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So then well then now then now then now then.

You may recall a plaintive post back in January about my surprise 30th Birthday Weekend away having to be cancelled due to the snow. Well, fuck me sideways into a canal, I finally got to have it! )
(apologies for hugeness of pic)

Unfortunately, the Great British Weather decided to thwart our 'Oooh, having it in May will mean we'll be able to have BBQs and sip beers outside and whatnot' plans by creating 48 solid hours of drizzle for our stay, but in the end that didn't really matter. We also ended up at the wonky (but awesome) old farmhouse next door to the trendy converted barn we were originally going to be in due to it being booked for all eternity. When we got there, the landlord announced that this was because it was being used all year by the same guest - this guest being Kerry Katona of Atomic Kitten/Massive public breakdown fame. We never actually saw the weight-fluctuating wonder, and I'm still cynical about whether it might have just been a weird wind-up, but blaming Kerry Katona for everything became an instant and hilarious running gag. It didn't help that the landlord had obviously just acquired the place and was on the flaky side - getting a new fridge delivered just as we arrived, hiding the already rather random kitchen utensils in odd places, providing us with a tapedeck instead of a CD player (seriously, what part of the 1980s had he expected us to have sprung from), rambling that 'the boiler is usually off at this time of day' when we wanted to have mid-morning showers on Saturday - etc etc. He'd also managed to provide us with many board games with crucial parts missing, a pile of videos with no video player and a selection of DVDs with no DVD player. When I asked if we could please have an actual DVD player, he apologised for the sparsity of the equipment and explained that 'we haven't been renting the farmhouse for a little while, and you know we've had a celebrity in the other place for some time... a lot of the electrical things have gone over to her.'

And lo, our weekend break was given its own catchphrase. And the catchphrase was; 'Kerry Katona Stole My DVD Player'.

As I mentioned earlier, the drizzle was fairly constant, and apart from a brief and very muddy football/frisbee extravaganza on Saturday morning, and trips to the worst planned Tesco in the world for dinner supplies, the party group stayed mostly either in clumps in the kitchen, talking mainly about how gravity would work on a perfectly cubic planet, or in the large living room/parlour which took up one massive side of the ground floor. Many games happened there - German anti-Jenga game Bausack was a hit, although not with me. I also played a round of Mahjong, and am still non the wiser. Pictionary is more my level, and once we bought some dry-wipe markers to replace the ones that were missing from the box, we had jolly good fun with it. We also brought a PS3 and Wii, although our cables weren't compatible with the ONE technologically advanced piece of equipment - the HD TV. (It also had a Sky Box but no Sky - not even Freeview channels. Seriously - it was HILARIOUS how little around the house actually did what a sane person would expect it to do) We were able to play the games... only they were all in staticky black & white. It was like playing games in the video from Ring. Or, as most of us pointed out on seeing it, a 1950s telly.

Mum & Sis were back in Canters looking after the kids for the weekend, so we were utterly without responsibility, save for the odd bit of washing up (since friends Kitty & Al kindly cooked for everyone all weekend). Kinda odd being without them and, although we really missed them, kinda wonderful too. It's been a very long time since we've been able to spend so much Quality Time with our friends just chatting, larking about and generally having the barrel of laughs that made us such good chums all those years ago. One resolution was passed as we got ready to leave - we HAVE to do this again next year!
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Ugh. Another weird weekend. Firstly, Alex has been sleeping really, really badly for about a week now. Teething issues I think, but very, very tiring and frustrating. Me & Hubs have had very little time or energy for ourselves or each other. Itching for some time away from Mummying, I made last-minute plans to go shopping/lunching at Lakeside with [livejournal.com profile] violetcreme on Saturday. Both children also have colds and were knackered on Friday, so we had pizza, gave the kids an early night and were done with the washing up etc pretty early and looking forward to a chilled couple of hours together on Friday night. Watch QI, maybe an episode of The Wire, maybe even a film.

The power went out at ten to nine, just as we were waiting for QI to start. The day nursery over the road has one of those burglar alarms that automatically goes off when the power goes out, and does not, as we discovered, switch itself off after any less than about an hour and a half... and then erratically continues to go off while the power remains out. Nobody came to switch it off themselves, because nobody was there. I really don't see what the point of something that automatically goes off so often and doesn't stop is - surely an alarm relies on the goodwill of your neighbours - if all it does is go off for no good reason and piss them off, if you are ever broken into, they'll just roll their eyes & curse the alarm again instead of checking it out or calling the rozzers. It is the alarm that cries Wolf.

The power cut, and the resulting loud, whining, persistent alarm continued until about 6 in the morning. We did not get much sleep. By the time I got to Lakeside, I was starting to see everything through a furze of surreality. Tiredness aside, Lakeside was a blast. Miss C made me laugh by calling escalators 'The Moving Stairs'. We loudly discussed Twitter, writing and TV in Starbucks, much to the obvious annoyance of a man in a nearby table who was reading a paper. It's a cafe, not a library, dickwad, we'll talk if we want to! We decided that all Telly People live together in one big house, with a special annexe flat for the Jewish ones. Maureen Lipmann cooks the tea, apparently. Maybe Newspaper Man was just glaring because he didn't understand irony. I did the Mum Thing of going out to get stuff for me and ending up with lots of presents for the kids. Alas, The Disney Store was to much of a temptation. Vi now owns a Little Mermaid Dollie, Alex a Winnie The Pooh Teddy.

Luckily, Mum had also made last-minute plans to come down this weekend, and provided us with childcare help and, possibly even more importantly, an excuse to go and get a Chinese instead of cooking.

I spent all last night paranoid that our power was going to go again. This was largely because, from 6am on Saturday morning until an unspecified time during last night, our power was supplied via an emergency generator. It was a massive thing - as big as a lorry, parked just outside the substation, which isn't far from our house. We could constantly hear the low hum of it as it churned out electricity. Now, I was really impressed about this - when I was little, if you had a power cut then the power stayed off til the problem was fixed, be that hours, days or longer. I hadn't expected the power suppliers to go to the trouble of bringing us an emergency generator for 24 hours. Its steady hum, combined with the memory of a miserable Friday night, however, still made me feel really vulnerable. We rely on electricity for so much - we have no gas oven or hob, and even our boiler won't work without electricity. I don't like being reminded of how much my comfort & that of my family changes is affected by the loss of one utility.

Everything's back to normal again now, except that I'm still brooding over my addiction to electricity. Well, that and my plans to make leaving wailing burglar alarms overnight a criminal offense.
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Yowza. What a week it's been. Hubs has been working very long hours, Alex is still teething (but the teeth still aren't cutting) and is therefore sleeping terribly, and throughout the whole time we've had the shadow hanging over us of my Father in Law suddenly nosediving in health. As some of you know, he'd had Parkinsons from before I met him and was in a residential home with dementia for many years. He suddenly lost a lot of weight a few weeks ago though, and seemed to have pretty much given up on living. We went to Hastings on Sunday when Hubs visited him in hospital, then Hubs went to see him again on Tuesday, and first thing on Friday morning he found out that his Dad had died in the night.

Hubs is taking it on the chin at the moment - he's not one of life's mopers, and a very practical person - dementia means you slowly lose the person you loved anyway, and I think having been prepared for this for a long time and the element of relief that his Dad's suffering has ended has softened the blow somewhat. We're carrying on with our plans this weekend - seeing friends and all (except me and Alex since he's too little) going to the big bonfire night tonight. I think he'd actually find it much harder just sitting around.

Other big news is that I'm afraid I've decided it's time to let www.randomscribbles.co.uk die. It served me well over the years, but it's so easy to post writing online for free these days it's not worth me shelling out yearly for a fiction website. I'll soon be posting all the content that was on there either on this journal, or more likely I'll set up a second LJ account as a fic depository. The website will go down on the 10th, apparently. So it goes. So it goes.
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I can't believe I never posted about my escape to Colch with [livejournal.com profile] violetcreme last weekend! Probably because as soon as I returned home I had to go and join the rest of my family for the long wait in A&E because Vi had tripped and whacked her face on the bottom stair as I was driving back (don't worry, she's fine) and was therefore distracted away from the previous 24 hours, which were epic and awesome and various other annoying Americanised enthusiasms.

Miss C, you see, lives, as those who know Miss C might expect her to, in a fucking MANSION. Admittedly, it's a mansion that's been turned into flats, but they're lovely flats that are probably a little bigger than our house and they have Grounds. I believe my first words of greeting were 'You have fucking squirrels! They're frolicking!'

Missy C also has an iPod full of Kids TV Themes. We kicked off the weekend headbanging to the Knightmare theme while driving to Sainsburys. It's a very good way to commence a Saturday night. There was pizza, tiffin, a whole champers bottle worth of Bucks Fizz, I actually got into Strictly for the first and probably only time. (Highlights: 'He looks like a drunken uncle at a wedding'... 'he's a bit spasmodic... you're a bit Spasmodic.') There was also rather a lot of Quantum Leap, the 'Die Hard' TNG episode, which prompted a loud 'Oh my GOD' from Missy C once Picard got into his jodhpurs, thus exposing the Captain's Log, and we wrote a manifesto that was going to save British Journalism & TV Drama. I don't remember a lot of it, but I think it involved Terry Wogan.

Needless to say, it was brilliant, and plans are afoot to do it again on a bigger scale. Hurrah!
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Ha! I am such a hypocrite! After being all 'I really, REALLY hate people who slag off other peoples' fanfic behind their back I had a very fun hour or so with my friend [livejournal.com profile] presidentalgo on Twitter this evening introducing him to the worst fanfic I've ever attempted to read. Although in my defense the fact that the author reacted to the one negative review already on her fic by going absolutely fucking apeshit both on the reviews page and on her profile, then added about 4 'anonymous' reviews all praising her to high heaven - all exactly in her very turgid and inaccessible writing style - frankly put me off leaving any helpful concrit (namely 'Oh sweet Christ, use a word that is less than five syllables long every once in a while, and don't be afraid of sentences that run for less than seven lines of text!'). There's badfic, which I don't actually mind, and then there's the self-indulgent Badfic of the egotistical thesaurus-swallowing looney (and Algo trod where I feared to tread and quickly discovered new levels to her looneydom) which is a different kettle of fish.

And now I'm going to post more Rollercoaster. Hypocrisy, thy name is Scribbles!

Fun stuff

Jul. 26th, 2009 01:59 pm
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Realised I only ever seem to use this LJ to whinge and fret about the kids these days, while my twitterfeed gets all the lulz and all the geekery, which isn't really fair since you kids are way geekier than my Twitter followers.

Anybody else watching Psychoville? Good, innit? I'm up to the penultimate episode now. Reckon with all the twists & turns in the story that the man in black will be somebody we already know... Spoilers up to Ep 6 )

Had a hilarious dream this morning - the whole of the TNG cast suddenly appeared in a CBeebies show together. It was a little bit Night Garden, a little bit Looney Tunes. The main 'plot' revolved around them trying to catch wild rabbits. There was a lot of slapstick. At one point, PStew was dressed as Mrs Tiggywinkle and The Spine like a shabby butler. In the dream they were also sort-of explaining why they'd done the show (basically, just 'for shits & giggles') plus I was trying to explain to [livejournal.com profile] mrs_picard over the phone what the Hell was going on. It was brilliant.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Sealgirl! I read in the news that James May is building a life-size house out of Lego. I can only assume that this is in tribute to you. Have a good'un, my semi-aquatic chumette!
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Nobody tell Friend Claire, but she's getting a massive box of Vi's 12-24 month clothes as her welcome-to-mummyhood prezzie! Tried to include plenty of basics as well as the pretty-pretty. Got all nostalgic packing it up. Alas, couldn't find the Monsoon Summer Trousers or purple hat o'cutery. Hey ho.

Vi's in a bit of a rotten mood today, *but* so far she hasn't complained that her teeth hurt at all - first time she's gone this long without needing Calpol since she bashed them in.
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Vi is slowly getting better, and as her puffy lip goes down her mouth doesn't look *too* bad any more. She's eaten loads so far today, which is good.

plus, my friend Claire has had her baby - I wanted to beat her, or least have a Father of The Bride 2 situation where we ended up having our sprogs on the same day. But it's great news for her, and she got a girl, which was what she'd hoped for.

Plus plus I am now Celebrity Endorsed on Twitter! David Schneider recommended me for Follow Friday - I'm well chuffed! I feel like I should have a badge made up.
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Thank you so much for replies re my last post - especially those with the Horror Stories who helped me get some bloody perspective. It seems you can pick your friends & pick your nose but you can't pick your family. I shan't dwell on it again - the PregnoRage (TM) has subsided for now, anyway.

In lighter news, my friend Vicky from University has recently announced the greatest business plan ever - she is now the proprietor of a Knitted Beard Shop called Wife of Brian, and made her first sale today! She doesn't just do beards - she'll knit all kinds of facial hair. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7433117 It makes me very happy that a, there's a knitted beard shop in existence and b, I know the person who brought it into being.
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A very 'nice and sunny day', in the words of my daughter. The S-i-L was down for the morning so accompanied us to Playgym and then we had a playdate in the park with my friend who moved away before Christmas, and her twins. These are the ones who call Vi 'Captain Violet'. They are fearless and adorable. We kicked a ball about, the tots gazed in wonder at the fountain (Vi shouting 'Wet! Wet! Drip-drops!' all the time) and then made a bee-line for the bandstand, which they then couldn't be persuaded to leave. Lots of running about in it, kicking the ball around it, clambering up it and carrying things up and down its steps.

Then came an occurrence that I wouldn't have minded if it didn't happen to me or whoever takes Vi to the park pretty much every time we go - the latching on of the Idleness Orphans. Almost every time we play with Vi in the park, we will be quickly joined by somebody else's kid - two of them in this case, one about 4 or 5 and one who was probably about 1 and 1/2 - who, more than wanting to play with Vi, demand attention and care from me while whatever 'grownup' is supposed to have taken them out to the park sits barely within visibility and utterly ignores them. I'm happy for Vi to play with other kids and it's probably flattering that I'm apparently approachable, but I really fucking resent having the children of strangers foisted upon me simply because I take an active interest in playing with Vi when we're out. Plus I think it's incredibly sad for the kids that they have to latch on to any old passer-by for conversation and play. Whenever this happens, the parents never stop doing whatever it is that they're doing instead of paying attention to their kids (in this case, sitting around chatting with their mates) either to play with their children or to strike up the briefest of conversations with me, check I'm not a nutter (which I'm not) or whether I mind nannying their kids (which I do). I'm a complete stranger. I know they can see me, but I can't believe there are people so lazy they'd let their toddler run off and play with someone they don't know from Adam, rather than playing with or engaging the kids themselves.

I just think it's incredibly rude. We had our hands full as it was with three hyper two year olds pegging it around a grubby bandstand, plus we barely get to see these friends and I ended up talking more with the kids of these strangers than I did with my friend or her cutie girls. And it happens with a depressing regularity.

I am not Mary Poppins. Just because I like to play with my kid doesn't mean I want to nanny yours. Lazy Parents Of Britain: GET OFF YOUR ARSES, PUT DOWN THAT COPY OF HEAT AND ENJOY YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE THEY GROW UP AND UTTERLY RESENT YOU! ARGH!!!
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New school term = the tots get to rule the roost at Playgym again instead of being pushed around by the bigger kids. Vi was able to have a really good scamper about this morning, and we saw our friends who moved away! These are the twins who are pretty much the same age as Vi - their mum told me the sweetest thing as they were playing... not only do the twins share Vi's current favourite book ('Night Pirates' - I really recommend it BTW, mums of little 'uns) but they call the Pirate Captain 'Violet' because she's got loads of curly hair. How cute is that?!? Then Vi and the twins did some Pirate Noises for us. It was ace. We hope to meet up with them on Fri for lunch before they head back.

Violet looks fantastic today, BTW. I put her in a bright flowery summer dress that I've been waiting for it to be warm enough to warrant putting her in for ages. we don't really have any tights that go with it, however, so she's ended up in red-and-pink striped tights. I thought if she was going to clash she might as well just go the whole hog.

Oh, and I dreamt about Rerun last night/this morning! I'd given birth to him at Sacred Heart hospital (and why yes, we had watched four episodes in a row the evening before). He looked like a boy version of Violet, and was wonderful. He could already hold his head up, which I remember dreaming probably wasn't that likely for a newborn. I was in love the second I saw him. We named him Elliot. It's made me feel really positive about his upcoming arrival today.

In even duller domestic type news, we're finally getting someone in to poke our outside drain. It's yucky and keeps overflowing. All of Hubs' attempts to clear it have failed. Very annoying going through several pages of Yellow Pages ads for companies with absolutely no idea of who to go for or what to expect. Getting a big national company to give us a quote because a, I've heard of them and b, they don't charge per 1/2 hour - I know how that game works! Still, I think it's going to be pricey. Got to do it, though - it's in our letting contract as one of the things we've got to sort out if it goes wrong.
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Escape to London today was well worth
a, the guilt of leaving the house just as Vi, who had been doing really well all morning, puked up her breakfast
b, possibly the worst Coach journey ever, on a completely packed coach. Picked a sleepy lady to sit next to, which was good, but ended up sitting the other side of the aisle to two massive charvers who spent 2 hours loudly and swearily sort-of chatting each other up as the girl (overweight and dressed head to toe in skintight white clothes so that she looked like the Michelin Man) simultaneously chatted with various people on her mobile - including her boyfriend so that ChavvyMan (who got on board with a can of Special Brew... if you're not pissed by 11am you're obviously not trying hard enough... and twice 'went to the toilet' for 5 minutes, during which time the whole coach mysteriously smelled of fag ash) ended up having a loud, sweary argument with Phone Boyfriend that 'they were only sitting next to each other on the fucking bus, for fuck's sake'. Actually, I was quite glad of Chavvygirl as she stopped Chavvyman from trying to talk to anyone else - apart from taking a few moments to ask the foreign students behind him some random questions and then take the piss out of them for not being able to understand his weird, slurred ramblings while Chavvygirl laughed her arse off. Having sworn that there was nothing going on they then kissed as the coach pulled up and exchanged numbers, Chavvyman leaving her with the immortally romantic line 'Just put me down as "Paul Coach". Now I've got to get off. I've got to get one of them... fucking... things...' He pushed me in the back several times as we were getting off. He was a CHARMER.
c, braving Victoria's alfresco ticket 'office' (aka the worst ticket booth in the world) for five minutes, then discovering that the Viccy line was closed so what should have been a quick hop to St Pauls ended up involving three different tube lines. It was quite fun playing 'how long before somebody offers me a seat', though - and impressively I was offered a seat on every tube I got on on the way there. None on the way back, mind.

But as I say, it was all worth it. I had a lovely escape with Miss C, la Nunn and 'Brickwork' Kahn, who we only invited to look more multicultural but impressively ate with a knife and fork and didn't even try to blow us up once. She did have a bit of a headache since we were eating in the shadow of St Paul's and everybody knows that Cathedrals are built out of Muslim Kryptonite. Jokes were made. Fun was poked. Plans were planned. Some children stared at La Nunn in a Village of the Damned sort of a way. Two old people pressed their noses against the door of the restaurant like tramps in a silent movie until our mockery of them caused them to move on. We saw two brides and compared their tits. I got terribly hot, but that might have been a Preggo thing.

Vi's illness these last few days seems to have turned me into my mother. I fretted and phoned a lot, but was happy to see that she was in a far more cheerful mood by the time I got back. Fingers crossed for her being more back to normal tomorrow.

Right - washing up and laundry to do! Saturday nights are a blast!
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Not entirely sure how this is 'news' as such in 2009. This is me. This is so very, very me, and has been me for over 2 years now.

You definitely don't need a penis to work your way around blogging and social networking sites - LJ in particular seems to be almost exclusively female. I don't see how having a blog makes you a 'geek'... I am a massive geek, but not because I have LJ, Facefuck and Twitter accounts.

Being a SAHM can be very, very isolating indeed. I've made some nice friends at my happy-clappy playgroup, but before I found that and there was only the Elitist Sing & Sign and Playgym where you never get chance to talk to anybody, I felt incredibly lonely during the day if I were to factor out my online whiffling. Even with my playgroup chums, I'm very aware that we have not much in common except that we're all parents to toddlers. Online is where I can have a lengthy conversation without mentioning parenthood once, where I can swear and make sexual innuendo as much as I please, where I can be my old, shameless, nerdy self. Whether you're a RL Friend who takes the time to have rambling email/PM conversations with me, or someone I only know online but is happy to blither on about absolutely fuck all while I'm avoiding the washing up and/or Grandpa In My Fucking Pocket, youse kids should know how much I appreciate you keeping me sane.



Jan. 28th, 2009 01:30 pm
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1 - Today has been a good day for presents! I received a very late birthday card and pressie (The Orphanage, which I've wanted to see but we didn't get from Bafta) from my friends Kev & Leah, which was a nice surprise. Also, thanks to my mysterious benefactor I have been able to watch the first two episodes of Lost. spoilerish thoughts )

2 - My daughter can now say 'cucumber', 'pitta bread' and, of all the lengthy words to learn, 'gazebo'. She also enjoys repeatedly reminding me that aeroplanes are fast.

3 - Today is DaddyDeath Anniversary mark five, as my mother decided to remind me with an early morning text. Doing my usual trick of keeping too busy to dwell on it.

4 - I still have a cold and a vague, lingering headache. Boo.
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First of all - thank you very much for my Family Reunion review, Elektra! I was pretty pleased with the resolution to the Eric-and-his-Daddy story arc. So that's one unresolved issue down, only about 20 more to go!

Second of all, Rollercoaster now has 85 motherfucking reviews! EIGHTY FIVE!!! Come on, triple figures!
Yes. I really am so shallow that I give a crap about review numbers. Obviously, that's not the be all and end all, but it's bloody nice to have so much attention :DDD Also, today I learned from one of my reviewers that Americans call Hair Grips 'Kirby Grips'. Who knew? Apart from Americans, of course. When she referred to 'the surprising, sensual Kirby Grip moment' at first I thought it was some sort of bizarre sexual position I'd alluded to. Je suis une div.

Third of all, my friend Swoo came down for a visit today, which was nice. We went to a tea shop and discussed The Hotness Of Obama which turned into an upsetting game of Would You Rather, in which we tried to work out who would be the least sickening to have sex with out of Gordon Brown and David Cameron. A man who looks like a spare testicle or a man who looks like he's coated head to toe in a thin layer of sticky ooze. Decisions, decisions...
Violet very much enjoyed having somebody to show off to as well, and spent some time showing Swoo her Doll's House.

Fourth of all, in not at all important news, some of you might be vaguely aware that them Yanks got themselves a new Prezzydint today. And he's not a drawling idiot with the vacant glazed expression of a sedated tortoise. And his foreign policy doesn't appear to be an A4 sheet with 'bomb it, steal it, sell it, burn it, rape it, nuke it, bed' written on in crayon. With all the 'e's back to front. And scrawled stick figure illustrations of burning Iraqis and drowning eskimos next to the text.

And you know what's a really wild coincidence...? That Israel decided to stop pounding the living shit out of Gaza just before George 'if there's Muslims involved in a conflict it's automatically their fault and did I mention that Israel can do no wrong never EVER' Bush left. I mean, talk about good timing, guys. Bra-fucking-vo.
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Bleurgh. Haven't got to sleep until very late for the past two nights. Not sure why. Actually, last night it might have had to do with the Chinese we ate (for some reason, I never sleep well after eating Chinese), the nap I took during Vi's nap to feel a little more human and the fact that we finally got a working PS3 and were able to play with our new toys. Lara Croft might have been scampering around a sinking freighter for a while after midnight. Anyway, the result is, I'm tired. Yesterday I felt like a zombie with a headache (do zombies get headaches?) today I just feel like a normal zombie.

Anyway, between feeling like crappity and mashing buttons like a spoid, I have been Entertaining. Ian's down for new year and Dr Floheim dropped by last night as well. Ian supplied us with an A3 sheet of paper covered in stream-of-conciousness ramblings, and we all amused (by which, I mean 'bewildered and irritated') Flo by making up German words for his benefit. You will all be pleased to hear that the Toilet has now been rebranded in German as the Autoscheisseflushen... with an umlaut over the last u. We then decided to write a trilogy of Auquatic Thrillers - in the first, a group of convicts fall of a bridge in Paris (Criminally In Seine), in the second, a group of people born outside of wedlock fall off the Isle of Wight Ferry (In Solent Bastards) and in the third, a group of Scousers try to travel to Cairo by Submarine (Deep In De Nile). Sounds like a winner! Oh, and I broke husband by doing an impression of the Queen having her tits fall out at an inconvenient moment. Larks.

I've been getting loads of fairly random reviews for my fics. All very complimentary, just odd that I've had four since yesterday despite not updating recently. Evidentally everybody's had enough of talking to their families and decided to hit the interwebbez instead.

Happy New Year, everybody peeps!
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Yay! In the end, [livejournal.com profile] i_just_hide and me did go to a tea shop after all - Ferns, which is above the tourist office, overlooking the Christ Church gate. We sat in a window seat with pots of tea and cake (purchased by Claire - I began protesting that we go Dutch, but had to withdraw when I realised I had about 30p in my purse... I think that means I'm obliged to sleep with her now), watching the Scary Jesus, the buskers (who appeared to be on some sort of shift rotation) and the hoards of Bloody Tourists. I thought that such levels of tweeness were pretty typical of The Canterbury Experience. We swapped tales of Attended Weddings From Hell. Hers (dog mauls toddler, child almost loses eye, dog has to be put down) beat mine (horses bolt while carring bride to reception, leaving sad, smashed carriage remains on hard shoulder). Both had animals going crazy, but hers involved facial injuries and was therefore worse.

I then showed her the Wonky Shop, at her request. Not that there was anything about it bar its wonkiness since it's empty these days, but there you go.

It was very pleasant to get a mummy-break, since Hubs is off work this week and so had a daddy-daughter afternoon with Milady.


Sep. 28th, 2008 12:03 am
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Kev chose a pub that was ONE MILLION MILES FROM ANYWHRE.

I pinged my nosering off which gesticulating enthusiastically to Kev's Dad (who knows my Uncle through Biker Stuff) and lost it, I also appear to have lost my sunglasses :(

McKinley turned up!!!! And apparently reads this blog!!! (*waves*) I know this because she managed to preempt my claiming La Reynolds to be The Pintsized God Of All His Sex. She could not have known this to be a CAPSLOCK FACT unless she read my ramblings. I then declared her to be the female La Reynolds (Short, cheery Londoner, mostly eyebrows). She seemed quite pleased. She is campaigning to become the next Dr Who Assistant. I think she'd be brill.

Got drunk, was generally loud and obnoxious. Shouty debates (with Miss McK) included Mal v Wash and Stewart v Spiner, both of which I lost. Boo.

Found out at Charing Cross that Paul Newman had died. Was most upset.

Very nearly feel asleep o train and must go to bed now so I'll say goodnight.

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There are no words for quite how much fun I had on Saturday afternoon - certainly enough to make the 4-and-a-half-hour round trip to Smokey and back, and braving the London Underground on a weekend very much worth it. I probably behaved like a complete arse - I spent the whole meet-up in various darkened corners, giggling manically about bums, fannies, a Chinese guy called Ray Ping... generally just being loud, brash and filthy, like a hyperactive 8-year-old. Part of it was that I was a bit giddy at having a Mummy-break, a lot of it was that my fellow meetees were as loud and filthy as myself. Ate two pizzas in one day, annoyed waiters, observed what I believed to be an Al-Fresco performance of Waiting For Godot on a War Memorial, was admonished for my taste in cider, generally laughed my ass off. And those of you who have seen the size of my ass will know that that is no small task.

Yesterday evening was a bit of a nightmare, mind - there were three protest vomits. Three. *Sigh*. I did a lorra lorra laundry last night. Let's see what tonight brings...

Ooh, and my Ma & Stepdad went to see *that* Shakespeare play the other day - really enjoyed it (although she did wonder why there were so many teenaged girls there - hee!) I expect the big David Tennant and Patrick Stewart fans on my FList will have already seen copies of the programme, but if anyone wants me to get her to bring it down when she visits this weekend and scan it, let me know.
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A very happy Birthday to Sealy McWheely of the Clan McFeely!

The sunshine has duly waited until the weekend to promptly fuck off. Boo. I wanted Hubs to be able to play with Vi & her paddling pool like I have the last couple of days :(

Started reading Persepolis, what Kev done bought Hubs for his birthday, last night. Have nearly finished it already. I'm trying to see if I can get through the whole book in 24 hours. It's great!

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