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Following a very funny exchange on Cumberholmes tonight.

I heard there was a Martian War
That no one could conceive before
But you don’t really care for SciFi, do you?
It starts ‘No one would have believed
Back in the Nineteenth Century…’
And ends with Battle Cries of Ulla, Ulla.

Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla Ulla.

Ogilvy said he needed proof,
He saw their pods fall from his roof,
Their heatray in the moonlight overthrew you.
With Horsham Common up in flames,
The cannon back on Mars took aim
For London, with a mighty Ulla, Ulla!

Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla Ulla.

I ran back home and locked the door,
But more pods fell, and more and more,
The fighting machines sliced their way right through you,
They cut their way through Marble Arch
And Big Ben, in their Victory March,
All London rang with calls of Ulla, Ulla.

Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla Ulla.

There was a time the state would know
Just how to tackle any foe
But I don’t think that order reigns now, do you?
But remember England as it burns,
Your steamer chugs away and yearns
For a Sceptred Isle devoid of Ulla Ulla.

Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla Ulla.

Maybe there’s a God of Peace
And all we ever learned from this
Was how to outlast someone who outdrew you
We just survived through their endgames,
Their fatal flaw – they drank the Thames,
They died with one last rasping Ulla, Ulla.

Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla, Ulla,
Ulla Ulla.
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No words for how much I love Infinite Sherlock. Simply no words.

Reichenbach Spoilers
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One generic one, and a couple that only make sense if you follow @Cumberholmes & @MForMycroft.
minor spoilers )
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Further to this afternoon's brainsplurge re Youtube comments, @D_for_Dalrymple on twitter linked me to this slice of comedy pie. Itr's funny because it's true!

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Brilliant macro by [livejournal.com profile] hehangs of a conversation-turned-childish argument between John, Mycroft & Sherlock over on the @cumberholmes RP a couple of weeks ago. http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2892/coatsmaller.jpg
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Please excuse my talking about Twitter again, but it's really been distracting me lately in new, unexpected and incredibly fun ways.

See, after watching the first episode of Sherlock, I made a little offhand comment that, being the fan of texting that he is, the 2010 Holmes' Twitter feed would be a nightmare. I then decided, as an example of how I thought it would be, did a fake Retweet from '@cumberholmes'. I believe it was something like 'Lunchtime. Eating's for cattle like you. Caffeine. Nicotine. You want a cigarette, don't you? I can tell. How do I do it?' - a few people enjoyed it, so I did a couple more. A Twitterpal decided to set up an account for @cumberholmes on my behalf, should I ever want to use it. I decided I couldn't be bothered to keep logging out & in to the different accounts, so I forgot all about it. Then after I watched the 2nd episode (which I didn't like, big surprise there) I did a few more fake @cumberholmes RTs about him being disappointed that there were no Limehouse Opium Dens in that episode (possibly the only Victorian Chinese stereotype left out of that mess). Then the guy who made the account pointed out that it somehow had two real followers, despite my never having used it.

I decided to start using it.

Oh God, I've started RPing. At 30 years of age. And it's so much fun. Maybe my love of writing socially awkward male characters in fanfic and original work has set me up for it, since the 2010 Holmes is completely up my street, as far as fictional character types is concerned. It's so much fun playing an arrogant git. It's so much fun just playing a man! Obviously, it's a joke RP. Main themes are sending up Cumberbatch's cat-faced Byronic popinjay appearance, overplaying Holmes' aversion to food and love of narcotics, overplaying his sexual ignorance (and horror when unavoidably faced with sex), his disdain for others and general egotism. And other people have started joining in! I have no idea who they are, but now there are accounts for the 2010 Moriarty, Watson and Molly Hooper that tie in with the weird world of @cumberholmes. Those of you who liked Sherlock and don't hate twitter, come see, come see our stupid game! (And there's always room for a Mycroft or a Mrs Hudson).
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So Day 5's is Day "Your favourite season soundtrack" which I can't really answer because as much as I love the soundtrack to the show I can't tell the difference from one series to t'other, so I'm going to skip to Day 6 which is to post whatever you fancy, and just leave this here. Opening title sequence for Lost, as if t'were made in the late 60s. VA VA VOOM!!!
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This is my favourite song today.

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So then well then now then now then now then.

You may recall a plaintive post back in January about my surprise 30th Birthday Weekend away having to be cancelled due to the snow. Well, fuck me sideways into a canal, I finally got to have it! )
(apologies for hugeness of pic)

Unfortunately, the Great British Weather decided to thwart our 'Oooh, having it in May will mean we'll be able to have BBQs and sip beers outside and whatnot' plans by creating 48 solid hours of drizzle for our stay, but in the end that didn't really matter. We also ended up at the wonky (but awesome) old farmhouse next door to the trendy converted barn we were originally going to be in due to it being booked for all eternity. When we got there, the landlord announced that this was because it was being used all year by the same guest - this guest being Kerry Katona of Atomic Kitten/Massive public breakdown fame. We never actually saw the weight-fluctuating wonder, and I'm still cynical about whether it might have just been a weird wind-up, but blaming Kerry Katona for everything became an instant and hilarious running gag. It didn't help that the landlord had obviously just acquired the place and was on the flaky side - getting a new fridge delivered just as we arrived, hiding the already rather random kitchen utensils in odd places, providing us with a tapedeck instead of a CD player (seriously, what part of the 1980s had he expected us to have sprung from), rambling that 'the boiler is usually off at this time of day' when we wanted to have mid-morning showers on Saturday - etc etc. He'd also managed to provide us with many board games with crucial parts missing, a pile of videos with no video player and a selection of DVDs with no DVD player. When I asked if we could please have an actual DVD player, he apologised for the sparsity of the equipment and explained that 'we haven't been renting the farmhouse for a little while, and you know we've had a celebrity in the other place for some time... a lot of the electrical things have gone over to her.'

And lo, our weekend break was given its own catchphrase. And the catchphrase was; 'Kerry Katona Stole My DVD Player'.

As I mentioned earlier, the drizzle was fairly constant, and apart from a brief and very muddy football/frisbee extravaganza on Saturday morning, and trips to the worst planned Tesco in the world for dinner supplies, the party group stayed mostly either in clumps in the kitchen, talking mainly about how gravity would work on a perfectly cubic planet, or in the large living room/parlour which took up one massive side of the ground floor. Many games happened there - German anti-Jenga game Bausack was a hit, although not with me. I also played a round of Mahjong, and am still non the wiser. Pictionary is more my level, and once we bought some dry-wipe markers to replace the ones that were missing from the box, we had jolly good fun with it. We also brought a PS3 and Wii, although our cables weren't compatible with the ONE technologically advanced piece of equipment - the HD TV. (It also had a Sky Box but no Sky - not even Freeview channels. Seriously - it was HILARIOUS how little around the house actually did what a sane person would expect it to do) We were able to play the games... only they were all in staticky black & white. It was like playing games in the video from Ring. Or, as most of us pointed out on seeing it, a 1950s telly.

Mum & Sis were back in Canters looking after the kids for the weekend, so we were utterly without responsibility, save for the odd bit of washing up (since friends Kitty & Al kindly cooked for everyone all weekend). Kinda odd being without them and, although we really missed them, kinda wonderful too. It's been a very long time since we've been able to spend so much Quality Time with our friends just chatting, larking about and generally having the barrel of laughs that made us such good chums all those years ago. One resolution was passed as we got ready to leave - we HAVE to do this again next year!
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Nope. I'm never going to stop laughing at this.

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"I'm not crying, I'm just cutting onions. I'm making a lasagne... for one..."

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I know my days of indiscriminitely posting my Tweets on here have passed (because I tweet flipping loads, and plenty of you follow me on there already) but I've been doing 'Alien Valentines' today and was terribly proud of them. Enough so to post the best ones for the amusement of you Geeksome Lovelies.

- Your planet's blue/My planet's red/ULLA! ULLAAAAA!/Good - you're all dead.

- Roses are red/And you are so cute I'll/Assimilate gently/Resistance is futile

- Roses are sometimes red/As many things are/This poem is illogical/Fancy Pon Farr?

- Mars is red/Uranus is blue/I'm terribly sorry/I thought you wanted that, too.*

- You are from Earth/I am from Venus/I'd take you home/ But I have no concept of this thing you call 'love'*

- In the sack I'm fantastic/A real Sex God/Now take off that Spandex/And kneel before Zod.§

- Roses are red/My love's without measure/Klingon to my face/It's ribbed for your pleasure §

* Written by The Husband
§ Joint effort between Hubs & me. Yep, that's what we spent our Valentine's lunchtime doing. Romance.
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In case you haven't seen Peter Serafinowicz's brilliant pisstake of the iPad and Apple Advertising in general yet...

The iPad - watch more funny videos

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