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(Don't mind me, just plopping some of my fanfic where I can find it easily)

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Hello again! And even though I'm still probably too busy to be writing fanfic, the latest Cabin Pressure was just so smashing that it grabbed me & I did a little fill for the anon meme.

Before I cut to that, my general air of business is down to the fact that Newsjack is back next week and BBC Radio 4 are also doing a non topical sketch show for unsolicited writers so I've been doing a few bits to submit for that. I really recommend to anybody looking to get into comedy writing to submit to either or both. Here's the link to info on Newsjack and here's the info on The Show What You Wrote if you're interested.

Also I have a plug in that some of my material's going to be in Newsjack Revisited on Radio 4 next Wednesday at 11 so that I can listen through the BITTER BITTER TEARS that I am expecting after next week's Cabin Pressure. One of my sketches is the featured clip on the web page too, which is nice.

Right! On to the fic. It's short and sexy, it's M/T - my new best ship - and has spoilers for Xinzhou.
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Hello! Hello to the 4 or 5 of you who are still here! I've been busy. Very busy doing stuff. I had some sketches commissioned for last season's Newsjack and things have snowballed from there. I've done some bits of work on Radio 4's Dilemma & The News Quiz, I'm back with Newsjack next month & in the meantime I'm freelancing for Huffington Post UK's Comedy Section with my friend Amanda.

Here is me at BBC Radio Comedy's Christmas Party with a nice man, a few hours before falling over drunk in front of the same nice man.


SO YES, THERE'S THAT. Not much time to do fanfic any more. However, after listening to Vaduz I had to do a little something because I already love Theresa so much (And Herc & Carolyn! Oh God! I was biting my fist). So there's this. Originally posted over on the CP Anon Meme. Theresa awards Martin Medals for sex.

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Cabin Pressure/The Thick of It crossover from the CP Anonmeme, which asked for Martin as Peter Mannion's illegitimate child. It quickly turned into Douglas/Martin slash, which I don't believe I've ever done properly before. So, there's that.
Rated NC-17 for a M/M sex scene and a whole heap of swears. There's also a bit of violence, and a heap of Daddy Issues.

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Sequel to The End of the World, via Tesco, taking an inspiration from a prompt on the CP prompts meme asking for a fic showing the list John Finnemore made of all the things that make Arthur Shappey happy being used to cheer Arthur up. And what better need is there for simple pleasures to cheer Arthur up than facing the long, slow painful recovery from a Cataclysmic event?

Cast ensemble again - Arthur, Douglas, Martin, Carolyn, Herc, Snoopadoop, Douglas' daughter and various OCs. A few background romances including Carolyn/Herc, but mainly gen friendship fic. Trigger warning for brief descriptions of PTSD. Minor character death.

I'd rate this as PG13. Deals with some upsetting scenarios, but there's nothing overly explicit.

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