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'Every pregnancy is different', I thought.
'The second one tends to come out easier,' I thought.
'Everything else has been happening much earlier on with this pregnancy, so the birth probably will too', I thought.
'I've been having Braxton Hicks for ages, and really painful contractions for several evenings in a row - I must have dilated loads by now', I thought.

In fact, I was a little surprised to make it a week overdue so that I needed to go in for a membrane sweep today in the first place. But I thought, considering all the contractions I've been having, that they'd get it done and the rest would be history. Rerun would most likely be born tomorrow.
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Still not popped.

Have some Melancoly Beatles for a rainy Monday.

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Still Pregnant.

Carry on.

Ooh, one interesting thing - we did realise the other night that the woman playing the 'Mister Snappy' Mum in Psychoville is Alex Kelly from Hubs' film - barely recognisable under loads of blonde curls!

The people a few doors down are having a garden party. With bunting and everything. STOP HAVING FUN WHEN I CAN'T, PEOPLE OF BRITAIN!
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Still here. Still hot, impatient & beyond irritable. At least this means I should be able to watch Mitchell & Webb & Psychoville tonight.

Nothing really to add, so here is probably my favourite Disney Song ever instead.

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Have had a few 'proper' (ie both crampy & achey) contractions this evening - will they stay? Will they go? That's the beauty of childbirth - we just don't know! Hope I pop soon though - it's so bloody hot!

My Showbiz Chum Off The Telly (and I think I can now happily refer to him as My Showbiz Chum - he has recently enquired as to my wellbeing, and called me 'a very funny lady', so suck on that!) David Schneider appears to want me to LiveTweet the Labour. To which there is only one suitable reply -

I have Pralines & Cream Icecream in the freezer, and ISIHAC to listen to. These are good things.

Oh, and I highly recommend renting out 'If You See God, Tell Him', if you can - 4 parter black comedy drama by David Renwick from back in 1993. Very of-its-time, but considering that the main things it satirises are over-commercialisation, dumbing down and the then-Government's handling of Recession and mass unemployment, it's still very current. Wonderful performances from Richard Briers and Imelda Staunton as well as lots of great cameos, but the one who really shines is Ade Edminson, very much against type as a Meldrew-esque put-upon suburban everyman. Gloriously dark & surreal - touches of Gilliam, especially 'Brazil', which it seems to directly reference in certain shots.
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At no point in a woman's life should she ever find herself describing the state of her cervix to her own mother.

Oh, late pregnancy - never change.

(Still not popped, in case you hadn't guessed.)
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Today is not a good day, news-wise, to be full of Pregno-Rage. Nobody should have to look at Nick 'Drunk, Racist, Ranting Old Fuckwit Of An Uncle That Everybody At The Family Gathering Is Trying To Ignore' Griffin's smug fat 'Whee, I been done gots myself elected' face ever, let alone a woman who is achey and tired and constantly being punched in the bladder from the inside. Angry at the morons who voted for him, angry at the normal people who were too idle not to vote against him. Managing to focus all my anger on the one person I know who joined that Racist Facebook group, even though she might not have voted BNP and even if she had, she lives dahn sarf, so it wouldn't have contributed to either of the BNP MEPs that have been elected in the North. However, I'm picturing every BNP Voter in the land as her - thick, fat, fugly and, if Family Gossip is to believed, a shit parent. Yeah - I'm shaking my metaphorical fist at a hoard of imagined cave trolls whose approach to starting a family is just to stop the pill without telling their partner and are then so busy watching Jeremy Fucking Kyle that they forget to tell their beloved brood how to fucking talk. And they're always so ugly too, aren't they? Have you ever met an objectively aesthetically pleasing Racist - of any Race? No? Me neither. And it's like the fuglier they get the more Racialist they get. It's like there's some sort of mutually exclusive teeth-to-tolerance ratio.

Anyway. There's an interesting article in the Grauniad here, the jist of which is basically 'yes, it's shit, but let's all stop flapping our hands and look how we should go about opposing them properly, since what we're doing at the moment clearly isn't working', which made me calm down a little. And maybe once the Labour party has finally fallen to pieces (as it appears imminently about to do) it can get back to actually being the Labour Party instead of a dysfunctional mish-mash of Labour and Conservatism.

But then also in the news there's the horrible story of the pregnant young woman randomly stabbed to death in Grimsby yesterday, which is shaking and horrifying for me for so many reasons. Being heavily pregnant already makes me feel much more vulnerable than I do when not visibly pregnant. It's not just because I obviously wouldn't be as able to run from or fight against somebody who attacked me as I would otherwise... being this pregnant makes you feel so visible. You feel like you stick out like a sore thumb, and that your blatant vulnerabilities, as well as the vulnerability of the child you're carrying, makes you a glaring Nutter Target. Yes, there have only been three stories including this one of pregnant women being attacked in the street by strangers that I can think of. Compared to all the cases of violent crime against women both in the street and in the home, that's peanuts, I know. But it's still terrifying when something like that happens and reminds me what a high-visibility blimp of a potential psycho-target I am. *Sigh*.
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What a beautiful, sunny day! Unfortunately, the British Weather is due to do its usual Summer Bank Holiday trick tomorrow and piss it down, so we made the best of it today and went out for a walk in The King's Wood. There were a lot of freakishly large ants. Vi has been in a gorgeous mood all day - our colds are finally leaving us after loitering for a whole fortnight, and I think she's really glad to feel well again.

A touch of Alcohol Envy this avo, as I get at the moment on sunny weekend afternoons/evenings at the moment... sometimes I feel a pang where I miss just being able to say 'sod it, let's go to a beer garden for a few hours and get through several pints of cider'. I wouldn't trade the freedom to do that with all that I've got now, obviously, just sometimes I miss being how I was a few years back. Not long to go at being pregnant, but the months after that's over are hardly giddy days of freedom and high living. Oh well.
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Well! A trip to Mothercare was called for today in order to try to make the Rerun Anxiety Dreams a little less frequent... all we really needed was a suitable-from-birth double buggy (Yes, Vi can walk perfectly well, but she's usually very slow and doesn't always hold our hands in busy places - it's much easier at the moment if we need to go far, get somewhere quickly or she needs a drink/snack and we don't have time to stop to pop her in a buggy for some of the walk - especially if it's only me, and especially if my attention will be divided with a newbie) and a new expressor, steriliser and new bottles since the ones we had from Vi have gone a bit manky. Also splurged on new feeding nighties for me (Rock & Roll!) and a bathroom step for Vi to reach the sink since she's suddenly decided she wants to brush her teeth herself. Just so happened that Mothercare are having a massive sale this weekend, so we ended up saving loads - at least £50. Carseat, Moses basket, bedding and some unisex newborn clothes are already in our possession from last time, I've already bought him a few more newborn boy's clothes (just vests, little jogging bottoms, babygros and a hat - why you can get little shirts and jeans for a newborn baby is beyond me!) and got him some nappies (so tiny compared to Vi's Trainer Pants!) yesterday.

So I think we're pretty much set now. I've even started packing my Hospital Bag tonight. This time my hospital bag is around 5 times smaller than the monster I took when I had Vi. The Midwives laughed at me when they saw the size of it - I really had packed a stupid amount of stuff. Quelle n00b. Well, not this time.
Behold! The Bag Of Wonder )
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I have been in need of cheering today. Due to irritable legs (ah, Pregnancy, never change) I took some time to get to sleep last night, and then Vi was up very early and has been, while generally in a better mood than lately, still quite temperamental. Plus I still have a bit of a cold and a very hoarse voice - not made any better by having to repeat phrases like 'come on', 'don't do that', 'hold my hand', 'eat your lunch' and so on ad infinitum. Oh, and Vi decided she wanted to watch Big Cook Little Cook while having breakfast today, which just sealed my bad mood. They are the shittest people on telly. And that includes Horne & Corden.

Anyway, what ended up cheering me was the discovery that Vi enjoys the dance numbers from Singin In The Rain - 'Make Em Laugh' is her favourite, but this number particularly cheered me. And, as Vi noted, they are very naughty for jumping on the table.

If you've had a crappy day today, give this a watch. I guarantee it will make you feel better. If it doesn't, there's something wrong with you.
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New school term = the tots get to rule the roost at Playgym again instead of being pushed around by the bigger kids. Vi was able to have a really good scamper about this morning, and we saw our friends who moved away! These are the twins who are pretty much the same age as Vi - their mum told me the sweetest thing as they were playing... not only do the twins share Vi's current favourite book ('Night Pirates' - I really recommend it BTW, mums of little 'uns) but they call the Pirate Captain 'Violet' because she's got loads of curly hair. How cute is that?!? Then Vi and the twins did some Pirate Noises for us. It was ace. We hope to meet up with them on Fri for lunch before they head back.

Violet looks fantastic today, BTW. I put her in a bright flowery summer dress that I've been waiting for it to be warm enough to warrant putting her in for ages. we don't really have any tights that go with it, however, so she's ended up in red-and-pink striped tights. I thought if she was going to clash she might as well just go the whole hog.

Oh, and I dreamt about Rerun last night/this morning! I'd given birth to him at Sacred Heart hospital (and why yes, we had watched four episodes in a row the evening before). He looked like a boy version of Violet, and was wonderful. He could already hold his head up, which I remember dreaming probably wasn't that likely for a newborn. I was in love the second I saw him. We named him Elliot. It's made me feel really positive about his upcoming arrival today.

In even duller domestic type news, we're finally getting someone in to poke our outside drain. It's yucky and keeps overflowing. All of Hubs' attempts to clear it have failed. Very annoying going through several pages of Yellow Pages ads for companies with absolutely no idea of who to go for or what to expect. Getting a big national company to give us a quote because a, I've heard of them and b, they don't charge per 1/2 hour - I know how that game works! Still, I think it's going to be pricey. Got to do it, though - it's in our letting contract as one of the things we've got to sort out if it goes wrong.
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So, my recent Tweets might have given youse kids an idea as to why I haven't been around much this week... FYI if anybody's contemplating catching severe Gastroenteritis while 27 weeks with child, I can heartily recommend that you don't. Here's a fun fact-ette that my Doctor let me in on - when you're preggers, not only can you take NOTHING for any ailment you have, but also your natural defences automatically make protecting the foetus top priority - good news for rerun, not so good news for me. I just had to spend three days in bed trying - largely in vain - to keep fluids down and wondering if my barely existant immune system was ever going to fight off whatever it was that had turned my insides into an angry cement mixer. Oh - also, having a uterus that already stretches up to the bottom of your ribcage and has stretched and squished your guts as if they were in a funhouse mirror doesn't exactly make matters any more comfortable when you're trying desperately to keep half a pint of apple juice down.

Since I seem to have succeeded in keeping a moderate breakfast inside today and no longer have horrible stomach ache I am being cautiously optimistic about today... although I was cautiously optimistic about yesterday too, before I frustratingly nosedived back into shaky-sicky-cant-get-out-of-bed in the early evening.

Still feel very dizzy, very weak and not enthusiastic about eating. Don't expect any epic odes or charity funruns out of my any time soon.

It has been, all in all, a pretty shit week.
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Escape to London today was well worth
a, the guilt of leaving the house just as Vi, who had been doing really well all morning, puked up her breakfast
b, possibly the worst Coach journey ever, on a completely packed coach. Picked a sleepy lady to sit next to, which was good, but ended up sitting the other side of the aisle to two massive charvers who spent 2 hours loudly and swearily sort-of chatting each other up as the girl (overweight and dressed head to toe in skintight white clothes so that she looked like the Michelin Man) simultaneously chatted with various people on her mobile - including her boyfriend so that ChavvyMan (who got on board with a can of Special Brew... if you're not pissed by 11am you're obviously not trying hard enough... and twice 'went to the toilet' for 5 minutes, during which time the whole coach mysteriously smelled of fag ash) ended up having a loud, sweary argument with Phone Boyfriend that 'they were only sitting next to each other on the fucking bus, for fuck's sake'. Actually, I was quite glad of Chavvygirl as she stopped Chavvyman from trying to talk to anyone else - apart from taking a few moments to ask the foreign students behind him some random questions and then take the piss out of them for not being able to understand his weird, slurred ramblings while Chavvygirl laughed her arse off. Having sworn that there was nothing going on they then kissed as the coach pulled up and exchanged numbers, Chavvyman leaving her with the immortally romantic line 'Just put me down as "Paul Coach". Now I've got to get off. I've got to get one of them... fucking... things...' He pushed me in the back several times as we were getting off. He was a CHARMER.
c, braving Victoria's alfresco ticket 'office' (aka the worst ticket booth in the world) for five minutes, then discovering that the Viccy line was closed so what should have been a quick hop to St Pauls ended up involving three different tube lines. It was quite fun playing 'how long before somebody offers me a seat', though - and impressively I was offered a seat on every tube I got on on the way there. None on the way back, mind.

But as I say, it was all worth it. I had a lovely escape with Miss C, la Nunn and 'Brickwork' Kahn, who we only invited to look more multicultural but impressively ate with a knife and fork and didn't even try to blow us up once. She did have a bit of a headache since we were eating in the shadow of St Paul's and everybody knows that Cathedrals are built out of Muslim Kryptonite. Jokes were made. Fun was poked. Plans were planned. Some children stared at La Nunn in a Village of the Damned sort of a way. Two old people pressed their noses against the door of the restaurant like tramps in a silent movie until our mockery of them caused them to move on. We saw two brides and compared their tits. I got terribly hot, but that might have been a Preggo thing.

Vi's illness these last few days seems to have turned me into my mother. I fretted and phoned a lot, but was happy to see that she was in a far more cheerful mood by the time I got back. Fingers crossed for her being more back to normal tomorrow.

Right - washing up and laundry to do! Saturday nights are a blast!
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Epic, epic lie-in today, thanks to hubs. Mmmm, sleeeeep. And a chinese tonight. Woo-hoo!

When I finally surfaced, it was nice to see that both my Maternity Prescription Exemption had come through (aka my Pregnancy Card, as in 'I'm not doing the hoovering, I'm pregnant. Don't make me get out my Pregnancy Card!') and my new pretty Preggo Top - ici. I has Proper Bumpage now - may take a piccie at some point, since I think it's a pretty impressive Bump for 5 months. Nice to look pregnant and not just fat.

Not a great deal to report, really. Still haven't done my Tardos votes (naughty!) shall get them in later this week. And I still haven't done any work on Tomato, or any writing at all lately, due to that cheeky little Prince of Persia. Just defeated the Alchemist at the boss level. Come on!
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It's going to be a Boy Child, guys and dolls.

Out goes Penelope as a name, then!

Anomoly Scan all completely normal, BTW. A very healthy little lad.
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I ought really to be working on this ere short film script application since the deadline's coming up, but I'm back here again instead. Tra-la-la-la-laaa.

There have been many things to cheer me over the last couple of days since I was in a pregno-funk earlier this week.

Firstly, when looking for the Sledgehammer video on the youtubes I also found this:

The video to Officially The Most Cheerfulest Song Evar.

Secondly, I have fabbo new Tardos banners to share -

Particularly love the Zombie Dad one! This zombie's a wee bit riper than Charlie, mind... I may scribble a little jot of the image I have in my mind of Zombie Charles someday.

Thirdly, Vi's language is continuing to simply explode. She's coming out with new phrases constantly, and can now count up to ten and tell you the names of basic shapes. I think the latter is thanks to her new favourite programme, 'Mister Maker', which she insists on calling 'Makey Makey'... which has, of course, stuck and will forever be the name of both the programme and the presenter as far as I'm concerned.

Fourthly, I'm really starting to properly bump now. It still largely depends on what clothes I wear, but generally I do look properly pregnant rather than just fat. Bought a new maternity top today since H&M were giving out 20% off vouchers and I have a gift card for it anyway. Tis pretty and springy - there are colours in the maternity ranges once more - rejoice!

Oh yes, and it was sunny all day when it was forecast to pelt down with more snow. BONUS!
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Josie Lawrence was on Celeb Who Wants To Be A Milliner tonight! She rocks my socks. Why isn't she on telly more these days?

Thanks to some of my Flisters from across t'pond swapping notes on burger joints I now have a desperate craving for an Eat Or Die Burger from my old Student Union Bar... two burgers, bacon, cheese and a fried egg. We called it Eat Or Die because s far as we saw it, either you killed it or it killed you... *sigh* having to make do with pitta bread and dip :(
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So Vi-Vi didn't fall out again, but rather nervously slept squidged up at the wall side of her bed instead. She's still a little anxious about the prospect of sleeping in it, and had a cry when it was nap time today, but she didn't get out and is now fast asleep. She's not in the best of moods today anyway, since she has a streaming cold.

We ordered a bed rail for her to minimise night time tumbles and have realised that we won't need to buy a single duvet since we still have ours from our student days, back when we perfected the art of fitting two slightly overweight adults comfortably into a bed approximately three inches wide, and hiding one of said adults (albeit shoddily) from the cleaner who came in at about half seven every Wednesday. But that's another story. Anyhoo, once we've given my lighter duvet a good wash, we'll be attempting a move away from the sleeping bags. We gave her a pillow for this nap since she likes snuggling into ours whenever she gets into our bed, and she seems to have appreciated it, so that'll stay now, too.

Those of you who are friends with me on Faceachebook might already be aware of my ongoing struggle recently to find maternity wear suitable for my cousin's wedding in March. My main problem with this was that, if pretty much all the major Maternity wear retailers in the country are to be believed, pregnant women only ever want to wear black, charcoal grey, navy blue or a hideous paisley tent. The only dashes of colour I could find were in tops that were far too casual. Absolutely every formal top or dress I saw would have made me look like an obese waitress or a whale at a funeral. However, I eventually found this, which is still mostly grey but is at least a little bit pretty and weddingy. Also bought a pair of smart black trousers, which are never not useful. Wearing them now, and they are without a doubt the comfiest trews I have ever worn. That's one of the few benefits of pregnancy, along with being able to pretend that your Toast Belly is all part of your Bump - the clothes are just. So. Monstrously. Comfortable. Seriously, next time you're in a shop that does maternity clothes, just try some of the trousers on. They're brill.
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We watched 'Jumper' last night. Sweet Jeebs, it was shite. My opinions, let me show u them! *Spoilers* )

Anyway, apart from that and a fire in my hat, it's been a very nice day. Feeling very jealous of Americans and people with SKy who get to watch BSG and Lost already. Will probably have to wait for the DVDs of the final BSG episodes to come out (so please, no spoilers, like, forever!) and, fingers crossed, iTunes will be selling Lost episodes of a Monday so I'll be able to catch up then. Again, spoiler avoidance is love, beloved FList!

My appetite is still slowly becoming more normal, so I'm more and more capable of cooking properly and eating healthier things than just toast, toast and more toast. I finally bit the bullet and gave Vi's hair a trim tonight. Her fringe looks a bit severe. Hairdressing was never one of my strong points. Still doing character notes for the final story of The New Adventures. Bloody Hell, the notes alone are epic. And I still think I'm forgetting things. This is going to be a mammoth job.
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I am starting to enjoy some of the food that I went off in early pregnancy again, and feel up to cooking properly more and more often, which is a good thing. Made a mac cheese tonight (which I hadn't been able to stomach a couple of weeks ago) and followed my random craving for avocado with it. Yeah, I'm still getting weird, short lived cravings. Besides the avocado today for the last week or so it's been fizzy pop, which I'm usually not at all fussed about. And not just any old fizzy pop either, but caffeinated fizzy pop - cola is good, but what I really want is root beer or dandelion & burdock. Was overjoyed to find some root beer in Sainsbury's the other day and got through the whole two litre bottle in two days. Lots of caffeine + pregnant lady = not good. I think I'm just about managing to stay under the recommended maximum amount, but I'd still rather not cram lots of sugar and caffeine into myself. Am on sugar free D&B at the moment since it sates the craving, but since the sweetners in it have a bitter aftertaste it's not The Tastiest Thing In The World, Ever like the normal stuff is, so hopefully I won't want it so much.

Finally got my noms for Treasures of Tardos out - or at least the ones that I could think of. There may or may not be a sudden influx of E/D orientated fics popping up in the 'best romance' section of the nominations - don't let anyone tell you kids I'm not predictable. And Sealy, have you taken Cold Light of Day down?!? I couldn't find it. Boo!

Crossing the tees and dotting the eyes of another Rollercoaster chapter at the mo (did you get the email, [livejournal.com profile] realmlife?) and then I deffo have to do some more Zombie Dad. Or at least, stare blankly for a while longer as I attempt to remember what the Hell I was meaning to do with it.

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