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It's highly unlikely that I'll be going up to the West End to see the new Oliver, since

a, I don't go out any more,
b, When I *do* get out, and go to Smokey I'd rather meet up with my chums and talk a load of old rot in a pub somewhere than catch a show
c, West End Shows with TV Talent Contests attached = Blah. The trailer alone for I'd Do Anything had so many Stage School Moppets in it that I wanted to fling a shoe at the TV Set.

But... the casting of Fagin has definately got me interested. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7315388.stm I'm glad to see Rowan Atkinson is playing a Bastard again. In fact, I'm glad to see he's back in the acting saddle after his breakdown, because I like him. Only trouble is, when Rowan plays a Bastard, he turns sexy, which Fagin surely shouldn't be. Hmm.
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As You Like It was fantastic! It was, in fact, As I Liked It. Does what it says on the tin - smashing! I thoroughly endorse this performance and suggest that everybody who lives even vaguely near Canterbury goes to see it, even though they don't have the hog roast/marshmallowy hot chocolate of previous years.

There's a character in it called Jacques who IS Greaves! Tall, skinny, beardy sack of misery... actor who played him is a frigging comedy genius. Me & Hubby are going to write a film for him called 'Fuck Me! It's Tom Peters!' For that is his name.

Have coined a new phrase for something that's really stressful and crap, yet at the same time really inconsequential - Spidershit. Please feel free to use it as often as possible until it gets into the lexicon.
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There's a line in one of my favourite Julian & Sandy sketches that goes 'Ows about a bit of As You Like It in the open air?'

And tonight I'm going to have some! Creation's Open Air Shakespeare rocks - last year's Much Ado was one of the best Shakey performances I've ever seen... plus I get to go for free! My job may suck worse than a 5 dollar manwhore but it does have some perks...

Veggie burgers and rice for tea. What a terribly leftwing day I am having....

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