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Following a conversation with friend Claire, I have decided to hold a 'Most Annoying Family' Poll. Let's take a look at our Contestants...
Families of Annoyance )
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Well, it looks like there's a clear winner in the Grand Final - Congratulations to tight trouser wearing, Wookiee-befriending Na-na-na-na-na... SPACE PIRATE! Han Solo on being voted The Sexiest, despite never technically being a contestant, the sneaky Devil. Emo Time Spastic Sam Tyler gets the silver and Kaftan-clad, Python Financing Krishna-botherer George Harrison gets third place.

That was great fun! Thanks to all of you who joined in.

Cup Final!

Sep. 10th, 2008 07:44 pm
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It's Grand Final Time, People! Let's sort this out once and for all!

[Poll #1257317]
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Well! The Quarter Final deadlock has been broken, and in a shocking development, the Gene Genie has swept in from behind to beat the Sheffield Pipe Cleaner Of Love, meaning that this is now an all Life On Mars Semi Final! Shock horror!

I'm your toy, your 20th Century boy... )
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The lucky contestants )
[Poll #1256565]

And I'm not sure what to do about round 2, since at present we have a tie between Gene & Jarvis. Vote now, if you haven't done already - otherwise I'm going to have to think of some sort of tiebreaker.
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Remember that this is every regeneration of Dr Who we're talking about - not just The Man In Pinstripes :)

Ye Contestants )
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[Poll #1254637]

Luckily this is the last one. Quarter finals kick off tomorrow, though.
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[Poll #1254085]

A slightly random selection there - just the first few sleuths I could think of off the top of my head. I should really have some Noir Anti-Heroes in there, but I'd have to look them up and I can't be bothered.
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[Poll #1253532]

Mainly because I missed out Hiro in yesterday's... OK, so the first time was an accident, after that he does it on purpose.

And I'm leaving out The Master because I don't want John Simm to go up against himself in the Quarter Finals next week.
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[Poll #1252967]

Yes, I know Sam Tyler isn't technically a Time Traveller, but I think he deserves to be in the running. Marty McFly sort-of feels like cheating, because he does have a time machine, he doesn't just falls through time haphazardly, but he's rather Accident Prone when it comes to the Delorian, and his initial trip isn't on purpose, so I bunged him in. And The Doctor Time Travels deliberately, so he doesn't count :)

So far, by the way, our Sexiest People are George Harrison, Michael Palin, 'if I can't have Han Solo, I'm not playing' beating all the Jedi Knights and Egon Spengler, the horn-rimmed hornbag. I'm wondering whether we should have some sort of almighty sexy-off at the end of the week.
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'Who's the Sexiest?' week continues...

[Poll #1252308]

Plus, more of the Letter meme... [livejournal.com profile] twistedswanton gave me "K".
Special K )
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Keep those all important answers coming, Boffins!

[Poll #1251659]
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Ooohh, the Sexy Beatle Poll is hotting up - John's closing in on George's lead... there's still time to vote, people!

Since these are desperately important issues that need sorting out once and for all, I have deemed this week to be 'Who's The Sexiest' Week. Come on, Boffins. THINK!

And the Poll that is posted on the Sabbath Day is Surrealist and Silly and a little bit Gay...

[Poll #1251173]
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Another Very Important Poll.

[Poll #1250833]

Leaving out Stu 'Backbeat' Sutcliffe and Pete 'replaced by Ringo, oh the indignity' Best, because I can.

If you feel the need to elaborate on, for example, the changing Hottie Stats of the boys throughout their many and varied different haircuts, then please do. The world needs to have an answer to this crucial issue.

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