Jul. 23rd, 2010 11:12 pm
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Ooh, get me - two fic updates in one day! Chapter two of Orpheus is here.
Orpheus part 2 )
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A ff.net reviewer thought it would be fun to see a picture of Tasha in that much-loathed pink dress from 'Baby Got Your Head Screwed On' (The 'Time's Arrow' adventure of Rollercoaster) so here it is.

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Final Chapter. FINAL. CHAPTER.

(Only, not really, because there's Orpheus after this, but this is the last of the stories based on the Canon source.)
Hankies at maximum readiness... )
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In the words of 2Unlimited - 'You all ready for this? Doo doo doo doo doo doo doodoodoodoo...'

The First Law of Robotics )
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We're into Nemesis Territory here, folks. However, this story's set at the beginning of Nemesis, so it's all sweet. For now.

The Promise )
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More Rollercoaster - set a few weeks before the beginning of Nemesis. Just the one chapter to this one.

Seating Arrangements )
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A little two-part story here, set a few years after Insurrection, but a good year or so before Nemesis.
I Do, part 1 )
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Some violence and gore in this one, I'm afraid. I wouldn't describe it as 18 Certificate as such, but it's much stronger than the usual tone of Rollercoaster.

Chapter 4 - I, Monster )
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Second part of the story. It starts getting quite dark from here on in. You know me - I do so love to abuse my protagonists.

Chapter two - The Halo )
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Amazingly, both chilluns are currently napping at the same time right now, so here's some more Rollercoaster while I have a bit of breathing space! Set between First Contact & Insurrection, at the time of Worf & Jadzia's wedding on DS9. It's been a long time since I've seen any DS9, which might explain why the cameos from O'Brien and Bashir are a bit Last-Of-The-Summer-Wine-Ish, and Quark has more than a touch of the Colin Matthews' about him. More will be posted soon.

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Klingon go into a bar... )
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New bit of Rollercoaster, set just after First Contact - and just before the events of Chapter 1. The next one's massive and I've got so much of it to write & don't have the time or energy to do so at the moment because 2 small children with an uber-cold circulating between them in conjunction with the run-up to Chrimble is making me mega-busy. In other words, this will probably be the last new installment before the New Year at least. And at some point I need to crack on with Endgame again too. And Zombie Dad. *Sigh*

The Price )
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Set shortly after Generations. Scat singing, a compost-loving Moose, the little furry friends you never knew Thomas Edison had... and a surprise cameo. Enjoy!
Terra Firma Part 1 )
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Dearest Scribbles,

Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien are not characters in a Roy Clarke sitcom. Kindly stop writing them as if they were, lest they fall down a picturesque Yorkshire hill in an antique bathtub on wheels together.


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