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There ain't no party like my Nana's tea party, hey, ho...
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At Hubby's suggestion... blame him!

Um-yakka-waya! Um-yakka-waya!

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You're getting Classic Happy Things today.

I love the Goon Show. It's pretty much the Grandpappy of every comedy show I enjoy, since any comedian or comedy writer who injects some surrealism into their work is bound to be influenced either directly by it or by a comedian who themselves were influenced by the Goons. Some of it can be a bit inaccessible to first time listeners, but this sketch is just perfect. Peter Sellers playing Bluebottle and Spike Milligan playing Eccles. I think the drawings here are Milligan's as well.

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The Goodies Theme gave me the hankering to seek out other Goodies bits on the youtubes - found this one-off five minute silent sketch. Joy!

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Joy on a big stick.

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Genuinely one of the prettiest duets I know of. It's a pity that Dick Van Dyke doesn't sing all of his part here, because the two tunes do fit together all the way through.

BTW, Data/Tasha fans, part of the reason I like this sequence so much at present is that it really reminds me of them... although I can't work out who in that pairing is who... I think they're both part helplessly flailing clown and both part trapped, repressed clockwork doll.

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From 'Kentucky Fried Movie'. NSFW, but only mildly so.

Bear in mind, Donald Sutherland got second billing in this whole movie, and this is all he does!
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This came up on my MP3 on the way to the supermarket this afternoon and I decided it was definitely one for Happy Week. From what I remember of the film it's from (Dil Se) this is one really happy bit in an otherwise quite miserable film. Actually, I think this whole bit might be a dream sequence. Fuck knows what the song's about - for all I know, it's about having a good old bop on the roof of a steam train. Which, frankly, is as good a subject for a song and dance routine as any. Enjoy!

Happy Week

Dec. 7th, 2008 12:54 pm
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Right. That does it. So many of my friends, both on LJ and RL buds who read this blog, are having a really shit time of it at the moment, with crashed cars, burgled houses, deaths, health worries, finance worries, relationship problems, friendship problems and general stress... truly, this sort of shit shouldn't happen to such lovely people.

So, although I can't do anything about your circumstances, my chums, I am declaring this week to be Happy Week, and, capering jester of the online world that I am, shall be making various gratuitous posts sharing songs, vids, etc that just make me really happy in the hope that they cheer you up too.

Let's start off with a real classic.

Enjoy, mes amis.

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