wouldn't have come up with that one without this silly film.

Kind of have a hankering to rent out Generations, now. More silly, snarkable fun, with a FUCKING STARSHIP CRASH in the middle.
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Oooohhh, I heart my new shiny Twitter toy so very much! Peter Serafinowicz is very good at the Guardian Crypitic Crossword! LeVar Burton's excited about quitting smoking! Stephen Fry had to dance in front of a camera yesterday! Joyful meaningless brainthinks of the thoroughly admirable and mildly famous!!!

Also, this latest Tardos Banner is my favourite so far by a mile -

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am very proud of The White Queen. A little bit of a Cracky concept - DnDC vs Alice, but I was really happy with how it came together, and this banner is simply lovely. Look! It even has the chessboard on it at the bottom! <3

A Very Happy International Chocolate Day (aka V-Day) to you all! I got some mega-cocoa-content Hotel Chocolat goodies. Om nom nom.

Sure I had summat else to add, but I forget now. It might be that I watched In Bruge last night and it was AWESOME. A very simple premise and plot, around which danced some of the most sparkling, refreshing, witty-yet-honest dialogue I've heard in a screenplay for a long time. Great stuff. And the dwarf in it is a local boy. Woo, local dwarf!

Right. Better get on with my own script. Maybe after checking Twitter one more time...
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Ugh. I feel rotten today, with no real reason why - tired, dizzy, nauseas and emotional. Poot. The constant downpour hasn't helped. Neither did the fact that I needed to wrangle with the computer for about an hour this afternoon in order to get the tracks I bought off iTunes onto my non-Apple MP3 player. Stupid fucking 'file protection'. I bought the fucking album, all you're 'protecting' it from is me! Memo to self - never use iTunes again. It's too annoying.

The album in question, BTW, is the Dr Who S4 soundtrack. Just finished watching S4 on LoveFilm and I'm happy to admit I was completely wrong about Donna - she was brilliant, once she's stopped just being Catherine Tate and did some proper actin'. But I really thought that the music made this series - it was so very pretty, especially the Ood's song and that weird backwardsy music in Turn Left. Often helped me ignore that many of the plots were just fucking stupid.

Haven't commented on the Baftas yet - basically, although I really enjoyed Slumdog and thought it was a very good movie, I don't think it was worthy of sweeping the board last night. Frost/Nixon and Milk were better films in my opinion. And I reckon Kate Winslet got the wrong Bafta. She acted circles round Little Leo in Revolutionary Road, whereas I felt that pretty much every aspect of The Reader was just phoning in for a multitude of gongs. As Kate herself said in Extras, 'that's the only way you get an Oscar - play someone who was in the War or a Mental.' She hedges her bets in The Reader and plays both. Glad Noel Clarke won the rising star award, though (I'm still not over Chiwitel Ejiofor losing out in 2006) although I hope that the General Public didn't vote for him just because he's That Bloke Of Dr Who. The bloke's a budding auteur, for the love of Jeff. If only Kidulthood hadn't put the fear of God into me.

Anyhoo, let's see what the Oscars bring! Come on, Frost/Nixon!
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Told you there'd be a round 2 of the Explosions Quiz! Not as many this time, these are just the ones I couldn't wrangle out of the memory stick the other day. Name that Kaboom!
Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooey )

Also, huge thanks to anyone who has nominated me for Tardos. I couldn't help but notice that the categories I've been nominated most for are 'humour' and 'slash'. Yeah; cock and lulz - that pretty much does sum me up. I truly am a capering jester in the big bad world of the intertubes - I'd almost go as far as to call myself a prattling nincompoop. Anyhoo, whether I win owt in the end or not, it's a massive honour to be nominated amongst some real classics. Plus, I now have a pretty huge rec list of the nominated fics that I have yet to read... read 'Rise Up, Sir John' and started 'Survival' today, I have loads to get through - what a treat!

Best of luck to all of you who are in the running, guys. I don't really mean that - we are rivals now, you and I. I shall hunt you down and destroy you. May the best wo/man win death to all those who oppose me. Laters! I kill you!

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