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I want to go on a SlutWalk.

I'm almost certainly going to create a virtual one in the Cumberverse. Not just as an excuse to get Berglind & her miniskirts out again.
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So apparently legalising Homosexual Marriage is just paving the way for Robosexual Marriages

And apparently this is a bad thing.

I can see the protest marches now, people. Bio/Robo couples in their thousands, waving ZX Spectrum Rainbow flags. Banners with 'Does Not Compute' and 'I'm PC Compatable - why aren't you?' neatly printed on in English and Binary. All night iPod light vigils singing 'Daisy, Daisy.'

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.
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Oppose Tory plans to un-ban foxhunting! If it were chavs running around public and private property in gangs, getting their pitbulls to maul pigeons to death it would be banned - just because it's a bunch of Toffs who think getting their dogs to rip an animal apart is hilarious doesn't make it any more acceptable. Here's the link. http://www.backtheban.com/
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This is beautiful. And you thought the people marching to oppose Obama were all a bunch of reactionary, illiterate Racist Rednecks. Shame on you!

Worth zooming in on the smaller placards. My personal favourites: 'Get a brain, Morans', 'Thank you, Fox News for infroming us', 'Respect are country - learn English' and of course 'Youth In Asia', which is so brilliant I think it might actually be a deliberate piss-take. No one's that thick, are they?

Are they?
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Today is not a good day, news-wise, to be full of Pregno-Rage. Nobody should have to look at Nick 'Drunk, Racist, Ranting Old Fuckwit Of An Uncle That Everybody At The Family Gathering Is Trying To Ignore' Griffin's smug fat 'Whee, I been done gots myself elected' face ever, let alone a woman who is achey and tired and constantly being punched in the bladder from the inside. Angry at the morons who voted for him, angry at the normal people who were too idle not to vote against him. Managing to focus all my anger on the one person I know who joined that Racist Facebook group, even though she might not have voted BNP and even if she had, she lives dahn sarf, so it wouldn't have contributed to either of the BNP MEPs that have been elected in the North. However, I'm picturing every BNP Voter in the land as her - thick, fat, fugly and, if Family Gossip is to believed, a shit parent. Yeah - I'm shaking my metaphorical fist at a hoard of imagined cave trolls whose approach to starting a family is just to stop the pill without telling their partner and are then so busy watching Jeremy Fucking Kyle that they forget to tell their beloved brood how to fucking talk. And they're always so ugly too, aren't they? Have you ever met an objectively aesthetically pleasing Racist - of any Race? No? Me neither. And it's like the fuglier they get the more Racialist they get. It's like there's some sort of mutually exclusive teeth-to-tolerance ratio.

Anyway. There's an interesting article in the Grauniad here, the jist of which is basically 'yes, it's shit, but let's all stop flapping our hands and look how we should go about opposing them properly, since what we're doing at the moment clearly isn't working', which made me calm down a little. And maybe once the Labour party has finally fallen to pieces (as it appears imminently about to do) it can get back to actually being the Labour Party instead of a dysfunctional mish-mash of Labour and Conservatism.

But then also in the news there's the horrible story of the pregnant young woman randomly stabbed to death in Grimsby yesterday, which is shaking and horrifying for me for so many reasons. Being heavily pregnant already makes me feel much more vulnerable than I do when not visibly pregnant. It's not just because I obviously wouldn't be as able to run from or fight against somebody who attacked me as I would otherwise... being this pregnant makes you feel so visible. You feel like you stick out like a sore thumb, and that your blatant vulnerabilities, as well as the vulnerability of the child you're carrying, makes you a glaring Nutter Target. Yes, there have only been three stories including this one of pregnant women being attacked in the street by strangers that I can think of. Compared to all the cases of violent crime against women both in the street and in the home, that's peanuts, I know. But it's still terrifying when something like that happens and reminds me what a high-visibility blimp of a potential psycho-target I am. *Sigh*.
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Well, folks, I have done my bit for democracy for another day, and voted in the local & Euro elections on our way back from playgroup.

I was amazed at the amount of joke parties and one-trick-pony nutter parties on the local ballot form, though. We had candidates for the Bastard Nazi Pudendas, some sort of Jesus-Bothering Party, THREE separate anti-EU/not-quite-as-racist-as-The-Twats-but-getting-there fringe parties, not counting UKIP who were also skulking around my ballot paper, a Socialist Labour party making sure there was at least one hard-left fringe party to keep all those hard-right ones amused, something called Jury Team which, while having a fairly impressive Superhero Gang type name, gave absolutely no indication about which (doubtless single-issue) policy it was they represented, as well as one Billy No Mates desperately seeking attention by standing with a Joke Party. Plus the three main parties and the Greens. That's loads! Maybe it'll help spread the bitter, racist, xenophobic, thick-as-shit nutter votes out having quite so many, but honestly. Who looks at the political climate and thinks 'I know what there's room in this market for! Yet another knee-jerk-hooray-for-the-queen fringe party! Because UKIP and all those other Right-Wing parties don't *quite* represent the level of distrust I have for Teh Forruns properly. I'll make my own. I'll give it a name that makes it sound like a rubbish online dating service, or one that mentions how awesome Ingerland is. Yeah. This time tomorrow I'll be Prime Minister!'

Oh well. It's their own money they're wasting, I suppose. Go Go Democracy and all that jazz.
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I have no words.

And people wonder why I still hold such a grudge against the faith of my birth.
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Busy Busy Busy... RL has taken over for a bit what with Hubs' month off meaning we get to do lots of fun stuff. Don't really have time to blog, certainly don't have time to write and I've already fallen behind my reading schedule for Tardos. Should really go into town while Vi's napping now, although I've been online getting loads of details about nurseries since one of the mums at Playgym has put the fear into me for getting Vi a PreSchool/Nursery place for later in the year... do they even still have state PreSchools any more? Doesn't look like it from the local government list I've pulled up. Is this another reason I should be fuming at 'the Labour Party' for pretending to be different to the Conservatives and then just prancing around shutting down state education exactly like what The Bastard Tories were trying to do when we kicked the cunts to the kerb? Hmm?

Anyway, all I really wanted to post for was to show off this lovely banner for When One Door Closes.

Some lovely soul in the DDC Fandom has been making them for all the Tardos Nominations. I hope that whoever it is will reveal themselves once the voting has ended and reveal themselves so that I can thank them personally as well as credit them for their beautiful work.

Scribbles Out
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First of all - thank you very much for my Family Reunion review, Elektra! I was pretty pleased with the resolution to the Eric-and-his-Daddy story arc. So that's one unresolved issue down, only about 20 more to go!

Second of all, Rollercoaster now has 85 motherfucking reviews! EIGHTY FIVE!!! Come on, triple figures!
Yes. I really am so shallow that I give a crap about review numbers. Obviously, that's not the be all and end all, but it's bloody nice to have so much attention :DDD Also, today I learned from one of my reviewers that Americans call Hair Grips 'Kirby Grips'. Who knew? Apart from Americans, of course. When she referred to 'the surprising, sensual Kirby Grip moment' at first I thought it was some sort of bizarre sexual position I'd alluded to. Je suis une div.

Third of all, my friend Swoo came down for a visit today, which was nice. We went to a tea shop and discussed The Hotness Of Obama which turned into an upsetting game of Would You Rather, in which we tried to work out who would be the least sickening to have sex with out of Gordon Brown and David Cameron. A man who looks like a spare testicle or a man who looks like he's coated head to toe in a thin layer of sticky ooze. Decisions, decisions...
Violet very much enjoyed having somebody to show off to as well, and spent some time showing Swoo her Doll's House.

Fourth of all, in not at all important news, some of you might be vaguely aware that them Yanks got themselves a new Prezzydint today. And he's not a drawling idiot with the vacant glazed expression of a sedated tortoise. And his foreign policy doesn't appear to be an A4 sheet with 'bomb it, steal it, sell it, burn it, rape it, nuke it, bed' written on in crayon. With all the 'e's back to front. And scrawled stick figure illustrations of burning Iraqis and drowning eskimos next to the text.

And you know what's a really wild coincidence...? That Israel decided to stop pounding the living shit out of Gaza just before George 'if there's Muslims involved in a conflict it's automatically their fault and did I mention that Israel can do no wrong never EVER' Bush left. I mean, talk about good timing, guys. Bra-fucking-vo.
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Woo! Good news for Britons! According to some nice people ("Racists", let's call them...) in Amerikee, Barack Obama can't be OMGBLACKPREZZYDINT because he's secretly British! Yay! One of us! One of us!

Therefore I'd like to extend an invitation for that nice Mister Obama to come and be our new PM because ours is rubbish and the only alternative is a pie-faced Tory Toff who will probably actually be even worse.

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Well, thanks to Speak You're Branes (which did manage to find some Racists to laugh at yesterday), this is now the mental image I have of Obama's inauguration.

'The Sheriff is a n...'*BONG*
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Just woken up to the news from across the pond.

That's some mighty fine voting there, my American chummies. Mighty fine. Now let's just hope that he doesn't turn into a warmongering, super-capitalist sell-out, like the UK's great hope of change and left-of-centre moderation from ten years back did.

And, like [livejournal.com profile] elfgirljen said, it kinda makes you want to invent a time machine, go back to the early 60s, find some of the kinds of people who wouldn't let non-Whites sit at the front of the bus or use the same water fountains as them, tell them that within 50 years there'll be a Black president and laugh in their faces.

Actually, you can probably still find plenty of massive racists out there in the present day. Let's just laugh at them all now.

AH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA, stupid Racists!
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Ah ha ha ha ha haaaa!!! Operation 'Go Utterly Spastic At Everything Broadcast By The BBC That's Slightly Less Insipid Than An Episode Of My Family' has gone completely hilarious now! The Daily Fuckwit reading dickwads have become so mouth-frothingly demented that in their frenzy they've turned on one of their own! They are sacrificing their King to sate the Ghost of Mary Whitehouse. THEIR KIIIIIINNNNG!!!!

Either that, or it's a bunch of Clarkson-haters who are sick of people they actually like being picked on, and have decided that if Russell Brand isn't allowed to be rude to a pensioner, then the bubble-permed, 4x4-fellating uber-twat shouldn't be allowed to joke about prozzies being murdered either.

Whichever way, it's bloody hilarious. I still haven't had my knuckles rapped yet, even though I was the one who abducted Maddie McCann, took her back in time, trained her to be a deadly assassin, then sent her on a moped in a Parisian tunnel in 1997 armed with a sniper rifle and a mask of Prince Phillip.

Have fun voting BTW, my American chums (and make sure you do vote - it's very important). Shan't tell you who to vote for, obviously, but my fingers are crossed for one guy in particular, and it ain't the Methusula & Medusa double-act.
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I'm not going to get too much into the political schenanigans across the pond on my LJ, I promise. Frankly, we over here seriously need to sort our own shit out before we start worrying about the Land Of Coke And Burgers. However, those of you who know my political leanings (ie, all of you) will probably be able to guess who I'm rooting for. And it ain't Mumm-Ra and the Moose Queen.

Also, I like taking the piss out of people with a million, stupidly named kids, so this piss-taking 'meme' from [livejournal.com profile] mrs_picard was right up my alley.

We added the extra 'i', because we thought it sounded more exotic )


May. 2nd, 2008 11:34 am
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Ooooh! Quantum Leap/TNG Crossover dream last night! Can't remember much of it, but I seem to recall it was actually rather grim. We're watching the Trilogy on our QL Lovefilm discs at the moment, which is a nice premise but weirdly done. The second episode was pretty much a carbon copy of the first, only with Sam falling in lust/love with the girl he was previously protecting as a daughter. Eww. And it had the. Longest. Recap. Evar. at the start. As much as I hate to admit it, Series 5 was rather sharky-jumpy. I blame the craply rejigged theme tune.

Although it won't particularly affect me, I really hope for my London Friends' sakes that they don't end up in a city Mayored by a flipping cartoon character. Yes, Ken annoys me too, but Boris? A man who, if he were to be summed up in one word, that word would be 'Whoops' (or possibly, 'Crikey')? Ye Gods. People declared by braying, polo shirted pricks as 'Fucking Legends' should exist solely to appear on Friday night telly and entertain said honking pillocks, not to govern. Plus my tellybox has been full enough of smug, shiny faced Tories getting all frisky at the scent of power this morning as it is. Make it stop, in the name of jimminy!

Is anybody else amazed and outraged at the lack of tact and decency in the media's reaction to that poor woman in Austria? I mean, this is someone who has suffered torture on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend, as have her children. And how is she treated on her release? Oh, she's turned into a ghoulish freakshow in order to flog shitty newspapers. Several papers yesterday boasted that they had the 'first photos of Cellar Woman' (Cellar Woman - classy.) I mean, why do we need to know? Why would we need photos and floorplans of the prison she was kept in for any reason other than to intrude on her tragedy and satisfy morbid curiousity? It's just adding to her brutalisation. Leave her the fuck alone.

Mummy's down for a whole week, staying in a swanky hotel in the country. Yay!
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I'd do a long post about the Hot Water the Archbishy's in at the moment (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7236849.stm) but I can't be bothered.

Long story short, I completely disagree with his suggestion that anybody should be given special dispensation from the law of the land on Religious grounds. It's unjust, it's discriminatory and it's opening a massive can of worms. One Secular legal code for all, ta very much. However, I also think that the calls for him to quit are completely unjustified. He hasn't committed any crime, he's just spoken his mind. I do like Dr Williams, he seems to be pretty cool and level headed, when compared to other Religious Leaders both here and overseas. And it really does seem that his words have been taken out of context and turned into a simple us-vs-them issue. When pretty much every comment I hear or read on the subject includes the phrase 'they come over here...' I can't help but think that many of those baying for his blood have missed the point completely.

So yeah. Hope old Badger Eyebrows makes it through this intact. I'm rather fond of him.

Found my engagement ring, BTW Chaps. It was in the wash after all, must have slipped off my finger when I was bunging in the laundry. It has been retrieved, unharmed.

Mummy's down tomorrow - yay!
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Violet is destroying a picture of prime waste-of-DNA Nick Griffin on the front of the Grauniad.

Good Girl.
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I say, nippers, here's fun:

Let's come up with fun slogans for Bighty.

So far, I have:

Ham, Egg and Chips

Kettle's On

Britain: The AntiFrance

Britain: It's A Bit Like America, Only Slightly Less Mad

Britain: We Apologise for The Inconvenience

In Dogs We Trust

Britain: The "Jabba's Little Mate" Of International Politics

Welcome To Spam Country
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1 - I have had a question on my Maternity bundle on eBay about what Buy Now Price I'd ask - I hadn't even thought about doing that - would those of you who sell stuff on eBay recommend it if someone's interested, or is it considered Bad Form? I haven't had any bids yet. And how much should I ask? My starting bid is £15, it's 4 tops, 3 woolly jumpers, 3 pairs of trews and a skirt. Worth about £150-£200 new. I thought £30?

2 - Eurgh. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6993269.stm What sort of Labour PM invites That Fucking Woman for tea and shakes her evil old hand? Gordon Brown Texture Like Sun doesn't seem to be any better than Bonio Blair. If I wanted a Tory PM I'd have voted for the motherfucking Tories.

3 - How adorable is Pocoyo? And the good thing is, Vi loves it too. She laughs at the dancing duck and oft-upside-down blue deerstalker sporting boy, and me & hubs enjoy the dulcet tones of St Stephen of Fry advising said boy to be gentle with Sleepy Bird's egg and not to shout at the butterfly. Joy!

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