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Hello again! And even though I'm still probably too busy to be writing fanfic, the latest Cabin Pressure was just so smashing that it grabbed me & I did a little fill for the anon meme.

Before I cut to that, my general air of business is down to the fact that Newsjack is back next week and BBC Radio 4 are also doing a non topical sketch show for unsolicited writers so I've been doing a few bits to submit for that. I really recommend to anybody looking to get into comedy writing to submit to either or both. Here's the link to info on Newsjack and here's the info on The Show What You Wrote if you're interested.

Also I have a plug in that some of my material's going to be in Newsjack Revisited on Radio 4 next Wednesday at 11 so that I can listen through the BITTER BITTER TEARS that I am expecting after next week's Cabin Pressure. One of my sketches is the featured clip on the web page too, which is nice.

Right! On to the fic. It's short and sexy, it's M/T - my new best ship - and has spoilers for Xinzhou.
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Hello! Hello to the 4 or 5 of you who are still here! I've been busy. Very busy doing stuff. I had some sketches commissioned for last season's Newsjack and things have snowballed from there. I've done some bits of work on Radio 4's Dilemma & The News Quiz, I'm back with Newsjack next month & in the meantime I'm freelancing for Huffington Post UK's Comedy Section with my friend Amanda.

Here is me at BBC Radio Comedy's Christmas Party with a nice man, a few hours before falling over drunk in front of the same nice man.


SO YES, THERE'S THAT. Not much time to do fanfic any more. However, after listening to Vaduz I had to do a little something because I already love Theresa so much (And Herc & Carolyn! Oh God! I was biting my fist). So there's this. Originally posted over on the CP Anon Meme. Theresa awards Martin Medals for sex.

Medals )
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Brilliant macro by [livejournal.com profile] hehangs of a conversation-turned-childish argument between John, Mycroft & Sherlock over on the @cumberholmes RP a couple of weeks ago. http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2892/coatsmaller.jpg
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I love the RP that I'm currently a part of. I'm very proud of the diversity of the people and characters involved. I've met people from so many different backgrounds as a part of this - and, from many different areas of the sexual spectrum. And, with such a wealth of experience from throughout the sexual spectrum, it's one of the most LGBTQA sensitive Fanworks I've ever been involved with.

I love how proudly feminist the RP is. I love how Anti Racist the RP is. I love how daring the RP is. I love how it shuns and pokes fun at stereotype. I love how RPers have taken the bare bones of a character, whether as part of the ACD Canon or the modernised TV Canon, and fleshed them out to become well rounded, flawed, complex, engaging, and most importantly, funny characters. I love that the female characters are just as madcap as the male characters. I love that all of us are able to make fun of ourselves, one another, the show, the ACD Canon, and the world around us.

I love that, while the RP has heterosexual, homosexual and asexual characters, the vast majority of the characters are bisexual. It seems to be our default setting. Like The Sims!

I love that the RP celebrates love between men and men, women and women, and men and women of all races - both sexual and non sexual.

And the hatred for any of the RP's followers for any of these factors is not going to change that. So if you can't abide to see any of these things presented between fictional characters in your timeline - so much so that you take it as a personal offense, so much so that it actually makes you ANGRY, do yourself and me a favour. Unfollow. Now. Because you're not going to like this, and frankly, I'd rather not be followed by a bigot. And don't think for a second that it being affection between a man and a woman that offends you because you'd rather see the man in question in sexual love with another man doesn't make you any less of a bigot than somebody mortally offended by a Gay storyline because they want to see absolutely everyone paired up heterosexually. If the love between any consenting (and in this case, fictional, rendering your anger even more irrelevant) adults actually makes you angry - if it makes you use the word 'hate', if it makes you describe it as making you 'feel sick' - in my opinion, that makes you a bigot. Actually, in my opinion, that makes you a bit of a cunt. Especially if it makes you think your anger at a storyline justifies you in making personal, derogatory comments in a public forum. You don't have to like every ship. You certainly don't have to make the choice to have free content delivered to your feed if it contains a storyline that you know is going to make you angry, and then act as if personally wounded when the storyline continues along its natural course and does, in fact, make you angry.

I didn't start this to anger anyone. I started it as a fondly mocking parody-tribute to a TV show I enjoyed. But other, wonderful characters have come along and, with it, the issue of interpersonal relationships. There's rather a lot of sex in the RP. All types of sex. And rather a lot of love. Again - all types of love. That's just the way it is.

If you have a problem with men, or women, or heterosexuals, or homosexuals, or asexuals, or bisexuals, or transvestisism, or interracial relationships, or open relationships, with sexual or non sexual love - especially to the point that it actually angers you - please do unfollow the Cumberholmes RP immediately. It will only give you ulcers. And I don't want somebody as closed mided as you as a follower.
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Hello everybody peeps! long time no post!

A few things to share that I'm just bursting with pride about.

Firstly, Cumberholmes is on TV Tropes! Look how detailed it is already - lawks a lordie, but I'm flattered.

Just as flattering is my recent discovery that Rollercoaster now has a TV Tropes page devoted to it as well! Again, the attention to detail someone has taken is just too flattering for words.

Thirdly, there's this doodle of Sherlock and Irene. Me & Not!Irene were discussing how amusing I found it that they're so matched personality wise, but physically almost the exact opposite of one another & Not!Rene said that if they curled up together they'd make a human Um Yang. So I drew this. I think it really works!

So that's that. I hope to post again before Christmas, but if I don't, have great ones! xx
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OK. This is possibly the most flattering thing that's ever happened.

Somebody's set up a LJ Comm for discussion of the Cumberholmes Universe! I be as pleased as Punch!

[livejournal.com profile] cumberholmes - Look! Look! Isn't it pretty? Eeee!
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Please excuse my talking about Twitter again, but it's really been distracting me lately in new, unexpected and incredibly fun ways.

See, after watching the first episode of Sherlock, I made a little offhand comment that, being the fan of texting that he is, the 2010 Holmes' Twitter feed would be a nightmare. I then decided, as an example of how I thought it would be, did a fake Retweet from '@cumberholmes'. I believe it was something like 'Lunchtime. Eating's for cattle like you. Caffeine. Nicotine. You want a cigarette, don't you? I can tell. How do I do it?' - a few people enjoyed it, so I did a couple more. A Twitterpal decided to set up an account for @cumberholmes on my behalf, should I ever want to use it. I decided I couldn't be bothered to keep logging out & in to the different accounts, so I forgot all about it. Then after I watched the 2nd episode (which I didn't like, big surprise there) I did a few more fake @cumberholmes RTs about him being disappointed that there were no Limehouse Opium Dens in that episode (possibly the only Victorian Chinese stereotype left out of that mess). Then the guy who made the account pointed out that it somehow had two real followers, despite my never having used it.

I decided to start using it.

Oh God, I've started RPing. At 30 years of age. And it's so much fun. Maybe my love of writing socially awkward male characters in fanfic and original work has set me up for it, since the 2010 Holmes is completely up my street, as far as fictional character types is concerned. It's so much fun playing an arrogant git. It's so much fun just playing a man! Obviously, it's a joke RP. Main themes are sending up Cumberbatch's cat-faced Byronic popinjay appearance, overplaying Holmes' aversion to food and love of narcotics, overplaying his sexual ignorance (and horror when unavoidably faced with sex), his disdain for others and general egotism. And other people have started joining in! I have no idea who they are, but now there are accounts for the 2010 Moriarty, Watson and Molly Hooper that tie in with the weird world of @cumberholmes. Those of you who liked Sherlock and don't hate twitter, come see, come see our stupid game! (And there's always room for a Mycroft or a Mrs Hudson).
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Hello Livejournal. I have a confession to make. I've been cheating on you behind your back.

I was asked by a Twitterpal to do a guest post on his blog, so I did one. When I could have been thinking of stuff to write on here.

I'm sorry.

If it's any consolation, the guest post I did is a bit more interesting than the Real Life Wittering and Telly Musing that I usually do on here, so you may enjoy reading it. Here's the link to the blog - http://dystopianfuchsia.blogspot.com/

Or if you can't be bothered, here's a copy of the post beneath the cut )
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...except I just noticed that they actually posted my comment, and quite a few people remarked that it was a fair/funny point.

There's a startling number of, frankly offensive and misogynist comments about the 'disgusting, floppy breasts' of recent Mums, which are apparently so foul that they put grown adults off their food... I had no idea the female figure was so very detested in this country (or is it only acceptable if it belongs to a size 10 teenager?)

Maybe with the summer coming in we could pick over men getting their sweaty moobs out in public, and give them a complex instead.

WTF, Canterbury

The discussion was on breastfeeding in public, BTW. There are some seriously twattish people out there - lots of foul comments about how nauseating breastfeeding apparently is, comparing it with shitting on a bus(!) "never mind the baby's right to eat, what about my right not to catch a fleeting glance of nipple perhaps if I really, really stare at a feeding mum", "oh, so I can't smoke a cigar in a restaurant but some lefty mum can get her baps out and feed a member of the generation who'll be paying the taxes that pay my doctor when I get terminal lung cancer", one complete cunt claiming he'll pour orange juice over the next breastfeeding mother and baby he sees. Apparently, tits exist in this country solely to flog copies of FHM.

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