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Jun. 17th, 2010 10:09 pm
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[ profile] sharelle, I need to reply to you re London but i don't know now how possible it'll be to get up there due to other peoples' commitments (can't take the kids up on my own!) I'll see what I can do though.

Been down to Hastings today for Hubs' birthday. Pub lunch, larks at the deserted seafront funfair... oh, and. Cake. Mmm. Cake.
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Ahhh, this weekend is being the anti-last-weekend so far! Vi's party was brilliant fun, despite the fact that the three friends who came were from different things and therefore didn't know each other they largely got on very well, they played musical bumps & pass the parcel nicely, Vi was a gracious and charming hostess, sharing her toys and space, Alex was delighted by the guests (and the balloons) and the spread appeared to be a hit. Nobody was too shy or too excitable to enjoy themselves. And then I went into town and bought a pretty new top and sexy new coat that fit best in the dress size lower than I usually get. Today has been a day of WIN.

Only bummer is that, having slept really well all week, Alex had a really bad night last night. Hope he fares better tonight.

Cider, leftover biccies & cake (alas, the jelly all got eaten) and a bit of writing tonight, I think. Nice.
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Please excuse that voice post - I had mentioned to [ profile] ladybracknell that I cannot sing 'I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor' without doing it like The Wurzels for reasons unknown & she asked to hear. I am doing it in hushed tones because a, both kiddles are napping and b, I felt stupid.

And it turns out that's my first post of the year! I have been busy busy busy with more family visitations, Birthday stuff & getting back to the normal routine this week until all the snow fell like a big freezing duvet, bringing everything to a stop today. Hubs has been off work today (yay) but it'll probably be clear enough for him to go in tomorrow (boo) and I hope it'll remain clear over the weekend so I can get Vi to her friends' birthday party on Saturday.

Speaking of which, the lady herself turns three next week - eeee! So excited! Her sudden interest in fairy tales and froofy princesses coincided nicely with a sale of Classic Disney DVDs. (Don't worry, we offset all the frilliness of her birthday presents with a Lego Firestation & Aeroplane for Christmas). Now I just need to buy the party favours & pass-the-parcel present (Early Learning Centre was shut today due to stupid snow), and bake the cakes (chocolate cupcakes this year I think) and prepare another Party Spread.

At some point, I might get chance to breathe.

But it's not right now.
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Happy St David's Day, everybody!

And it's a lovely springy 1st of March here in Canters. Fun day with Uni friends Kev & Leah today, hopefully (have to bear in mind how phenomenally shite British Public Transport is on a Sunday). Laters, dudes and dudettes!
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Oooohhh, I heart my new shiny Twitter toy so very much! Peter Serafinowicz is very good at the Guardian Crypitic Crossword! LeVar Burton's excited about quitting smoking! Stephen Fry had to dance in front of a camera yesterday! Joyful meaningless brainthinks of the thoroughly admirable and mildly famous!!!

Also, this latest Tardos Banner is my favourite so far by a mile -

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am very proud of The White Queen. A little bit of a Cracky concept - DnDC vs Alice, but I was really happy with how it came together, and this banner is simply lovely. Look! It even has the chessboard on it at the bottom! <3

A Very Happy International Chocolate Day (aka V-Day) to you all! I got some mega-cocoa-content Hotel Chocolat goodies. Om nom nom.

Sure I had summat else to add, but I forget now. It might be that I watched In Bruge last night and it was AWESOME. A very simple premise and plot, around which danced some of the most sparkling, refreshing, witty-yet-honest dialogue I've heard in a screenplay for a long time. Great stuff. And the dwarf in it is a local boy. Woo, local dwarf!

Right. Better get on with my own script. Maybe after checking Twitter one more time...
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Today is a very important day for me and Big NC - for it was a decade ago this very night that he asked me to go out with him, and apart from the odd hiccup along the line we've been together ever since!

We were going to get a curry to celebrate, but we're a bit Celebrationed Out after a lunch of party food and a dinner of Chinese with the folks yesterday, so we're saving it for later in the week.

We watched Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky last night - after I'd complained since the only films of Mike Leigh's I could remember were Naked, which I'd hated, and Vera Drake, which isn't exactly a light hearted romp for all the family. Anyway, I really enjoyed it - not particularly spoilerish, but cut just in case... )
Beautiful day today, innit? It almost smells like Spring. Almost.
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Whee! It's Vi-Vi's big oh-two today! And she's been in a brilliant, if slightly cheeky, mood all day! Hardly any whinging, but she did create massive messes with her toys in both her bedroom and the front room. A nice, but tiring day. Since she's already got loads of toys from Christmas we just got her a few books (Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum and Where The Wild Things Are) and are going to add an extra contribution to her trust fund so that she can spend it on the ONE MILLION POUND tuition fees that there will doubtless be by the time she's ready for Uni.

Thanks for the Family Reunion Review, Sealy McWheely of the clan McFeely! I MUST get on with it, especially since I've just completed another Rollercoaster story. Spent five minutes staring at it tonight. I know where I need to get to (it involves flash cards with Pulp Fiction quotes on them), I just seem to have forgotten how to get there at the moment.
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Oh God!

Vi's party was only from 11.30 til about 2pm, but I am still absolutely tatered. Seriously, I could quite happily sleep now for the rest of the day. It wasn't even any stress - There were three tots plus Violet, all were impeccably behaved, and their mums, with one dad, all of whom I get on very well with. We grazed on party food and chatted and then sat in the living room while the kiddles played with balloons, dressing-up and books, and again chatted. Not exactly exhausting. But yeah, I'm still pooped. The mad rush this morning to get everything clean and tidy and way too much party food on the table added to the tiredness, plus I think I might be getting a cold, plus, y'know, the whole 14 weeks pregnant thing doesn't help.

Still, Violet appeared to really enjoy herself, and apart from the two younger tots being a bit overwhelmed at first and occasionally falling over, so did the guests. Hubs bonded fairly instantly with Henry, our token Boy, and was playing Balloon Football with him in the corridor. I think he'd like Rerun to be a son. We'll see.

It's nice to know that I can successfully throw a kiddie's party though, if only on the small scale at the moment. And next Saturday is the Family Party, so I'm doing this all over again!
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Well, as usual, I am actually having a very nice birthday. Quieter than last year obviously, considering my condition, but still very nice. I have been given an awful lot of chocolates, including Green & Blacks which I've never had before except in ice cream form, but are bloody lovely. Mum has now left, and been replaced with the MiL, who is babysitting while I get taken out to dinner by Hubby. Cafe Desmond Amis. Yum!

Got some nice tops from Mummy, or at least as nice as Maternity tops can get (no point getting any non Maternity/baggy clothes for me, since I'm likely to start getting big within the next month or so) and I was very excited indeed to actually find Maternity jeans that a, look nice and b, fit me. Seriously, what is the deal with Maternity jeans? H&M do them all so tight that even a size 20 won't fit over my arse, Dotty P's are so baggy that most size 18s are falling off me and didn't have any size 16s beside one very unflattering pair. And, as I have already stomped my feet about, Debenhams decided to withdraw their maternity range as soon as I effing well needed it. Anyhoo, found one pair of slim cut size 18s that weren't in danger of plummeting anklewards at the slightest provocation, and very nice they are too. And they were a TENNER! Get in! So I'm wearing them with one of my new tops tonight. Maternity trousers are very convenient when planning to eat a great big dinner.

And I was right about Tomb Raider. I had gone the wrong way. Easily fixed, though, and now I'm swimming around the Arctic sea in an inappropriately skimpy wetsuit with a hilarious giant magic hammer for twatting baddies with. Fun!
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Can't talk. Raiding Tombs.

Actually, that's a lie. I'm laying off the old Raiding today because a, I was getting to the point yesterday where every moment I wasn't playing the game I was thinking about how to solve the puzzle I was up to. While I was trying to nod off last night I was mentally picturing backtracking out of the room I'm currently in and back to the big hall o'broken walkways, since I think I might have gone the wrong way. When you can't close your eyes without seeing the Aristocratic Action Barbie swinging from ledge to tarantula-infested ledge, it's time to take a break.

Plus, b, my Ma's down for my birthday weekend.

Yeah, it's that time of year again, when Scriblington's mood suddenly swings from Christmas Cheery to Birthday Bluesy. I'm not even really sure why it is. Maybe because it sneaks up on me every year; hiding fiendishly behind the double distraction of Chrimble and New Year. Maybe because it has a tendency to sneak up on others - it tends to get forgotten rather a lot. Maybe because I've had my fair share of bad birthdays - but then, haven't we all? And I've had plenty of super birthdays too, largely thanks to hubs who is great at cheering me. It's certainly not the prospect of getting older... 30's still a whole year away and I've already embraced it thanks to Hubs and many friends already hitting and passing that milestone. I don't know - for some reason I feel it's a pressure that weighs on me when people ask what I want to have/do for my birthday, which is frankly ridiculous. Maybe it's because I go from sharing two big festivities with everyone to the focus suddenly being on me. I don't know. I just feel... flat. Boo.

Plus we've got the kiddies' party for Vi's birthday next weekend and I'm so unprepared. Family birthday party is the weekend after that. It's all go round here!
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Bleurgh. Haven't got to sleep until very late for the past two nights. Not sure why. Actually, last night it might have had to do with the Chinese we ate (for some reason, I never sleep well after eating Chinese), the nap I took during Vi's nap to feel a little more human and the fact that we finally got a working PS3 and were able to play with our new toys. Lara Croft might have been scampering around a sinking freighter for a while after midnight. Anyway, the result is, I'm tired. Yesterday I felt like a zombie with a headache (do zombies get headaches?) today I just feel like a normal zombie.

Anyway, between feeling like crappity and mashing buttons like a spoid, I have been Entertaining. Ian's down for new year and Dr Floheim dropped by last night as well. Ian supplied us with an A3 sheet of paper covered in stream-of-conciousness ramblings, and we all amused (by which, I mean 'bewildered and irritated') Flo by making up German words for his benefit. You will all be pleased to hear that the Toilet has now been rebranded in German as the Autoscheisseflushen... with an umlaut over the last u. We then decided to write a trilogy of Auquatic Thrillers - in the first, a group of convicts fall of a bridge in Paris (Criminally In Seine), in the second, a group of people born outside of wedlock fall off the Isle of Wight Ferry (In Solent Bastards) and in the third, a group of Scousers try to travel to Cairo by Submarine (Deep In De Nile). Sounds like a winner! Oh, and I broke husband by doing an impression of the Queen having her tits fall out at an inconvenient moment. Larks.

I've been getting loads of fairly random reviews for my fics. All very complimentary, just odd that I've had four since yesterday despite not updating recently. Evidentally everybody's had enough of talking to their families and decided to hit the interwebbez instead.

Happy New Year, everybody peeps!
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So I talked Hubs into getting a couple of party bags of choccies for Trick or Treaters this year... and we were enjoying it. The 'kids' tended to be a bit too old, but they'd gone to the effort of dressing up and were generally pretty polite... then Hubs answered the door to two horrible fat kids who glared at him when he offered them chocolates as if he'd just spat in their eyes, then took some chocs and shuffled off without a word of thanks. Bah. Blatantly just after money. Blatantly. Ungrateful pricks. Those of you t'other side of the pond might not be aware that Halloween has only really been celebrated with anything nearing the enthusiasm that youse Yanks do for a few years. Trick or treating is a very new thing over here - I never did it as a kid. I think as more people get into it and get sweeties in if they're going to answer the door and not get caught short and resort to giving out pound coins, hopefully Trick or Treating will become more the little kids' thing that it seems to be over your way, and the surly adolescants will give up on using it as a means for acquiring fag money.

Anyway. We've gone back to hiding now. We're nearly out of sweeties anyway and anybody knocking at this time of night is much more likely to be a fat teenager in a clown mask than a posse of cute kiddies with their mums.

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Today is my & hubs' anniversary - 4 whole years!

Violet has decided to celebrate this by being an absolute nightmare to put down for her nap - two attempts so far have ended with her screaming herself into such a tizzy that it's taken ages to calm her down. God knows what's up with her. Attempt number three right now after sitting with her til she was practically asleep seems to have worked, but that was a *war*. Took nearly an hour. Cup of tea in a sec - I think I deserved it!

Thank you for my review, Fay! Funnily enough, that's the second old short fic that I'd almost forgotten about to get a review from out of the blue in a week. I like it when that happens :)

Oh, and I'm writing a Dixon Hill adventure into Rollercoaster at the moment, due to take place mid Season 4... it is so much fun. I'm deliberately trying to make the narrative voice as Pulpy as possible. I've already used the word 'Frisco' and the sentence 'the blonde’s coquettishly crossed legs just went on and on until Doomsday'. Add to that the ubiquitous Holodeck Malfunction, a three-way Detective Crossover and characters regularly breaking the Dixon Hill-verse 4th Wall and you've got yourself a very silly Scribbles. The title is going to be '"Merde", He Wrote'. Joy! I might even throw in Luxemburg's Finest Crimefighting Duo Jean D'Arme and Jacques Ouze (most likely played by O'Brien and Barclay) for shits and giggles.


Tea for me.


Aug. 8th, 2008 09:04 pm
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Hello, I'm back, had lots of fun although Vi slept really badly all four nights. Not so much of an issue when we were able to lie in, but we had to leave at 10 this morning so after finally nodding off at about 6 I had to be up again at half 8. A nap this afternoon has meant I can at least talk in a straight line but it's still taking me much more effort than it should to type this short greeting so I think I'll leave off attempting anything more coherant until tomorrow.

Hope you all had a good week!

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Obviously, the weather waits til our holiday to start pissing it down!

Oh well, it'll still be fun.

See you kids later!

Scribbles out
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BOOOOO!!! I have Man Flu! I have never been so susceptable to colds before I started going to toddler groups with Vi. She seems fine, but I have phlegm EVERYWHERE, and it's turned me into a right grumpy bastard, and on Hubs' birthday too! Had to abandon him when he got in from work for a lie-down, I felt so crap. My face is itchy, all I can smell is snot and my Vicks stick and lip balm need to go wherever I do. Poo.

Birthday Boy is happily trying to kill the last Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus before he moves on to Lego Indiana Jones. I baked him cookies. I can be a good wife when I need to be!

Slowly watching S3 of TNG at the moment (although we've had Razor come through from LoveFilm, so that might have to wait a bit now). Ensigns of Command is Hilarious, for all the wrong reasons. The 'guest' actors awful, just awful! I don't even think they were actors, just randoms they dragged off the street, and for some reason all the characters felt a need to repeat the exposition to one another ad-nauseum. Our favourite part was the sweat-and-blood aquaeduct, although I also liked Data's Crazy Stalker Woman, who blatantly Had A Fiddle when he was in his little 'oh noez, I have been electrocuted again' faint. Oh, and Colm Meany pretending to play the Cello. Joyful!


Mar. 25th, 2008 11:09 am
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Memo to self - doing the 4 hour drive from Wales to canters or vice versa after Violet's bedtime may work very well when circumstance dictates that you *have* to do it then. When you decide to do the drive at that time of night because you think it'll be easier it will turn out, in fact, to be A Bollocks Idea.

Traffic was fine, apart from the M4 around Bristol being a bit busy at 7ish last night, and the run is a fast one - the trouble is all in getting a baby who wakes up when you park up at half 10, having slept over 3 hours in the car, to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. When we got to Mum's it took us til 1am to get her to go to bed, and last night on returning we didn't even manage to do that. After several foiled attempts I gave up the ghost (again, at about 1 in the morning) and let her spend the night with us. I was forever waking up to make sure the duvet wasn't over her head etc etc, and she woke up again at quarter to 7.


Eating some Easter Egg, then off to do the first in a long queue of laundry loads, then going to attempt a nap, because I'm typing like a mentalist.

Rest of our long Easter break away was great, though. It's just a bit of a rude awakening back in the real world today!
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May you all find your Inner Welshman on this Taffiest of days!

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