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Die Hard. Best Christmas movie, hands down.

Also - Muppets Christmas Carol

Tokyo Godfathers

the League of Gentlemen Christmas Special

Blackadder's Christmas Carol

and The Snowman.

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God Bless you, Mister B at Christmastime, and Baby Jesus too,
If we were little pigs, we'd sing piggywiggywiggywiggywoo...

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Dec. 15th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Haven't posted here in a while - been mega mega uber busy - have had time to read stuff OL and do little comments & Tweets but little else.

The kids seem to have finally stopped passing that bloody cold to one another, although Alex still has a bit of a cough that keeps waking him up at night = bad sleep for all of us.

Bit manic with the run-up to Christmas - did the dry-run of baking for my extended family at the weekend - Christmas biscuits and the Nigella Chocolate & Pistachio fudge recipe that [livejournal.com profile] ladybracknell very kindly put on her LJ. Thought the biscuits were a bit rubbish at first, but now they're iced they're super. The fudge is amazing.

Christmassy things have continued a-go-go this week with us all going to Bluewater yesterday to do some last bits of shopping & take Vi to see Father Christmas in his Grotto. Unfortunately, Vi was just frightened of him. She also wanted to go on several fairground rides (a kiddies railway, a big wheel and the dodgems) which she decided half way through every time she didn't like any more. Oh well. And then there was the Toddler Group Chrimbo party today, which was lovely. Vi managed about 2 minutes of parachute play and then gave up on any semblance of organised fun and scampered off to chase her friend Henry (also disinclined to join in with the main events) round on a trike. Party food lunch for both of us. God, kids' party food is tasty. Why can't we always live off buffets of cocktail sausages, skips and jammie dodgers, eh? Answer me that, if you're so smart.
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We've got a plastic tree that I bought for a tenner from Woolies the first year me and hubs were living together (2001) - it's starting to smell a bit fusty now after being in the spooky cupboard under the stairs for a few years so we may possibly splash out on a new one either this year or next - doubtless from somewhere dead classy like Wilkos or Argos. Those are our only decs apart from cards (it's a squeeze fitting the tree into the front room as it is). We usually put the tree up either the 1st or 2nd weekend of December, and it comes down again on the 6th of Jan. It'll be nice to get Vi to help hang the baubles this year - and Santa's going to leave chocolates on the tree for her this Christmas Eve!

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Ahhh, Canterbury. Where else can you see the head of the Anglican church on top of a bus bobbing up and down to 'We Three Kings' like a cheeky Chemistry teacher surreptitiously entertaining the kids behind the headmaster's back at a Christmas Assembly? Where, I asks 'ee?

Didn't stay for all of it because Milady was getting tired and cross, but made it to Jingle Bells, which is very nearly the end anyway. We watched the Tale of Despareux (cheers, Bafta) which is good but a bit confused and episodic. There are hardly any complete goodies and hardly any complete baddies, almost everyone altered their morality based on their circumstances, which I liked, but I thought might be a bit bewildering for kiddiewinks who are used to films where you know who the heroes and who the villains are straight off. Anyway. I loved Miggory. She's a very Scribbles sort of character!

Presents, under tree/in stocking and then bed, I think. I'm knackered today!

Happy Christmas, everybody. Have good 'uns, be sweet to your loved ones, feel the cheer and so on.

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Stupidly, I stayed up to watch Peter Sarah-fanny-wedge last night, even though I was knackered. Luckily, it was great. The Brian Butterworth Christmas Pizza sketch isn't on the youtubes for me to share with you unfortunately, but here's an older clip - Ringo Starr doing Goldfinger. Brillaint.

Yaaaayyyy, Hubby's home from work! Me and Vi had a very boring morning this morning - this avo we can go for a little jaunt, then cook an early tea for her, then it's off to see Archbishy Badgerface and sing carols outside Tesco, as is our custom.

Happy Christmas!
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Further Memo to self: if you think Sainsbury's is fucking evil the day before Chrimble Eve, do NOT attempt M&S! Also, any attempt to buy chocolate coins from Dec 22nd onwards will be cruelly thwarted, since at that point trying to find a bag is like looking for the Ark of the motherfucking Covenant.

The Cathedral grounds were nice today, though. Vi spent a while pointing at the sheep in the slightly scary lifesize Nativity scene. Plus it looks like we Whittard's fans might have dodged a bullet - looks like it's been bought and won't be liquidised after all. Didn't stop Hubs from going on what he described as a 'Middle Class Panic Run' stocking up on our favourites in his lunch break.

Chrimbo Meme stolen from Lady B.


Life stuff

Dec. 23rd, 2008 12:07 pm
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It has become apparent today how much I rely on my various morning groups and activities in the week. We have no Mums & Toddlers today, and it's too grey and dismal for the park. Instead, we watched an awful lot of cartoons and then went to Sainsbury's to get the things that were either unavailable or really manky when we did the big Christmas grocery shop at Asda last night. Memo to self: Never go to a supermarket in the late morning two days before Christmas ever again. It was heaving, and worst of all... they didn't have any chocolate coins! None at all, eleventy! I got us all a chocolate orange and some jelly babies to share, we've got Toblerone and Vi's got loads of chocolate buttons, but it's not the same. Moop :(

Anyhoo, Vi nodded off at the tills and went to bed without any fuss as soon as we got in, so she's having a much earlier nap than usual, which means a longer afternoon. Oh well, maybe we can go out for a little walk this avo if it's still light enough; go to the Cathedral and point at the Baby Jeebs. And tomorrow I only have to entertain her alone for the morning (plus the Muppets are on, which might help) and then Daddy's home until the 6th of Jan!

Our PS3 is still dicked, but the nice people at Sony are sending us a new one. Unfortunately it won't get here til the 30th, so we won't be able to play with any Playstation based Christmas presents until then. We may be forced to actually talk to each other, by gumbo.
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In which Tasha Yar's Grandad and Ziggy Stardust pretend to be mates and then sing a nice song about Christmas and that.

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*To the tune of 'Rawhide'*

Baking, baking, baking,
Getting out my cake-tins,
Baking loads of loverly nosh,
I'm baking Hell for leather,
Like a more rotund Nigella,
Except that I'm not Jewish or posh.

Weigh 'em out, sieve 'em in, stir 'em round, boil 'em up,
Pour 'em out, let 'em cool, them cakes,
Mix 'em round, spoon 'em out, oven on, bake 'em up,
Turn 'em out, an behold MY CAAAAAAAAAAAKKKES!
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I purposefully shied away from Christmassy Things for Happy Week, but that's over now and, bollocks to it. I fucking love Christmas, so there.

Ella Fitzgerald and some bloke that isn't Louis Armstrong but should be singing Baby It's Cold Outside. With authentic Vinyl scratches!

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Whee! Despite my feeling really crap today we have our 'decs' up - consisting of our tree and a bit of wire garland on the shelves to hang Christmas cards on... although I've just remembered that we have a holly bush in the garden so I might go out tomorrow and clip a few sprigs.

Our tree is starting to smell funny - for most of the year it lives in a box in the slightly damp cupboard under the stairs and has started to pick up a bit of a musty smell. Plus the top bit doesn't quite fit on properly these days. Might just get a new one next year. It's very pretty with all its baubles on though. Vi enjoyed hitting them so that they swung around, which is an improvement on last year when she just tried to eat them.

Plus I braved town this afternoon (Glahhhh! Too many people!) and got sis another Christmas pressie (since what she asked for cost all of a fiver) so now apart from getting stocking fillers, something else for Hubs and baking the cakes for the Mafia I think I'm done. And I've nearly finished writing the Chrimble cards. I might actually be ahead of schedule this year!
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I haven't had an LJ comment notification in days now... I know Meg Mog's having the same trouble, I don't know if anyone else is... basically, if I haven't replied to something you've written I'm not necessarily being purposefully rude! I'm waiting for the day when I get a week's worth of comments all in one, inbox-clogging lump.

Anyway. I am feeling increasingly Christmassy at present, with Advent just around the corner. Getting very excited about it this year because it should be fun for Violet. She's got a Christmas party at her Toddler Group in a few weeks, we'll be having Nana Visits, which she'll love, and we intend to take her out to sing Carols with the Archbishy on Chrimble Eve. Touch wood she won't be poorly like she was last year!

Hubs bought The Snowman on a whim earlier this year, and Violet loves it. We watched it, at her request, both yesterday and the day before. As soon as the theme started and those scratchy, pencil crayon lines drew us down to a lonely country house deep in snow, I started to well up. Not necessarily just because I know the film has a sad ending, but because of something else - I feel that the film is deeply connected to my childhood. The images themselves have a faintly faded quality to them because of the way it was animated. I know the whole thing absolutely off by heart, and it really does take me back to childhood Christmases, when my Dad was alive and my parents were happy together, when my Grandparents were still alive and we'd get so excited about the long drive to visit them. Eating chocolate money in our pyjamas... playing Sardines at Nana & Grampy's with my cousins at New Year's Eve... the old plastic Christmas tree with the same baubles and tinsel as every year, and the Angel I'd made at Nursery school as the tree topper... The Snowman is the Ghost of Christmas Past to me. It makes me nostalgic for those simpler days, and it makes me sharply miss those people who I loved back then who are no longer with me, but it doesn't make me sad, watching it on our little sofa with my daughter on my lap, because it also reminds me that she has all the Christmases of childhood yet to come. Hopefully in 30 years or so, she'll be able to think back to being excited about seeing her Grandparents, and to happy, secure times with her mum and dad, and all those other things that I look back on now.

See, this is one of the big reasons that I love Christmas - it's such a Constant in our society. It's a real marker for you to reflect back on your life so far. I love it.
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Horrible dream this morning. It started out as a fairly generic travel dream, but at one point I looked out of the window of the aeroplane I was on and saw that the sky was just full of other planes, all hanging in the sky like space debris. I asked what was going on and someone told my that all the planes were full of people trying to escape, 'because of the war'. Them I found out that two European countries - definitely France, and Bulgaria, I think, were on the brink of a major Nuclear conflict - not good for us living just a stone's throw from France. We were making plans to abandon Kent for the relative safety of my Mum's house in Wales, but were then told that it was OK, a peace negotiation had been reached. We relaxed... and then heard the Three Minute Warning siren. Paris was about to be bombed, and in the dream we were close enough to get the fallout. We threw Vi in the car and sped off, but our journey took us along the South coast and as we drove I saw a great grey cloud rushing over the sea towards us. We were hit with a rushing wind, followed by teen foot high waves which curled over the motorway, but somehow didn't sweep us back to sea. It was too late, and a rush against time at the same time. If we could make it to Mum's before the radiation poisoning killed us, maybe there was hope. I just remember being so frightened for Violet, I desperately didn't want her to die alone in the back seat of the car. We stopped the car to check on Vi, she seemed OK, but when I was about to get back in I felt incredibly dizzy and passed out. I remember thinking that this was the end before I woke up... horrible stuff.

On a lighter note, we had Vi's Christmas presents delivered yesterday! So exciting! We've got her a doll's house and a little Romany caravan that came free with it, a baby doll and a dolly pushchair. All sounds excessively Girlie, I know, but it's the stuff that she plays with loads at Playgroup. The only thing she plays with more is the Wendy House, and we don't have the money or the space for one of those!
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Christmas sucks when your baby's sick :(

A day long temperature, grizzles, little appetite (her Christmas dinner has been put in the fridge in case she feels better tomorrow), a lovely big orange puke at afternoon snack time and the last hour trying to get her to bed. Doubtful that she'll remain there all night as well.

In the periods when she wasn't feeling grumpy, tired, nauseus or all three however, she seemed to really like the toy flip phone that Santa got her and clutching at her bag of chocolate buttons. Alas, feeding her three of said buttons may have been what caused the almighty vomit.

I got Heavenly Sword and a new all-singing all-dancing MP3/movie file player - a bit like a PSP but smaller and with no games. Hubs even uploaded the first episode of GBoEF onto it to check it worked. Bless. Reynolds in pants 1st thing on a Chrimble morning has to be a good thing.

Taping Who and Mister Harry, due to the long putting-to-bed.

Toblerone and chicken sarnies, I think.
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Well, Twinkle seemed to enjoy (by which, I mean Tolerate) the carol singing better than she did the fireworks of a couple of months back. She was a bit grizzly, but then she was tired. She appeared to enjoy it more towards the end. There was a fella behind us who didn't seem to understand the concept of an intro to a song, and started singing on his own as soon as the band started up every single time. It gave us the giggles.

We have decided on Goodies Christmas Specials to get us in the festive mood tonight. The Instant Christmas sketch, The Goodies & The Beanstalk and possibly Earthanasia too. We spent the day watching a lot of bits of films - twenty minutes of My Fair Lady here, half an hour of Chitty there. C'est la vie when you've got a tiny tot, I suppose. Still, tomorrow should be fun even if Violet doesn't understand what's going on.

Have great Christmasses, kids.
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Oh, why is it that at this time of Goodwill To All Men my fellow man must make this bloody difficult by becoming extra-specially obnoxious and shit? Mainly the dickless boy racer who pelted down the wrong side of the road at me, forcing me to reverse out of his way and not even slowing down for me to do that. Yes love. I get the point. You're sexually inadequate. No need to hammer it home, dear.

Mind you, doing the big Christmas Shop at Asda three days before Christmas isn't exactly the best way to get into the Christmas Spirit, packed as it was with fatties, thickies, ambling cattle-people with 18 children and one woman who looked like Amy Winehouse had aged 20 years and allowed Paris Hilton to dress her as part of some weird bet. Still. Lots of lovely Christmas nosh has now been bought, and since Mummy Dearest has finally taught me how to make gravy from scratch I can finally dispatch with the bleedin' Bisto. Fare thee well, lumpy, salty, hydroganised gloop!

Oh, and the Archbisy of Wales has come out with some frankly offensively ignorant and hysterical hyperbole about 'Atheist Fundamentalism' and how we all want to cancel Christmas http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7156783.stm Except that it's all a load of sweaty bollocks. All the 'cases' of nasty baby eating Atheists (or the oft-blamed, rarely-seen PC Brigade - pick an Elusive Villain Du Jour, they're all interchangable anyway) silencing the poor downtrodden Christian majority that he's clever enough to vaguely reference rather than going into any kind of detail about are actually urban legend and were debunked as such a whole year ago. http://www.guardian.co.uk/christmas2006/story/0,,1967367,00.html A Major Religion? Making shit up and selling it as fact to try to discredit any sort of challenge to their system? Whoda fuckin' thunk it, eh? Still. At least the Beeb were impartial enough to point this discrepancy out in their reasoned and dispassionate article. *Rolls eyes*.

Hey Ho. Another Festive Season, another Festive rant from Yrs Trly.

Back to Wales, in brief... apart from the funeral service turning out to be a full requiem mass, which Gramps hadn't wanted, that part all went well. Some smashing speeches, good turn out, Vi behaved impeccably and charmed the pants off everybody at the wake. The wake adjourned to Mum's house with the whole Mafia (including the French Contingent!) with the traditional Day Family Food & Booze Extravaganza. The planned internment... not so good. In fact, he is still un-interred. We all turned up at Nana's grave in our Widow's Weeds, only to find they'd dug up the wrong spot. D'oh! It had to be postponed. Still, I stuck to what I said then - it's not like he's getting any deader, we can all wait the extra few days to make sure he's in exactly the resting place that he wanted.

And Hubs has a cold. Poor Hubs. Have been feeding him Vitamin C and Reddy Brek.
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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a bizzaire card from a 35 year Gay man and his 41 year old BF, sealed with a sticker out of Heat of Baby from Dirty Dancing, filled with glitter that I have to frantically scrape up off the floor before Violet eats it.

We've just had a champion family morning nap. Cozy.
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Didn't do much of any use today - partially due to the fact that Vi decided she'd wake up at ten to midnight and stay awake til about quarter past 2, so we all needed a lie in. Have decided to bake for the extended rellies by way of their Chrimble pressies (since I'm seeing them all next week for the funeral anyway). Going to attempt gingerbread and mince pies at the weekend. Have never done pastry before. Should be interesting.

Need to check Vi still fits into the formal dress I got for Jools & Sylv's wedding blessing, for the funeral (OK so it's not black... it's dark purple cordoroy with little brown flowers and pink sleeves - formal, dark and muted) It was a bit of a tight squeeze at the blessing, if it doesn't fit her we'll have to get her a new frock - luckily I've seen some in grey, and even one in black around, so I can at least get something suitable. Her shoes'll clash, though. Did I mention, Vi now has proper shoes? They were from Clark's, little brown and pink velcro affairs, like trendy trainers, only £9 - bargain!

Bit of a boring post. Hey Ho.

Freezing out, innit?

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