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Jun. 17th, 2010 10:09 pm
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[ profile] sharelle, I need to reply to you re London but i don't know now how possible it'll be to get up there due to other peoples' commitments (can't take the kids up on my own!) I'll see what I can do though.

Been down to Hastings today for Hubs' birthday. Pub lunch, larks at the deserted seafront funfair... oh, and. Cake. Mmm. Cake.
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I know my days of indiscriminitely posting my Tweets on here have passed (because I tweet flipping loads, and plenty of you follow me on there already) but I've been doing 'Alien Valentines' today and was terribly proud of them. Enough so to post the best ones for the amusement of you Geeksome Lovelies.

- Your planet's blue/My planet's red/ULLA! ULLAAAAA!/Good - you're all dead.

- Roses are red/And you are so cute I'll/Assimilate gently/Resistance is futile

- Roses are sometimes red/As many things are/This poem is illogical/Fancy Pon Farr?

- Mars is red/Uranus is blue/I'm terribly sorry/I thought you wanted that, too.*

- You are from Earth/I am from Venus/I'd take you home/ But I have no concept of this thing you call 'love'*

- In the sack I'm fantastic/A real Sex God/Now take off that Spandex/And kneel before Zod.§

- Roses are red/My love's without measure/Klingon to my face/It's ribbed for your pleasure §

* Written by The Husband
§ Joint effort between Hubs & me. Yep, that's what we spent our Valentine's lunchtime doing. Romance.
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I was quoted by Graham Linehan today, which frankly makes a change from all the times I quote him.

Hubs is taking me out for a semi-surprise (as in, I only found out about it 24hrs ago, once it had all been planned) early anniversary dinner tonight at Cafe Des Amis tonight while Mum babysits.


Oh, and I bought the latest of several post-pregnancy impulse buys today - hair dye. Bright hair dye. Permanent hair dye. Shall keep you posted as to how that works out. And I was giving the tattoo parlour some funny looks as I passed it, too. 30 is rapidly drawing near, & I always said I'd get one done by then. Hmm.
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Gruff, no-nonsense retired DI John Chalk (David Jason) Runs a cheese shop in rural Yorkshire/Scotland/Ireland. Happy-go-lucky New Age amateur sleuth Edna Cheese (Julie Walters) runs a chalk shop next door. When a body is found in the partition wall between shops, they have to team up to solve a genteel murder.

Copywrite me & Hubs, ©2009. As soon as I get time to send this idea to the head of ITV Sunday Night Drama I reckon we'll be set.
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We have been recasting Mary Poppins with modern actors this afternoon. So far, we have:

Mary Poppins - Kate Winslet
Bert - Ewan McGregor, or John Simm
Mr Banks - Up for serious debate - see below
Mrs Banks - Jess Hynes
The Laughing Uncle on the Ceiling - Would probably be Jim Broadbent, but ideally we'd cast Alan Rickman for the lulz
The Admiral on the roof - Jim Broadbent unless he was the Uncle, in which case, David Jason.
The Admiral's Mate - Tim Spall
Two Policemen - Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
All the Penguins - Andy Serkis

Now - a debate rages on regarding Mr Banks, because I reckon David Mitchell should play him, but Hubs says no. Hubs is willing to give both Mitchell and the less brilliant Webb roles as Bankers, but really doesn't want to give the part of Mr Banks to the eerie-eyed voice of middle-class sarcasm. He says he'll 'play it as too much of a charicature'! Pah! Give a successful comic actor a chance in this, our entirely hypothetical recasting of a film that should never actually be remade, Hubby!

I think secretly Hubs just doesn't want to relinquish the role to anybody but the brilliant David Tomlinson. At one point he did suggest that Tomlinson would just have to be CG'd in to every scene of our remake. Very telling.

EDIT - [ profile] bethamphetam1ne had the brilliant idea of Colin Firth as Mr Banks, which I'm happy to do, although Hubs believes that this is Sacrelige. In case you;re wondering what La Reynolds' role would be in the Poppins Reboot, BTW, he will play the Pearly King who says 'I said it to me girl, and now me girl's me wife'.
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We finally got Insurrection from Love Film a few days back. I figured, even if I wasn't going to use that film in Rollercoaster (undecided so far as to whether I will) I should really see it at least if I was going to take the story through to Nemesis and beyond.

So tonight we decided to brave it. And, you know what, if you have an excellent Snarking Partner like wot I do, it's not actually that bad. It does, however, appear to be a film about absolutely nothing. We watched about an hour of it tonight and nothing happened. Actually, a bunch of barely connected nothings happened, but funny nothings nontheless - made funnier by Hubs' comments. 'Would *you* like to satisfy a Big One?' was my personal favourite, although I ruined the moment shortly after by claiming Picard was walking onto a bridge to 'furiously crack one off all night long'.
This just about pipped -
RIKER: I don't think Dr Crusher can give me what I need.
HUBS: Yes she can. You, and every man on the ship.
ME: Says so on the door of the Ladies' Loos.

We've just got to the bit where Picard's wearing a leather jacket and the two people he wants to stay behind are, conveniently, the only ones still wearing uniforms. Fun times.

I am definitely using the phrase 'Think he's gone a little bit "Daisy, Daisy" in the Mainframe' later in the story, though. I wouldn't have come up with that one without this silly film.

Kind of have a hankering to rent out Generations, now. More silly, snarkable fun, with a FUCKING STARSHIP CRASH in the middle.
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Hubs doesn't actually have that rakish facial hair, BTW, but I like to think that if he were to become a Superhuman Jedi Knight, he would do.

Have to share this exchange from last night when we should both have been sleeping:

Hubs:I need to think of something to get my Mum for Mother's Day.
Me: Yeah, me too.
Hubs: I was thinking of getting her a load of cheese.
Me: It *is* her only vice... apart from all the chocolate and alcohol.
Hubs: I think she'd like that. Not as her main present, just as an extra, you know, in the same way that I'd be really chuffed if anybody gave me a Battenburg.
Me: *gets the giggles*
Hubs: They'd giftwrap cheese, wouldn't they? They'd giftwrap anything.
Me: Maybe you can just get her a Stilton wheel and put it in a hatbox.
Hubs: I'm not sure whether to get her a big block of cheddar or a selection of little cheeses... you know, a Babybell, a tube of Primula... couple of cheese slices... so she can pick and choose.
Me: *dies*
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Stolen from all over my mighty FList.

Have I ever mentioned, he's a genuis? )
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It's not even half past ten. Hubs and I haven't touched a drop of alcohol tonight. So why are we doing impressions of Worf putting Picard's flute up his bum and then anally playing the theme tune to Animal Hospital with it?

That man.
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Today is a very important day for me and Big NC - for it was a decade ago this very night that he asked me to go out with him, and apart from the odd hiccup along the line we've been together ever since!

We were going to get a curry to celebrate, but we're a bit Celebrationed Out after a lunch of party food and a dinner of Chinese with the folks yesterday, so we're saving it for later in the week.

We watched Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky last night - after I'd complained since the only films of Mike Leigh's I could remember were Naked, which I'd hated, and Vera Drake, which isn't exactly a light hearted romp for all the family. Anyway, I really enjoyed it - not particularly spoilerish, but cut just in case... )
Beautiful day today, innit? It almost smells like Spring. Almost.
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Yesterday was a very, very Thursdayish sort of a Thursday. Allow me to share my pain with you in list format:

1, Began the day imitating a mid-90s pop song by being rudely awakened by the dustmen, at about 7am. There should really be a law against noisily collecting rubbish before the hours of daylight.

2, Awoke with a vague, annoying headache that stayed with me all day.

3, Remained exhausted all day, for no real reason.

4, Got a phone call at 5.30 (when hubs is usually home) saying he was caught in traffic and would probably be another 45 minutes.

5, 45 minutes later, at 6.15, hubs was very much not home.

6, Was starting to worry by quarter to 7. When hubs finally got in at ten to, I was utterly knackered and randomly furious without actually having anything to vent it on.

7, attempted to make cakes for the party tomorrow once Vi had gone to bed. My hand mixer decided to break half way through doing the cake mix. Planned on buying a new mixer today and doing the icing tonight but hubs declared the mixer fixed, so I attempted the icing. Mixer gave up after approximately half a second of mixing, but since I already had all the ingredients in the bowl I had to carry on. Ended up making the icing by hand - a lot of stirring. The icing may be slightly lumpy tomorrow :(

8, That done, Hubs and I spent 5 minutes turning over the living room to find the TV remote only to find it in the place it always was, only covered with a book. Perfect.

Today is being much more Fridayish, however. Violet has come out with several new sayings today ('Hello', as well as 'very very hot' and 'very very cold') and my Ma and Sis are down tonight.

Plus - don't faint - I've been working on Zombie Dad and it's very nearly finished!

Oh, plus a big weight has been lifted from all of our minds yesterday. I haven't felt comfortable blogging about it (and still don't) since it involved legal shenanigans, but one of my extended family has been going through a really horrible time of it recently but yesterday found out that (legally, it least) it wasn't going any further. I had been very worried about her, and she'd obviously been finding it very upsetting. But it's done with now.


Dec. 21st, 2008 06:21 pm
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Brilliant. 4 days before Christmas, our PS3 has decided it can't read any disks.

The main Christmas prezzie I've asked for is a PS3 Game.


Never mind. Mum and Stepdad are down this weekend on the Santa Run, and Vi's loving it. Me and Ma cooked a massive toad in the hole yesterday and she's treating us all to a chicken dinner tonight. Yum! Plus, I have finally baked all the cakes, with one left over for us.

There has been a slight hitch, however. When I bought the apricot jam for the glaze, Hubs asked if he could have some for his toast. 'Sure', said I, 'but please don't eat too much or get any crumbs in before I do the baking - I need about half a jar for the cakes.'

I get the jam jar out of the fridge today.

There is a tiny, crumby scraping left at the bottom of the jar.

Even though I told Hubs what the jam was for. Even though I have been baking for three days in a row now, and he knew I'd be needing the jam. He could have just bought more, or asked me to buy more, and not just kept schtum about it and let me find out about it when all the shops were shut.

The big, jam-thieving bastard!

Let's just hope that Marmalade works instead.


Sep. 21st, 2008 08:05 pm
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First off, from [ profile] mrs_picard
If you see this, post a quote from Star Trek in your journal.

"To know him was to love him... and to love him was to know him. Those who knew him, loved him, and those who did not know him... loved him from afar."

...Or words to that extent. I'm terrible at remembering quotes ad verbatim. Perhaps I should have gone with "Oh Shit" instead. We watched "Family" last night, which was a brilliant episode with Picard getting all wibbly and 'falling down in mud', but unfortunately we couldn't take it particularly seriously because Picard's brother was played by this bloke...

Not the one who was Amy Hardwick's Dad in Blackadder, the other one. We might have spent a while quoting Top Secret at one another.

Hubs and I wrote a French version of 'I'm Henry the eighth I am" today called "I'm Louis the sixteenth, I am". We're geniuses.

Vi has learned to tickle. She thinks it's brilliant, and shouts "iggleiggleiggleiggle!" whenever she does so. She also likes pretending to sneeze at the moment.

The students are all back this week. It's making me quite misty-eyed and nostalgic, although not when trying to get groceries in Sainsbury's when it's rammed full of teenagers with their parents stocking up on food supplies for them. Bastards.
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Husband has thought of many more movie mashups -

Highlights include:

2001 Dalmations
It's A Wonderful Lifeforce
Big Trouble in Little China Syndrome
Phantom Menace To Society

I came up with Pride & Predator, of which I am immesurably proud.

Violet has learned how to pretend to be about to sneeze, and then keeps cracking up every time she does it. Cute.
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YAYZ! It took forever, but Hubs has finally slain the last Colossus. He is thinking of adding it to his CV.

Wicked ending, if The Longest Cut Scene Evar.

The Bobbo came back! Yes!
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BOOOOO!!! I have Man Flu! I have never been so susceptable to colds before I started going to toddler groups with Vi. She seems fine, but I have phlegm EVERYWHERE, and it's turned me into a right grumpy bastard, and on Hubs' birthday too! Had to abandon him when he got in from work for a lie-down, I felt so crap. My face is itchy, all I can smell is snot and my Vicks stick and lip balm need to go wherever I do. Poo.

Birthday Boy is happily trying to kill the last Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus before he moves on to Lego Indiana Jones. I baked him cookies. I can be a good wife when I need to be!

Slowly watching S3 of TNG at the moment (although we've had Razor come through from LoveFilm, so that might have to wait a bit now). Ensigns of Command is Hilarious, for all the wrong reasons. The 'guest' actors awful, just awful! I don't even think they were actors, just randoms they dragged off the street, and for some reason all the characters felt a need to repeat the exposition to one another ad-nauseum. Our favourite part was the sweat-and-blood aquaeduct, although I also liked Data's Crazy Stalker Woman, who blatantly Had A Fiddle when he was in his little 'oh noez, I have been electrocuted again' faint. Oh, and Colm Meany pretending to play the Cello. Joyful!

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Jun. 16th, 2008 12:47 pm
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Happy Birthday PIC!

We have come back from a Hubs' Birthday/Father's day weekend away, and Hubs is off today as well. Good fun was had, an aquarium was visited, a funfair was frequented, 'Witness' was watched (Me: Tits! Amish Tits!), a BBQ was noshed.

Was going to start that Photo Diary meme today, but the camera's knackered... think the batteries have run down again, and I can't be arsed to recharge them.
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Violet decided to phone Brian Tufano this morning. Luckily, his phone was off, but he called Hubs later, wondering why his number had come up as a missed call. Hubs is concerned that she has mastered the twin skills of phone snatchage and button mashing as he does have some other Very Important People on his mobile.

Hubs keeps trying to make me write a TNG Fic which culminates in Riker falling out of a wardrobe with his trousers round his ankles and his trombone round his neck just as Picard is showing an Admiral round the ship. At least he's stopped trying to get me to write 'PG Chimps'.
Some more of Hubs' Fic ideas that he's run past me recently:

- Riker is practicing his 'leg at awkward angle' pose when he falls into a transporter, transporting all of his clothes off, replacing them with a string of onions round his neck. Picard walks in and thinks he's being Racist.

- Data is confused as to why the rest of the crew keeps avoiding him and won't let him have any cutlery except plastic teaspoons to eat with, until he realises that their Microsoft Office alert has told them all that it's been 6 months since his last malfunction.

- A Night Shift story where everybody gets bored and keep transporting another pair of trousers onto Worf every time he tries to go to the toilet, thus confusing and frustrating him.

- Data gets an upgrade that uses up all of his memory space and makes him really slow and thick.

That man. Don't get me started on the Mac Beret.

In other news, I have made the mistake of returning to The Sims 2. I am now thoroughly addicted. My Sim is a painter who likes telling jokes. All of her friends at present are male, she had sex with a waiter a while ago, but that's over now, and her flirtation with a deckhand is fizzling out a little too. She tried to come on to some fella at a Spa recently, but he was having none of it. Mind you, she did really need a bath at the time. At least she's off the disused film lot where the ghosts kept making people pass out in their own piss.
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Violet has developed an unsettling habit of always making a beeline for the grimmer inhabitants of our book, DVD and video shelves. The Exorcist DVD has always fascinated her, as have Hubs' copy of 1984 and both of our copies of A Clockwork Orange, despite them having completely different covers. Lately she's been intregued by Taxi Driver - she climbs up onto the little foam chair next to the video shelf to get a better look, pulls it out and points excitedly at the picture of Travis Bickle moodily treading the New York streets and cries 'DADA!'

I'll accept that Hubs is a bit of a Macca lookalike - a youthful La Reynolds, even... but Bobby De Nero?

If you say so, Vivi!
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Moment of random genius while playing Trivial Pursuit tonight - trying to work out what the cast of Only Fools And Horses would be if they were birds.

We got as far as: Del Boy - Magpie, Rodney - Crane, Uncle Albert - Owl, Boycie - Heron and Trigger - Coot before we had to stop because I was laughing too hard.

But I reckon Raquel would be a Starling.

(All of this came from the answer to one question, which was 'Great Bustard'. The logic, for those of you who are interested went - Great Bustard, Great Buster, Buster Merryfield. So, yeah.)

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