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Yes - Art! From me! Hubs is teaching me InDesign & more Photoshop than the very basic stuff I know so I thought I'd have a play around with it today & made this! Ta-dah! I've put the episodes in alphabetic order instead of airdate order - It was just easier for me to remember that way. Some obvious images with the maps, some a bit more obscure.


Aug. 18th, 2011 09:55 am
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Not only has the brilliant [livejournal.com profile] redscharlach done a load of joyful Cabin Pressure icons (ici) but look! I asked her for a Martin/Molly one & she only flipping went & did one! Yay!

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I know i don't post much about family life these days, but seriously, lookit! Violet did these. Her drawing's coming on in leaps & bounds at the moment - it's amazing. Stupidly proud of that little girl.

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Oh to the Em to the Gee, these are Amazing.

Many more here.

Yes, Magazines, YES. More middle aged, normal looking models who are totally into each other. Please. Because this is fantastique.
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The artist who I linked to in my last post had done a 10 favourite characters art meme where people had to guess all the characters therein. I liked it, so I thought I'd do one (albeit a very sketchy and wonky looking one) too. Some are bloody obvious, some, I hope, less so. All from different fictional universes.

Can you get them all? )
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Day 17 is 'a Lost-related artwork'. I don't want to post any examples on here without asking her permission, but I really like this lady's Lost fanart. It's very stylised, all long necks, bright colours and swirling lines, no one's too pretty or too ugly (a very fine line, I've found, where Ben's concerned in partiular - seen many pics where he's either prettified or just looks hideous). Her portraits are very interesting and she's done some comic strips (also on the pages linked too) recapping some later episodes that are really funny.
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Day 15 is 'favourite Lost related fanfic' which is where I have to admit that, as much as I love writing fic, I almost never read it these days and haven't read any Lost fanfiction at all, despite being halfway through writing one. Hypocrisy, thy name is Scribbles. The closest thing I've enjoyed that's even been close to fanfic has been Benry Knows Best, a lovely little fancomic that most of you already know about, which paints Benj in a sweet-yet-pathetic light. The final one made me cry harder for Ben and Alex than the show ever did. Seriously, I was in tears for about 20 minutes.
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Day 10 is 'a photo of your favourite character'. To make up for the horrible predictability of this post, what follows isn't just a photo but a promo photo of the character, one of the actor, a Macro AND a video.
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Day 9 is 'A photo taken by you that's Lost related'. I don't have anything, so here's a doodle instead.

I'm gonna bake you so many hams... )
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Oooh, Pretty!
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Reader, I ordered the Winchester Tavern T Shirt. It's bright red, not pink, but it fits a dream & I love it. Hooray for free T Shirts, and also hooray for Farming World (where I've been today) and hooray for Pinky Plonky Rose Wine, what I am drinking right now. Whee!
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I won a TShirt off Last Exit To Nowhere today for generally being brilliant. Yes, I know, stop applauding.

Can't decide which to get now - Lighthouse Lounge (Goonies) or Winchester Tavern (SotD). Or whether I should just order one for Hubs because he really likes the company I won the TShirt off and because he's lovely.

I do also like the Slaughtered Lamb one but I think it might frighten Vi, or tots at the playgroup.

What do you reckon?
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Mum has been down with Sis this weekend. We went on an epic shopping trip yesterday for Sis' birthday presents and the 'non-birthday presents' that Mum still insists on buying for me every year even though I'm nearly 30 - by happy coincidence this coincided with the last day of a Debenhams Sale. Mum ended up getting a coat for sis, jeans for me & her (that's right, I now have exactly the same pair of jeans as my mother, only several sizes larger than hers. I am just so fucking hip) & a jumper for me and didn't even break £80. Bargain! Wearing the jeans now - properly comfy :)

Oh, and this is hilarious. The link I got off the brilliant Emma Kennedy on Twitter advertised it as being a school band's performance of the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme, but it's actually an adult orchestra, though they're all newcomers to the instruments they're playing. It's funnier to picture little kids doing it, though.


Sep. 6th, 2009 03:27 pm
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Photos from that meme earlier in the week...

clickety click )
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Nobody tell Friend Claire, but she's getting a massive box of Vi's 12-24 month clothes as her welcome-to-mummyhood prezzie! Tried to include plenty of basics as well as the pretty-pretty. Got all nostalgic packing it up. Alas, couldn't find the Monsoon Summer Trousers or purple hat o'cutery. Hey ho.

Vi's in a bit of a rotten mood today, *but* so far she hasn't complained that her teeth hurt at all - first time she's gone this long without needing Calpol since she bashed them in.
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More art from Toni today! Clearly, she picked up on my subconcious' desire for some Shiny Hotness :D

Gorgeous, non?
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Here are the mugs that I just spent way too much money and hassle ordering.


I got both, since I really couldn't decide which fake creators of unhinged and angsty robots I like the best. And, as we all know, there is precious little to distinguish Soong Cybernetics from Sirius Cybernetics. Share & Enjoy!
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Another New Adventures piccie from Toni.

In other news, I want a Soong Cybernetics mug now that [livejournal.com profile] tlshull has brought them to my attention.

That is all.

Until you get all my awesome Twitterpuns at midnight.


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