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Randomscribbles.co.uk is shortly to die, but will live on in [livejournal.com profile] scrib_lit, the one-stop Scribbles story-stop. It's a bit messy over there at the moment - only the Call Home is posted so far and I really need to put cuts on all the posts, but that's where you go if you want to look back at the real Curate's Egg that was my early ficcing.

Carry on!
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Yowza. What a week it's been. Hubs has been working very long hours, Alex is still teething (but the teeth still aren't cutting) and is therefore sleeping terribly, and throughout the whole time we've had the shadow hanging over us of my Father in Law suddenly nosediving in health. As some of you know, he'd had Parkinsons from before I met him and was in a residential home with dementia for many years. He suddenly lost a lot of weight a few weeks ago though, and seemed to have pretty much given up on living. We went to Hastings on Sunday when Hubs visited him in hospital, then Hubs went to see him again on Tuesday, and first thing on Friday morning he found out that his Dad had died in the night.

Hubs is taking it on the chin at the moment - he's not one of life's mopers, and a very practical person - dementia means you slowly lose the person you loved anyway, and I think having been prepared for this for a long time and the element of relief that his Dad's suffering has ended has softened the blow somewhat. We're carrying on with our plans this weekend - seeing friends and all (except me and Alex since he's too little) going to the big bonfire night tonight. I think he'd actually find it much harder just sitting around.

Other big news is that I'm afraid I've decided it's time to let www.randomscribbles.co.uk die. It served me well over the years, but it's so easy to post writing online for free these days it's not worth me shelling out yearly for a fiction website. I'll soon be posting all the content that was on there either on this journal, or more likely I'll set up a second LJ account as a fic depository. The website will go down on the 10th, apparently. So it goes. So it goes.
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Ayyy! Managed to get another chapter of Engame under my belt before Poppage! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4895260/3/

And, yeppers, we have a Fatality! Told you there'd be death. Not the last one, either.
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Endgame Chapter 2 is up! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4895260/2/

I *will* finish the New Adventures at some point!
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Another New Adventures piccie from Toni.

In other news, I want a Soong Cybernetics mug now that [livejournal.com profile] tlshull has brought them to my attention.

That is all.

Until you get all my awesome Twitterpuns at midnight.



Apr. 28th, 2009 02:32 pm
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More New Adventures Art from Toni!

'Joyride', from The Call Home, part 1

'Caught You', from That Same Old Magic, part 2

And 'Family Love', featuring everybody's favourite sarcastic Zombie Charles Montgomery - from Family Reunion

Here is her Deviantart gallery - no D&DC Stuff I could see, but still very good & I thought she deserved a Pimping!
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Two things to be smug about, in spite of the difficult and tiring day I had with Vi today...

1 - I was on Tweeting Fire this afternoon playing a hashtag game of 'Crap Urban Legends'. Started off with real urban myths then started making them up as the game got sillier. You'll see what I mean when my day's Tweets get auto-posted here tonight. Laughed lots at other peoples' fake urban myths too (ie "White wine is just red wine with added bleach").

2 - I got sent some New Adventures fanart this evening! It's from the first adventure, of Hank & Eric bumping into DM before they get sucked back. Will you just take a look at how bloody great it is?

By an artist called Toni Spatz. A big old slice of Awesome Pie, that's what it is! Yay!


Mar. 1st, 2009 09:52 pm
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Chapter 1 of Endgame is up here - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4895260/1/

Mostly exposition and setup at this point - we should see some action soon, though.

And yes, that *is* a whole chapter from Bobby's POV. And it was bloody difficult!
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Oooohhh, I heart my new shiny Twitter toy so very much! Peter Serafinowicz is very good at the Guardian Crypitic Crossword! LeVar Burton's excited about quitting smoking! Stephen Fry had to dance in front of a camera yesterday! Joyful meaningless brainthinks of the thoroughly admirable and mildly famous!!!

Also, this latest Tardos Banner is my favourite so far by a mile -

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am very proud of The White Queen. A little bit of a Cracky concept - DnDC vs Alice, but I was really happy with how it came together, and this banner is simply lovely. Look! It even has the chessboard on it at the bottom! <3

A Very Happy International Chocolate Day (aka V-Day) to you all! I got some mega-cocoa-content Hotel Chocolat goodies. Om nom nom.

Sure I had summat else to add, but I forget now. It might be that I watched In Bruge last night and it was AWESOME. A very simple premise and plot, around which danced some of the most sparkling, refreshing, witty-yet-honest dialogue I've heard in a screenplay for a long time. Great stuff. And the dwarf in it is a local boy. Woo, local dwarf!

Right. Better get on with my own script. Maybe after checking Twitter one more time...
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Weekend, weekend, where did you go? Oh well, with Hubs still off, every day's like a holiday!

Trying to write an original short film script at the moment for a contest. Got really far with it yesterday then decided it needed a complete rewrite and have spent today ignoring it. I don't think I'll meet the deadline, do you? Oh well, I think it's a pretty good idea and I've got some nice dialogue in there already. If I don't enter the contest (or if I do and get nowhere) then at least I'll have it on standby for something else. The most annoying part of this is that the organisation I'm doing it for demand a writer's CV as part of your application. As hard as writing a well structured, original, engaging short film is, it's actually a greater work of fiction making my handful of original projects not look completely laughable :(

So yeah, I've been ignoring that today and putting my creative efforts instead into that very enjoyable hobby that will never count as Proper Writing to these Proper People - me fanfic! It doesn't help the case of my original work that the Rollercoaster bunnies are biting hard at the moment. I'm doing a Time's Arrow set story right now and have discovered that getting the lion's share of the ensemble cast together and settling them down for an evening in a cramped 19th Century Bedsit together creates a whole world of Hilarious Consequences. Seriously, they haven't actually done anything useful for several pages, it's been like a wonderful sandbox for me to have them just loiter around exchanging vaguely sarcastic witticisms with one another. Here, for example, is an excerpt of which I am particularly proud:
from 'Baby Got Your Head Screwed On' Ch2 - talking cock... )Yeah. It's pretty much that, for about three pages at present :)
Oh, and I got more shiny, shiny banners from Tardos! Let me show u them! )
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Busy Busy Busy... RL has taken over for a bit what with Hubs' month off meaning we get to do lots of fun stuff. Don't really have time to blog, certainly don't have time to write and I've already fallen behind my reading schedule for Tardos. Should really go into town while Vi's napping now, although I've been online getting loads of details about nurseries since one of the mums at Playgym has put the fear into me for getting Vi a PreSchool/Nursery place for later in the year... do they even still have state PreSchools any more? Doesn't look like it from the local government list I've pulled up. Is this another reason I should be fuming at 'the Labour Party' for pretending to be different to the Conservatives and then just prancing around shutting down state education exactly like what The Bastard Tories were trying to do when we kicked the cunts to the kerb? Hmm?

Anyway, all I really wanted to post for was to show off this lovely banner for When One Door Closes.

Some lovely soul in the DDC Fandom has been making them for all the Tardos Nominations. I hope that whoever it is will reveal themselves once the voting has ended and reveal themselves so that I can thank them personally as well as credit them for their beautiful work.

Scribbles Out
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We watched 'Jumper' last night. Sweet Jeebs, it was shite. My opinions, let me show u them! *Spoilers* )

Anyway, apart from that and a fire in my hat, it's been a very nice day. Feeling very jealous of Americans and people with SKy who get to watch BSG and Lost already. Will probably have to wait for the DVDs of the final BSG episodes to come out (so please, no spoilers, like, forever!) and, fingers crossed, iTunes will be selling Lost episodes of a Monday so I'll be able to catch up then. Again, spoiler avoidance is love, beloved FList!

My appetite is still slowly becoming more normal, so I'm more and more capable of cooking properly and eating healthier things than just toast, toast and more toast. I finally bit the bullet and gave Vi's hair a trim tonight. Her fringe looks a bit severe. Hairdressing was never one of my strong points. Still doing character notes for the final story of The New Adventures. Bloody Hell, the notes alone are epic. And I still think I'm forgetting things. This is going to be a mammoth job.
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First of all - thank you very much for my Family Reunion review, Elektra! I was pretty pleased with the resolution to the Eric-and-his-Daddy story arc. So that's one unresolved issue down, only about 20 more to go!

Second of all, Rollercoaster now has 85 motherfucking reviews! EIGHTY FIVE!!! Come on, triple figures!
Yes. I really am so shallow that I give a crap about review numbers. Obviously, that's not the be all and end all, but it's bloody nice to have so much attention :DDD Also, today I learned from one of my reviewers that Americans call Hair Grips 'Kirby Grips'. Who knew? Apart from Americans, of course. When she referred to 'the surprising, sensual Kirby Grip moment' at first I thought it was some sort of bizarre sexual position I'd alluded to. Je suis une div.

Third of all, my friend Swoo came down for a visit today, which was nice. We went to a tea shop and discussed The Hotness Of Obama which turned into an upsetting game of Would You Rather, in which we tried to work out who would be the least sickening to have sex with out of Gordon Brown and David Cameron. A man who looks like a spare testicle or a man who looks like he's coated head to toe in a thin layer of sticky ooze. Decisions, decisions...
Violet very much enjoyed having somebody to show off to as well, and spent some time showing Swoo her Doll's House.

Fourth of all, in not at all important news, some of you might be vaguely aware that them Yanks got themselves a new Prezzydint today. And he's not a drawling idiot with the vacant glazed expression of a sedated tortoise. And his foreign policy doesn't appear to be an A4 sheet with 'bomb it, steal it, sell it, burn it, rape it, nuke it, bed' written on in crayon. With all the 'e's back to front. And scrawled stick figure illustrations of burning Iraqis and drowning eskimos next to the text.

And you know what's a really wild coincidence...? That Israel decided to stop pounding the living shit out of Gaza just before George 'if there's Muslims involved in a conflict it's automatically their fault and did I mention that Israel can do no wrong never EVER' Bush left. I mean, talk about good timing, guys. Bra-fucking-vo.
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Promise you won't faint, guys & dolls...?

Family Reunion is FINISHED!!!

Only one more adventure left, and then the whole arc will be complete. It'll probably take me a very long time to actually do that, though!
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Whee! It's Vi-Vi's big oh-two today! And she's been in a brilliant, if slightly cheeky, mood all day! Hardly any whinging, but she did create massive messes with her toys in both her bedroom and the front room. A nice, but tiring day. Since she's already got loads of toys from Christmas we just got her a few books (Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum and Where The Wild Things Are) and are going to add an extra contribution to her trust fund so that she can spend it on the ONE MILLION POUND tuition fees that there will doubtless be by the time she's ready for Uni.

Thanks for the Family Reunion Review, Sealy McWheely of the clan McFeely! I MUST get on with it, especially since I've just completed another Rollercoaster story. Spent five minutes staring at it tonight. I know where I need to get to (it involves flash cards with Pulp Fiction quotes on them), I just seem to have forgotten how to get there at the moment.
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Chapter 8 of Family Reunion is up!


I think I should be able to wrap this adventure up in one more chapter.

And then, Part 13 will be the Grand Finale. Only 4 years in the making and counting!
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So I'm pecking away at Family Reunion again and I've just realised who I appear to have turned Kosar into.

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Rollercoaster got its 50th review today! Considering the teeny-tiny fandoms I usually play in, this is a massive milestone for me, and to celebrate I've done a special Next Generama.

And thank you very much for my Family Reunion review as well, Rhi! I'm amazed that people are still reading the epic saga from the start... I think the early script based ones are a bit wonky, to tell the truth. But I'll tell you what - since the latest chapter of Rollercoaster is with m'lovely Beta at present, I'll crack on with more Zombie Dad next time I get some writing time. 'Owzaboutthatthen?
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Well after all my 'boo, writer's block' whingeing, I seem to have completed and posted another chapter of Family Reunion. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3872322/7/

Go-go Zombie Dad!
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Thank you for my review, Sealgirl :) You know me, I can never do pure and simple angst, I have to prick it with violence, cruel humour or a bit of both. And yeah, I made a concious decision to tell that whole scene through Charles' POV since he is an outsider to both groups - chance for a little more objectivity. I've made a big decision as to the next immediate step to take with that story to get it moving again, but i'm still really dragging my feet writing it - keeping track of all those characters is *hard*!

Yaaaaayz, I have TNG S4 and S5! Although we will be watching Hard Day's Night tonight. I did watch some of the bonus material on the S4 box set during Vi's nap, though, because I do love watching those silly actors larking about with each other. Heart. And Ron Moore! Mister Battlestar Galactica himself. Oooh, and I noticed the DVDs of BSG S4 will be out soon too - we finally get to watch it. Tis a hard life for a British geek who doesn't have Sky.

In other news, I think I might be addicted to Dorset Cereals Muesli. I keep hankering after a bowl at about 10pm. It's bloody delicious. Of all the middle class addictions to develop, eh? Rock'n'Roll.

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