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From [livejournal.com profile] fannish5
Name your 5 fannish wishes for 2011.

1, That the Cumberholmes RP continues to be beyond awesome (will probably happen)
2, That S2 of Sherlock has, essentially, 'our' Irene in it. And 'our' Seb Moran as well. (will almost certainly not happen, but a girl can dream)
3, That the Memerson/Terry O'Quinn Hitmen series doesn't just get made, but gets broadcast over here. Pref on the BBC/Channel4, thanks (Possible)
4, That I bloody well finish Orpheus (less a wish, more a 'to-do' listing)
5, A decent part for La Reynolds on the Tellybox/in a fillum (HIGHLY UNLIKELY but never mind)
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We found the car keys!

Unfortunately, I found them about 10 mins after the locksmith had arrived. Vi had hidden them right at the back of the playpen and then had denied all knowledge. *Sigh*.

Oh, and Alex has started teething (yes, already!) and currently can't go for more than about 4 hours without crying for a feed, so I'm getting him up at 10.30 for a feed, then getting up for him again between 2 and 3, then Hubs sees to him at between 6 and 7. Tiring.

I may have just been brilliant in the chapter of Rollercoaster I'm currently writing, or may have jumped the ficcy shark a little. Hard to tell. I'm fairly certain I've just written an action sequence that's physically impossible, but it was too spectacular not to. Hey-ho.

And La Reynolds was in Casualty again on Sat! Was just channel hopping and there he was! He was playing a Paramedic this time so I was concerned he was coming on as a regular. Alas though, it turned out he was a thieving scumbelina and got sacked before the episode was through. Oh well, at least that means I don't have to watch Casualty every week now.
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Fellow Pinger Yasmeen found this recent interview with La Reynolds...

He hasn't changed! Bless him to pieces. That is definitely a Wedding Ring, mind (although it does still seem to be on the wrong finger)


Jul. 28th, 2008 11:22 pm
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...I can't stop looking at this.

Send help.
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Went to see Cloverfield last night (which was Wicked). Splurged on some Peanut M&Ms in the name of nostalgia for the times I used to get a little box of peanut poppets as a kiddie. Alas, you can only get a great big bag these days so I still have some left over now - can't stop munching them! Also got a Chinese Takeaway for the first time in yonks. Black Pepper and Satay Beef. Om-nyom-nyom.

Madam's been having great fun with my Mummy, she's been walking loads on her own the last couple of days. At present she is feeding us all grapes.

Think I had a sexy dream about La Reynolds last night. Wish I could remember it.

Giving my TNG Bunnies a little carrot is actually proving to be a lot of fun. About 1000 words so far and all about as far removed from the actual Trek universe as possible. Lots of yet-to-be-explained OOC-ness, lots of people talking about nothing, which may well end up being a recurring theme to my Trek fics since that's what the other story I've got in mind would be too. So far there's been some griping over putting breakfast crockery away properly, a brief discussion about Jambalaya, an argument over whether a recurring headache is cause to see a doctor, a short conversation about women and some nice, healthy LoM influenced paranoia to the tune of 'I Can See Clearly Now'.

At present the best exchange thus far is:
'You have epilepsy.'
'You have stupid-lepsy.'

But I do intend on including the following:
'Why are you laughing?'
'You're sarcastic! Not to mention, very crude.'
'No shit.'
'You know, when we get through this... and we *will* get through this, if I've got anything to do with this - you're going to find all of this fascinating.'
'You're demented. Correction - I'm demented. I'm being patronised by an hallucination, for fuck's sake!'

And it may even include the theme tune to John Worf: PI. Maybe. He's a complicated Klingon, and no one understands him but his captain... Worf! John Worf.
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Woo! Polyester Love Gods already has 5 members! All established elljay and PGFF Mates already, but that's beside the point. Bibsy-Bobsy, you need to join.

I am very angry for a family member by proxy. Let's just say that it takes a lot to make me think Fathers 4 Justice might have a point, but this does. It's not a gender war thing - it's a new-stepfather-with-a-violent-history-denying-his-stepchild-the-right-to-see-grandparents-then-leaving-the-country-against-a-court-order-then-announcing-the-child-can't-see-the-father thing.

I made my veggie korma again tonight, and we have icecream for pud!

Violet's 11th tooth (3rd molar) is cutting... I reckon we'll have the full set within a few months. Bracing myself for possible wakefulness tonight.

Had a really horrible dream last night that I was part of this competition for female stand-ups, only I didn't have an act. I thought up something lame about In The Night Garden's similarities with Life On Mars (My name is Iggle Piggle. I fell asleep adrift in my boat and woke up in the Night Garden. Am I mad, in a coma or am I really in a Utopian fantasy world in the sky...?) while awaiting my turn and then promptly forgot it all when faced with my small and unimpressed audience. Silly Scribbles.

I did stand-up once. Apparently I was quite good. Did a bit about Mother Earth chiding all the countries for fighting.
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Urg. I think I'm going to have to leave the Lost community. This is because we don't have Sky (and I refuse to get Sky for one show that they bloody nicked off a Terrestrial Channel - it's a very underhanded way to carry on!) and at present we don't want to use any naughty Bit Torrent sites because of all the poor helpless international conglomerates that keep prosecuting evil pirates who fund terrorism and eat babies on toast for breakfast. And, while everybody's being good to post spoilers behind cuts, they're still there, dagnammit. My F-List is currently chocca with thoughts on Lost that I really want to read but bloody can't.

Have to get the car MOTd tomorrow too. Boo.

Have decided to set up a Kenny & Colin Fan Group on Faceachebook, though... I am calling it 'Polyester Lovegods' (and I would really love some decent screencaps of the BHS Wearing Babes in question for it... hinty, hinty...)

EDIT - Polyester Love Gods is up and running! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8362308774 Come one, come all...
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I should have spent this brief window between cooking and bed doing something constructive. Instead I've made three MI High icons (or MI Highcons)... they've made me chuckle, though.

Right. Wash bottles. Bed.
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Chapter 2 of Family Reunion is up - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3872322/2/

Oh, and here are a couple more screengrabs of MI High... [livejournal.com profile] flip18 already put up a lot of good ones at [livejournal.com profile] wily_eyebrows, but I like these because they're weird.
Iiiiiiiiichabooooood... )
Also... is this a wedding ring? It's on the right finger, but what appears to be the wrong hand. Plus, La Reynolds has a weird thumb, as I took pains to point out.

That is all!
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Aahhhhhhh, La Reynolds! MI High was better than I thought it was going to be. Some ropey acting from the non-lead kids and the 'destroy the computer with a paradox' ending was a mega cliche, but for a kid's show it was OK. Danny John Jules, man! So cool.

La Reynolds was in it loads, especially at the beginning - mainly because he gets tied up ten minutes in and spends the rest of the episode Eyebrow Acting.

Some thoughts... growing foreheads, mysterious rings... )
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Woo! Violet is a year old today! She had a little cupcake with a candle at lunchtime - very sweet.

Candleford is on and yet I am not watching it, despite it having both the lovely Julia S and la Reynolds in. Bad Fan. It looks so very Not My Cup Of Tea that I really can't be arsed to sit through it just to watch Julia looking delicious in a corset as usual and on the offchance that this might be the episode that the Brewery Salesman is in. I'll have to wait til MI High tomorrow for a guaranteed Reynolds Fix.

Plus I'm cooking dinner and Violet *still* isn't asleep.

Something you don't realise til after you've added syndicated feeds from the blogs of notable names that you admire to your LJ Friend List is how very much the slebs in question like to Spam you. In particular, Graham Linehan, God bless his Irish Socks. Seriously, he posts several times a day with a mixture of political views, news items and random shit on the web that has amused him. Shouldn't he be working?

As revenge, I shall in turn spam you, my funky f-list, with one of his finest stand-alone sketch-ettes since Big Train - the spoof of those awful Anti-Piracy ads, from the IT Crowd. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MTbX1aMajow&feature=related Enjoy!
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Cor! Atonement's good, innit? Thanks, Bafta!

Also - thanks to Sealy for a wicked ficcing of my weird D&DC Dream, but curses in equal measures to the semi-aquatic one for leaving me hanging. Gah! I wish I could get myself to dream of Evil! Hot! Pretend Brothers! HanknEric again and find out how it ends.

I have finally seen the fabled Christmas Song from Ceebeebees. It's great! Mister Tumbles leaps through the tellybox, Ringu stylee, and apparently Chris and Pui's Christmas Wish to be on Strictly Come Dancing. If you want to see it it's here http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/presenters/music/tvsongs.shtml under 'Christmas Song'... and the Chris Jarvis Work Songs (that is, The Jarv telling tots it's time for lunch, and then for bed through the medium of song) as well! There's Sid & Andy's number raps here too http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/presenters/music/numberraps.shtml - I heart Sid! Check out the Christmas rap, it's brill. *Sigh* I watch too much Pre School TV.

Oh yes! La Reynolds just saved Blaze from a pornographer on Bloody Westway (Tuesday's - I'm catching up). 'Oi! Mush! Turn that camera off!' He made her a cup of tea. They had a Moment.

EDIT - YAY! Snogging in Thursday's episode! EDIT EDIT - It got even better! How can a man go from whopping a pack of condoms on a coffee table, braying 'never ride bareback' to sweet & gentle 'I want us to take this slowly, this has to be really special for you' in three seconds? What a guy.
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I am Keeping Busy, which is much more productive than the way I dealt with my last bereavement (namely drinking a lot, arguing a lot and making myself very ill). Our windows have been cleaned (on the inside, anyway), the tree is now up, the Chrimbo cards are written, two short Christmas present fics are written and posted/emailed and I intend to clean the oven this evening.

Went to the Post Office today to get some nice Christmassy stamps, which was Hell. Massive queue, two cashiers, both taken up with elderly terminal ditherers. Was there for 5 mins as the queue grew, and failed completely to move as both ditherers dithered, struck up conversations with the cashier, counted out shrapnel, forgot what they'd come in for, etc, etc. Gave up and went to the 'main' one (now shoehorned into the least accessable end of Smiths) instead.

Also going through my annual vague irritation at the lazy Journos and equally lazy readers coming up with their annual 'OMG the PC Brigade have cancelled Christmas!' urban myths without actually looking at the evidence to the contrary with, y'know, their own eyes. Plenty of nativity scenes and official uses of the word (or, Brand Name, depending on which way you look at it) 'Christmas' last time I looked. Most 'PC Gone Mad' stories are just unresearched heresay (otherwise known as Bollocks) overhyped to create an 'Us vs Them' hysteria that handily sells papers, anyway.

Ooh, I've gone all ranty. Didn't mean to.

Bought the Chrimble RT today, and have been ringing what we're going to watch in traditional Obsessive-Compulsive manner. Hopefully we'll have some fun toys to play with, because apart from Harry Hill, Dr Que and Extras there's not really much on that I'm bothered about. We should be just about back from the Community Carol Sing-Song with the old Archbishy in time for the traditional Blackadder's Christmas Carol, which is nice.

Oh yes - best PG Based dream ever this morning... PG Boys Boy Band! Yay! Can't remember what they were singing about, but it was very funny, and I think some of my male friends were in the band too, because Jools was there. And La Reynolds and Hubs had merged into one (I know this because at one point I shouted 'Husband! To Heel!' and along he trotted... this would never happen with Real Hubs) - oh the possibilities! Sadly, I woke up and they were left unrealised :(

Oh, finally watched Friday's HIGNFY last night. Rrr! I don't like liking Russell Brand, but he is actually rather charming on the panel shows I've seen him on. His excuse for "going to the toilet" ('Enoch Powell used to need the toilet before his speeches and I think it made him Racist') was joyful. Charlie Brooker's still best, though. And looks like Kenny Phillips' Evil Twin Brother!
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I have my Husband back tomorrow! Yay! We'sa gonna Chill.

Good job too, cause today was blinking hard work, all on me tod.

However, I do have to add that he is flipping impossible to get Chrimble prezzies for. Every year after buying them I discover that he's asked his mum and sister for the same things as he's asked me for and somebody has to return stuff. I got his prezzies today (TODAY!) and a couple of hours later discovered that my S-i-L had got him the same Blessed thing. Arsenuggets.

And yeah, apparently La Reynolds is a Man Of Judah. A Hebrew. Woooooaaaah-oooohhhh, An Israelite. (Jewish). Allegedly. Who knew? My Sleb crush is a secret Minority. I feel so very PC :D

Too much wine, Missis. Not good.
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ViVi is very off colour. She's got a rash on her tum (got it checked out by the doc today - it seems she's allergic to something... what, we cannot say), she's a bit grumpy, doesn't really want solid food and while very tired all day isn't sleeping very well. Hmm.

The Specials is going through ANOTHER rewrite. Yes, I know.

Have spent a lot of this writing session getting English-to-Ukrainian translations. Ah, the things I do for Fanfic.

Thanks to Flip on [livejournal.com profile] wily_eyebrows I watched some wicked Jam-and-doilies Middle Class Murder Mystery last night with a glorious performance from la Reynolds. I'd say it was 'against type', but he's done a few more of those sad, meek characters as he's got older. Man, but does melancholy suit him. Yummy. That hairline's starting to head for the hills, though. Poor La Reynolds.

Bed now!


Nov. 19th, 2007 05:22 pm
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Oooh, La Reynolds is in Westway again... and is that a bit of flirting with fellow rent-a-soap-rascal-played by-an-actor-way-to-good-to-be-in-this-rubbish-soap Blaze?
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I am very excited because I've found another La Reynolds Fan and she's made him a website!

And secondly, through said site, I found this utter cutery. La Reynolds was born to play a tiny little cartoon fox!


Bear... bear... bear... bear...


Oct. 24th, 2007 12:00 am
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La Reynolds is back in Westway! He just offered his sexual services to a broody Lesbian. Oh yes.
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Mainly PG whiffle related.

I had a dream about Frazz last night! He threatened me very aggressively at a Rave, and then confused us both by giving me a little kiss. It made the rest of the dream very awkward, since we were trying to avoid each other. Then the dream went to this mountain that I've been to in my dreams a few times recently, always looking for or guarding an ancient treasure, only I got a tram down to a small town at the base to have a drink, then realised I didn't have any money for either the drink or the tram back, and spent a lot of the dream asking people if they could sub me a few Euros (I only had pounds, and it was Abroad).

You know what I've just decided would have been wicked in Press Gang? If Kenny had come back/never left and him and Col had become housemates. I Smell A Sitcom!

We were watching David Lean's 1948 Oliver Twist tonight and, after we had worked out how we'd do a modernisation of the story (which is fantastic, by the way) Hubs said aloud, pretty much as I was thinking it "basically, Paul Reynold's whole act is just The Artful Dodger, isn't it?" Now, according to the IMDb, he has never been The Artful Dodger. How? HOW? He *is* that part! I said that he must have played him in a school play or something, to which Hubs replied 'yeah, no matter what the play was'. There followed an impression of La Reynolds playing The Innkeeper in the Nativity. V Funny.

According to his IMDb profile, he is due to be in Lark Rise to Candleford, starring his lovely former PG castmate Julia S. His role? "Brewery Salesman". For fuck's sake! He's going to be playing 3rd Guard From The Left before long at this rate.
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Three things have cheered me:

Listening to 'I Can See Clearly Now'
Putting Vi down on her blanket for a play and letting her tickle my feet
Making icons of La Reynolds in Pussycat.

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