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Final chapter! Little bit of sex at the start. Hope you've enjoyed, and thanks for the comments so far. Now to tidy this lot up & post it to the comms xx

Luton Part 9 )
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JUST SEX HERE and Oh God, I apologise, porn is not my forte. Lots of awkwardness, lots of me them using humour as a defence mechanism. Jeremy Paxman. You know - the usual. We're close to the end now, too! I think one more chapter and we're done.

Luton Part 8 )
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Lots more fluffy comfort here, albeit with a brief moment of dubcon in a dream sequence. But mostly tea, sympathy & Colin Firth! Huzzah!

Luton Part 7 )
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Oooohhh, in the latest brief window of LJ-Being-Up-ness, I can post the latest Story of Luton (or, The Curious Case of the NotSherlock).

We've had the hurt, here commenceth the Comfort, although Martin's still feeling rotten. Quite a detailed description of panic attacks in this one - I've suffered from them from time to time myself, and drew on my experience of my first really horrible one. Don't know if anyone might find that triggery - as a sometime sufferer, I personally found it very cathartic to write.

Luton, part 6 )
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It's out of controooooolll!!! Dammit, I'm enjoying writing this so blinking much!

Darker chapter here, as the cliffie to chapter 4 suggests. Not really any Molly, and Martin has a horrible, HORRIBLE time. Some violence/torture, but nothing extreme. And Martin finally meets the owner of the Other-Voice!

Luton part 5 )
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I continue to zip through writing this. Much heavier on the Cabin Pressure side of the crossover in this chapter. Phone Tea, the Condom Santa & the tale of Arthur, Bunty & The Richard Gere Bit!

Luton, Part 4 )
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RACING through this Cabin Pressure/Sherlock crossover. I just find awkward courtship a lot of fun to write. Part 3 - on with The Drink And Molly's Explanation!

Luton Part 3 )
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Another chapter! These scenes are working out on the shorter side (shorter than my usual chapter length, anyway) but I think this means that there will be quite a few of them.

Here's part 2! ALL THE AWKWARD, NERVOUS FLIRTING. Good God, Cpt Crieff & Dr Hooper are as bad as each other!

Luton Part 2 )
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So over the last few weeks, I've really got in to Cabin Pressure. Loads of people had recommended it to me and - you know - old Cumberface and his Magic Voice is in it so I gave it a whirl & I LOVE IT. It is, to me, the Martin Crieff Show. Not just because that's Ye Benny Character, but because he's so very earnest and such a massive loser and I do so love an Underdog. It's also brilliant hearing Benny playing a character so manic & put upon & unglamorous after getting so used to him as Mister Suave.

So anyway, what with Martin being an Adorable Loser, my Fictional Yente mode has kicked in and I have decided that he and Molly Hooper off of Sherlock would make the cutest, most awkward, stumbling, mumbling couple ever. Alas, they are in different universes. But hooray for me, I've embarked on a crossover for them! Strike up the band! there's quite a few very good Sherlock/Cabin Pressure crossovers that I've seen already, but no Martin/Molly as yet. So, let's go!

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