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Had to rush to get this story finished. Lots of Mycroft being badass, John making Fake Sex Noise and Sherlock thoroughly abusing the Welsh language.

It's Complicated part 5 )
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Part 4 of the story of Victor Trevor. No Mycroft at all in this one, but plenty of Sherlock and John being badass. A bit of violence and implied attempted sexual assault. Oh, and spot the ninja Divine Comedy quote! Thrown in especially for Not!Mycroft.
Perhaps he was a genius, but he had bloody awful taste in men... )
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On a bit of a Sherlock Fic Roll.

Part 3 of 'It's Complicated', ye story of Victor Bastard Trevor.

Contains scenes of awkward slow-dancing to Graphic 90s Power Ballads )
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Here's the @Cumberholmes-Verse inspired tale of Ye Teenage Angst and Ye Embarrassing Family Reunions 'It's Complicated', part 2. In which John comes out with some impressive Swears, Sherlock is an Air Kisser and a Shy Pisser and Mycroft is generally awesome.

Warning - Discussion of underage m/m sex (nothing graphic)

It's Complicated, Part 2 )
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Yeah. Started a Sherlock fic. This is riffing off the 'Victor Trevor' story on @Cumberholmes. Same backstory as that, anyway. I'd been thinking about a story of Virginity Loss and Teenage Angst for Sherlock for a while before the Cumberverse's Sally Donovan made a little joke about Sherlock having mumbled something about 'Victor' while in a(nother) drug addled sleep. Victor Trevor is a canon character in the stories. All that this Victor shares with him is a name and the fact that he's a figure from Sherlock's past.

Oh, and I've guestimated Sherlock's age at mid-30s, meaning that the flashbacks in this story are to 1990. I don't intend to make too many references to the year. The flashbacks could be set any time in the late 80s or early 90s, although it makes more sense if it's before the male homosexual age of consent was lowered from 21 to 18 (in 1994, I think).

Part 1, then. In which there is the mystery of a stolen Mercedes, talk of Facebook Etiquette, and Sherlock takes off his trousers. Twice. And tells us what kind of shampoo he uses.
It's Complicated, part 1 )

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