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Ah-la-la, Playgym during half term. Stacked to the rafters and loads of kids that were really too old for it pegging around snatching toys and pushing the toddlers over. Again. And, again, I heard an F-Word from one of the likkle angels. BLESS. Also; a particularly large number of babies and toddlers with earrings. Nice.

I should be writing... actually no, I should be doing the washing up and then writing, but I'm still over-awed by my shiny, shiny new Twitter. Have learned it's a mistake to spend a couple of free minutes glancing through The Spine's back catalogue of Tweets as 15 minutes later I was still giggling at his horror at having to buy anti-snoring nasal strips in Large, his mild annoyance that the woman who usually stalks him at cons and asks him to sign her breasts not turning up to the last one he did ('maybe she won't have her breasts signed on the Sabbath'), his various deliberate misspellings of Wil Wheaton's name (my favourite was 'Wiiiiiiiiiil', which was, apparently, pronounced in the same manner as 'Khaaaaaaaan') and his musings on LaVar Burton's travels ('Maybe he wanted to buy some midwestern cheese'). Ah, The Spine. Less a Virtual Comedy Uncle (that position has been permanently filled by Sir Stephen of Fry), more a Virtual Housemate's Dad Who Turns Up To Help Her Move In And Then Embarrasses Her by Telling Lots Of Jokes To Her Friends.

Washing up. Definitely, definitely washing up.

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Oooh, spied some more Inappropriate Kidswear at Playgym today - Playboy Bunny Jeans.

Admittedly, the girl wearing them was about 12, it's not like it was a toddler in them, but still, as I've said before, I'd like to know how exactly the PR Department of the famous Top Shelf Magazine decided that they really needed to start marketing their brand towards little girls.

Mind you, I realised once we were at the playgym that me and Vi were wearing practically matching bright pink jumpers, so I can't really talk! We looked like we were in a cult.
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...since I see so much of it these days.

Today's playgym had a two-ish year old boy in a TShirt which, in a 70s style Dirk Diggler font professed him to be a 'Ladies Man'. Nice. I hope that the kid's parents are aware that the laws of Karma mean that that kid will definitely now grow up as bent as a nine-bob note.

We're both much better now, BTW - back to normal again. I can even drink coffee again, which is great.

Oh, and Vi has decided that her new favourite thing to watch is Pingu. Especially the old, creepy Pingu cartoons that were blatantly made by a single Icelandic pervert in his shed - the ones that revolve solely around shit, piss and violence. Today there was a seagull that kept flying over Pingu and crapping on him, making Pingu cry. That was it. Violet laughed her ass off. *sigh*

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