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I've just worked out where I've seen Lady GaGa before!
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This is the best thing you will see today - I promise.

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Ha ha ha!!!

Brent Spiner just DM'd me AGAIN, over a joke about Yanks not spelling 'Labour' properly.

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I've been having wonderful dreams the last couple of mornings. The night before last I dreamt that I was at the BBC with Hubs - only me & Hubs were also sort-of Violet & Alex as teenagers - and there was a producer there who really wanted to make our script, which was a little bit Zombie Dad and a little bit something else - something about superhero siblings, because occasionally, the dream would flit into the narrative of the script we wanted to get commissioned. I just remembered this feeling of elation and excitement that the powers that be were so interested in helping me tell my story... then, I woke up. But that excited feeling remained. This is probably my brain's way of telling me to start putting some proper thought towards Zombie Dad.

Last night I had a dream that was The Sirens of Titan, as made by Matt Groening, with The Spine doing the voice of Malachi Constant (he'd been Tweeting the day before about the peculiarities of being well known for SciFi roles despite not really liking the genre, which must have prompted my brain to cast him in another SciFi role that he would be perfect for). I remember it looked beautiful - very lavish and odd, the way that I picture many of the scenes in the book, and suitably lonely and melancholy as well. I tweeted a description of the dream - partially because it had been so impressive at merging the text of one of my favourite writers, the visual style of one of my favourite animators and the voice of one of my favourite actors so beautifully - but also because Bothering Brent Spiner is one of my favourite Twitter activities. He then made a general tweet that suggested he didn't believe me. Maybe lots of people dreamt about him last night, in the same way that everybody apparently has a Sex Dream about David Mitchell sooner or later. Maybe he's projecting himself. Maybe he's a Witch!

In any case, Twitter is weird and wonderful and still my favourite toy because you can do something as odd & simultaneously mundane as telling Brent Spiner that you just had a dream about him. The 14 year old girl in me really, really wishes she had Twitter.

Anyway. I fancy doing this photo meme again. Nicked it off [livejournal.com profile] lady_bracknell, think it deserves a second airing.

List up to three (3) things you would like me to take pictures of. Once I've gathered up all the requests, I'll make a post with the pictures I managed to take.

Go nuts, chaps and chapettes!
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I was quoted by Graham Linehan today, which frankly makes a change from all the times I quote him.

Hubs is taking me out for a semi-surprise (as in, I only found out about it 24hrs ago, once it had all been planned) early anniversary dinner tonight at Cafe Des Amis tonight while Mum babysits.


Oh, and I bought the latest of several post-pregnancy impulse buys today - hair dye. Bright hair dye. Permanent hair dye. Shall keep you posted as to how that works out. And I was giving the tattoo parlour some funny looks as I passed it, too. 30 is rapidly drawing near, & I always said I'd get one done by then. Hmm.


Aug. 19th, 2009 02:50 pm
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Alex slept from about 8pm to 3am last night, then from 3.30 to 7. One night feed, and a quiet evening! Woo-hoo! More of that please, kiddiewink, although if he could have a feed at about 11pm then do the long stretch without waking til morning that would be even better.

And he's started smiling :D

Having lots of thoughts about Zombie Dad, but haven't had time to write any down over the last couple of days. Getting a good few ideas about the main characters and story arcs though, which is promising. May do a couple of weeks of self-enforced Script Frenzy in when Alex is sleeping through and Vi's at playschool to bang out a 1st draft.

By the way - important question time - is David Mitchell sexy? Because I had a sexy dream about him a while ago and when I mentioned it on Twitter it turned out loads of other women have as well. Someone described his 'Would, But Shouldn't', which pretty much sums it up for me. It's mainly the Funny that appeals to me, because godamm, he's a funny fella. And the Cardis don't put me off at all, as many of my crushes can out-Dorkrobe him. What say you, ladies? Oui/Non?
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I've sort-of been on Twitter Fire lately. There was last night's Sleb Flirtation Of Prime Win, and I had a little cheeky to-and-fro with News Crumpet Krishnan Guru-Murthy this morning regarding photoshopped meteor storm pictures this morning, which was nice.

And then there's my jokes, which take up the majority of my non-direct Tweets, and have been better than usual lately. So much so that [livejournal.com profile] violet_creme has requested I post them here as well and 'not let them die on Twitter'. For what they're worth... *clears throat at microphone*

Ironic Deaths:

If Dick Van Dyke were run over by a truck delivering dildoes, driven by a lesbian #ironicdeaths

If Minnie Driver were out for a walk, and was crashed into by Christopher Walken, driving a mini. #ironicdeaths

If a Celebrity Masterchef incident resulted in Stephen Fry being boiled & Frankie Boyle being fried. #ironicdeaths

If Richard Dawkins was Clotheslined face-down into a Font by Vishnu and Thor #ironicdeaths

And then, another TV Show idea:

#ideaforsaturdaynightshow Strictly Cum Dansen. Celebs battle to arouse Ted Dansen to the point of orgasm & are judged on technique & flair

*sigh* see, they don't seem so funny when I build them up first. Hey-ho. This is the sort of thing I amuse myself with these days.
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Jesus Wept! Am I seeing things or does the front page of OK Magazine actually have a blurry photo of a possibly-dead-certainly-dying Jacko being bundled into the ambulance? Did I miss a meeting where it was decided that any pretence of respect for the dying or bereaved relatives is now going to be ignored in favour of ghoulish voyerurism? Whatever you think of the bloke - I've never been a big fan in particular and went off him personally around the Earthsong/Jarvisgate incident, but I enjoy his music from the 70s & 80s still - he was still a human being, splashing pictures of him dying on the front page to flog copies of your shitty downmarket gossip rag is still diabolical. Whether the family approved of it or not (and from what I've heard about them, I wouldn't put it past 'em) it's still grotesque. We really are no better than the cunts who used to pay to point and laugh at Bedlam patients, aren't we? Modern media is rubbish.
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Have had a few 'proper' (ie both crampy & achey) contractions this evening - will they stay? Will they go? That's the beauty of childbirth - we just don't know! Hope I pop soon though - it's so bloody hot!

My Showbiz Chum Off The Telly (and I think I can now happily refer to him as My Showbiz Chum - he has recently enquired as to my wellbeing, and called me 'a very funny lady', so suck on that!) David Schneider appears to want me to LiveTweet the Labour. To which there is only one suitable reply -

I have Pralines & Cream Icecream in the freezer, and ISIHAC to listen to. These are good things.

Oh, and I highly recommend renting out 'If You See God, Tell Him', if you can - 4 parter black comedy drama by David Renwick from back in 1993. Very of-its-time, but considering that the main things it satirises are over-commercialisation, dumbing down and the then-Government's handling of Recession and mass unemployment, it's still very current. Wonderful performances from Richard Briers and Imelda Staunton as well as lots of great cameos, but the one who really shines is Ade Edminson, very much against type as a Meldrew-esque put-upon suburban everyman. Gloriously dark & surreal - touches of Gilliam, especially 'Brazil', which it seems to directly reference in certain shots.


Jun. 26th, 2009 10:02 am
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He's With Elvis Now.

Wherever that is.
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Vi is slowly getting better, and as her puffy lip goes down her mouth doesn't look *too* bad any more. She's eaten loads so far today, which is good.

plus, my friend Claire has had her baby - I wanted to beat her, or least have a Father of The Bride 2 situation where we ended up having our sprogs on the same day. But it's great news for her, and she got a girl, which was what she'd hoped for.

Plus plus I am now Celebrity Endorsed on Twitter! David Schneider recommended me for Follow Friday - I'm well chuffed! I feel like I should have a badge made up.
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Good Thing: Brent Spiner thinks exposing Twitter followers who tell him that Transgender people are 'A tragedy for God' (in response to a comment he'd made supporting Chastity Bono) for the ridicule they deserve is worth it for the lulz.

Indifferent Thing: I think it's funny to joke about the Pope's bizarre recent comment about LGBT people being 'as big a threat as Global Warming' at The Amazing Spiner-man.

Another Good Thing: [livejournal.com profile] jimmyrabbitte is a very funny guy who, while being a man of Faith, is happy to go on a long, increasingly surreal flight-of-fancy 'debate' with me about the Pope's opinions on The Spine's career, Star Trek & SciFi in general.

Very Good Thing: [livejournal.com profile] jimmyrabbitte is so funny that The Mighty Spine sees fit to RT one of his messages to me. Mine & Jimmy's Twitter usernames are therefore published to The Spine's half a million followers.

Not So Good Thing: Out of all those people - those 500,000 people who got half of mine & Jimmy's Twitterbanter RTd to them, who is the ONE SpineFollower that sees fit to follow me as a result? The 'LadyBoys make Baby Jeeboo Cry' woman.

Face, I don't believe you've been introduced to Palm. Palm, this is Face. You'll be working together from now on.

Actually, I haven't blocked her yet. Haven't followed her either. My crap, mimsy Leftiness wants to see the best in people and thinks from the Tweets she's made on her Profile she might be more well meaning but misguided than an actual, factual, frothing bigot. Shall give her the opportunity not to be a douche, but I'm really not sure why she's following me. Do I not wear my Atheism and Pro-LGBT-Rights Stance on my sleeve enough? Does she automatically assume that married, pregnant mums only come in Conservative? Does she think she can change my mind or is she genuinely open to the differing opinions of others? Hmm. We shal see.
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RIP Bea 'Femmeputer' Arthur.

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ohmygodohmygodohmygod KRISHNAN GURU MURTHY IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER!!! I couldn't be more excited if it was the Snow-Man himself! Now I have to think of some interesting things to Tweet about the Budget. It's deffo him, BTW, he's always got his Channel 4 Hat on when he Tweets. Armando is indeed the real deal too, but he unfollowed me shortly after In The Loop premiered. Boo to you, Mister Ianucci - anyone would think you had a Comedy Empire to run.
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Doing a bit of Spring Cleaning now that the sun is out and I'm feeling better. Bloody Hell, but that bathroom was a cesspit. Took ages and a whole heckuvalotta Cif Power Gel. Aaannd I went and said I'd do the lunchtime washing up as well, didn't I?


Hey Ho, have done absolutely no housework since Monday. May as well catch up. Beautiful springy day today. went for a walk around Canters getting bits of shopping, and saw a Monk in a hurry, as well as about 40 French teenagers all just sitting in the High Street outside the cornish pasty shop. Canterbury's really odd.

Oh! And Italian/Scottish Comedy Machiavelli Armando Iannucci appears to be following me on Twitter! I'm usually of the inclination that if a sleb takes any notice of a pleb like me online, it most likely isn't really them, but it seems that it might be genuine from his Tweets, which is why I started following him a few days ago. Feel really under pressure to Tweet amusingly now, although you're very likely to get a 'Bah! Fake!' update from me in a few days.
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On the rare offchance that any TNG Fans on my FList might have missed it...

Can I get a 'Fuck, Yeah'?!?

(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mrs_picard for posting originally)

I'll admit to having gone off Family Guy more and more in recent years - I think it's really gone off the boil since it got de-cancelled. Got very lazy. And yes, I know, the concept of Stewie kidnapping the TNG cast is ripped pretty much wholesale from Futurama's 'Where No Fan Has Been Before' and yes, this won't be the first time it's nicked an idea from Groening's shows and won't be the last.

But still, I am Geekily delighted and shall be trawling the naughty youtubes after it has aired for some highly illegal watching action.

Denise Crosby's supposed to be in this too, although she's not in that picture. Maybe she gets killed right at the start before she gets chance to do anything cool and then comes back a while later as Alternate!Denise, then gets killed again, then comes back once more as Alternate!Denise's evil daughter. Also - if that's TV's Wil Wheaton with the teddy bear, wha' happen to his beard? Hmm? Riddle me that, Mr McFarlane, if that is your real name, which I doubt!

You may have noticed I've signed up to have my Tweets LoudTwittered on my LJ. Since starting on Twitter I've not posted as many short, random things on this blog, due to having already Tweeted them, which I think is a shame. So now you get my inane stream-of-conciousness ramblings on here as well, you lucky people.

Gave £4 to Comic Relief today in order to play Peter Sarah-funny-witch's latest Twitter game - Vegetable/Pop Star amalgamations. Came up with Pomme De Terrorvision and The Zucchini Sisters. He didn't retweet me, but Bobby Llewellyn did, with my lame assed coriander joke. That's two Sleb Retweets so far. TWO! I'm going to go for the Hat Trick, guys and dolls. I wonder who I can mildly impress next?


Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:13 pm
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Whee! I've just been spending a very funny half hour playing Peter Serafinowicz's Sequels Game on Twitter. And he Retweeted me! I think my best suggestions were after my Retweet, but never mind. For some reason, 'Star Peace', 'Three Men and a Woman' and 'The Forty one year old Man' made me cry with laughter. I think 'Brung It On' was my best one.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Twitter? Well, I do.
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Ah-la-la, Playgym during half term. Stacked to the rafters and loads of kids that were really too old for it pegging around snatching toys and pushing the toddlers over. Again. And, again, I heard an F-Word from one of the likkle angels. BLESS. Also; a particularly large number of babies and toddlers with earrings. Nice.

I should be writing... actually no, I should be doing the washing up and then writing, but I'm still over-awed by my shiny, shiny new Twitter. Have learned it's a mistake to spend a couple of free minutes glancing through The Spine's back catalogue of Tweets as 15 minutes later I was still giggling at his horror at having to buy anti-snoring nasal strips in Large, his mild annoyance that the woman who usually stalks him at cons and asks him to sign her breasts not turning up to the last one he did ('maybe she won't have her breasts signed on the Sabbath'), his various deliberate misspellings of Wil Wheaton's name (my favourite was 'Wiiiiiiiiiil', which was, apparently, pronounced in the same manner as 'Khaaaaaaaan') and his musings on LaVar Burton's travels ('Maybe he wanted to buy some midwestern cheese'). Ah, The Spine. Less a Virtual Comedy Uncle (that position has been permanently filled by Sir Stephen of Fry), more a Virtual Housemate's Dad Who Turns Up To Help Her Move In And Then Embarrasses Her by Telling Lots Of Jokes To Her Friends.

Washing up. Definitely, definitely washing up.

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Oooohhh, I heart my new shiny Twitter toy so very much! Peter Serafinowicz is very good at the Guardian Crypitic Crossword! LeVar Burton's excited about quitting smoking! Stephen Fry had to dance in front of a camera yesterday! Joyful meaningless brainthinks of the thoroughly admirable and mildly famous!!!

Also, this latest Tardos Banner is my favourite so far by a mile -

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am very proud of The White Queen. A little bit of a Cracky concept - DnDC vs Alice, but I was really happy with how it came together, and this banner is simply lovely. Look! It even has the chessboard on it at the bottom! <3

A Very Happy International Chocolate Day (aka V-Day) to you all! I got some mega-cocoa-content Hotel Chocolat goodies. Om nom nom.

Sure I had summat else to add, but I forget now. It might be that I watched In Bruge last night and it was AWESOME. A very simple premise and plot, around which danced some of the most sparkling, refreshing, witty-yet-honest dialogue I've heard in a screenplay for a long time. Great stuff. And the dwarf in it is a local boy. Woo, local dwarf!

Right. Better get on with my own script. Maybe after checking Twitter one more time...
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Josie Lawrence was on Celeb Who Wants To Be A Milliner tonight! She rocks my socks. Why isn't she on telly more these days?

Thanks to some of my Flisters from across t'pond swapping notes on burger joints I now have a desperate craving for an Eat Or Die Burger from my old Student Union Bar... two burgers, bacon, cheese and a fried egg. We called it Eat Or Die because s far as we saw it, either you killed it or it killed you... *sigh* having to make do with pitta bread and dip :(

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